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happy weekend fellow bloggers! i’m taking a research/study/thinking break.

i was super excited today to enter my first giveaways :) they both are crazy fab!

Julie Golean has lots of candy goodness in her giveaway & over at One fit foodie is rocking it with her first giveaway. (not going to lie i hope i win!)

so this morning began tearful. what can i say i am a cry baby, i called mi madre and let loose a bit. the stress of my homework & social needs have got me frustrated. sometimes i forget that i do actually get my work done when i set my mind to it, and since this is college and everything the work really never goes away, but i can choose to not obsess about it all the time, i.e. relaxation/laughter/silliness/etc = a good thing

but then i went to the food court & found this:

biggest banana of my life (yea twss)

biggest banana of my life (yea twss)

haha it kind of made my morning :)

aside from that nonsense, the huge IU vs. OSU game is tonight, tailgate is officially on, but i don’t think i’m going to attend…since i have a test tomorrow afternoon & research due tonight (weekend work really sucks i think); butttt i can observe tailgate from my window since i do have the stadium view

currently full of many waste-y face people :)

currently full of many waste-y face people :)

by the way it is soo cold here today, a real ice-y chill & i don’t think i could enjoy the game no matter how many warming beverages i would consume. i don’t tend to have fun when i’m cold…

as for the new emilee/roommate, uh i don’t hate her which is a plus, but she doesn’t seem to realize that her things should not be on mine, i.e. her purse does not go on my bed & her hair dryer does not sit on my desk, i think i’ll give her a few days before i say something, you know some sort of benefit of the doubt i suppose. & she told me she doesn’t really sleep in the dorms much, i’m taking that as a plus as well :)

thank you so much for the tips when it comes to keeping overwhelming things at bay. i working through a list, and slowly but surely it is getting shorter. oh! want to see part of my lunch? sure you do.

i thought tofu pickles & tomatoes sounded good. i was right

i thought tofu pickles & tomatoes sounded good. i was right

& i found this gem, which i paired with some delish veggies!

meal points get me sabra :)

meal points get me sabra :)

i’d say lunch was success, but i’m thinking i want a snack at the moment….& i want to flex my creative muscles so stay tuned. yes, i’m trying to create suspense here :)

and i realized i did not elaborate on the wonderful-ness of my dinner last night! TURKISH really rocks! (i wish i had pictures since the presentation rocked, but i didn’t want to answer the questions that would have ensued)

we began with hummus & a yogurt-y nut dip (which was sooo good)

then we moved to soup, i tried the white bean, and i was surprised by a cheesey flavor, but yummy nonetheless

my entrée was a veggie bake, zucchini, carrots, peas, & more, with a very flavorful tomato sauce all baked together in a homemade ceramic pot

there was also a cabbage side salad that was very refreshing

&& we got turkish tea & coffee! omg the coffee was to die for, may be my favorite ever.

soo i think they may be all i have for now, time to get back to research, :(


PS–what’s your favorite non-american/ethnic food? i love greek & asian (pretty much all varieties)


3 Responses to “break time”

  1. Cheers for study breaks! then where does she sleep?!?! haha .. and so jealous you can get sabra with points!!!
    I need to try turkish – indian is my current fave!

  2. I adore Thai food :)

    Enjoy your weekend – don’t stress TOO much with studying, I also have a lot of studying to do.


  3. Hey fellow New Bloggie!!
    Yay for study breaks!! fav part of studying..
    Hmm..I really like asian food esp indian and I really want to try more greek food Hummus hell ya!

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