welcome to my world

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hello. hello. hello.

so i’m taking 17 credit hours this semester & its pretty time consuming…but i want to blog. so i’m going to blog. got it? good :)

i think i am going to start by showing you my room. at the moment it is all mine (roommate moved to a different dorm with her high school friend) but i think someone is moving in this weekend (and her name is emilee<–yes spelled with 2 e’s). now keep in mind i’m a sophomore & i think i have roommate issues (and she’s a freshman)…uh we’ll see how this new one goes.

so here’s my humble abode:

messy much?

messy much?



doesn't everyone keep their cereal next to dirty laundry?

doesn't everyone keep their cereal next to dirty laundry?

my desk...i wish i could say i get a lot of stuff done here :/

my desk...i wish i could say i get a lot of stuff done here :/

yes, so that’s basically my room, quaint i think. & oh its on the 10th floor of the building…i choose to think of the stairs as my exercise :)

hmm, what else may you want to know…? what i had for lunch? okay.

so i had to meet with my group over lunch time...this was yummy :)

so i had to meet with my group over lunch time...this was yummy :)

+ a latte + a mega pear. but my tummy was growling after my accounting quiz…so i had some salsa & brussel sprouts. me = weird.

you know my 10 year old sister told me on the phone today that i annoy her because i eat lots of vegetables and always want her to try them….hey i’m just trying to spread the love, ha :)

so i’ve been ignoring being productive all night…i organized my homework, does that count? blahh lots of research tomorrow, but its about the awesome target corporation so at least it will be interesting (well sort of)! at the moment i’m watching private practice & it is heavyyyy, but i love it! any one else out there? greys & private practice lovers?

i should probably end my rambling :) thanks for visiting & i hope we can be friends & i promise one day i will be interesting :)

PS–anyone have any good/fun/weird study tips? corporate social strategy exam on sunday…eek


7 Responses to “welcome to my world”

  1. when are u coming> ill totz have a bloggie meetup! email me :)

  2. I have no good study tips, as I actually suck at getting any studying done. Er… I’m a bad bad student.

    I found it so hard to share a dorm room my first year of university. Never again. I love having roommates (I live in a quad, with three other girls, but we each get our own room, and share bathrooms/kitchen/living area) but hate room sharing.

    Good luck with your blog! Don’t worry you’re already interesting ;) .

  3. What an adorable blog!! Welcome to the blog world!! :) My name’s Emily (you probably already knew that) and I had a roomie named Emily in college too! We were called Em & Em.

    Looking forward to reading more!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and I agree… we definitely should be friends!! :)

  4. hi I am Jaclyn Spotts and I like your room. good luck this year with school!

  5. ohh dorm stairs!
    good luck with the new roomie – thers a kate and a caitie on my floor!
    my fave study tip is coming up w/ random word associations/rhymes – i know weird, but it works for me! (and I’m doing 19creds this semester so I totally feel your pain!)

  6. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with a coffee maker in their dorm. How do the people around me go without one? I think they just drink kahlua instead, haha

  7. what up!!!!! hhahah. i totally remember doing like 17units in college. my friend did 25. i told him he was crazy.

    anyways, i love that flavor clif bar!

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