new emilee in the room

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thank you thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out the new blog! i want us all to be friends, okay? okay.

& as the title suggests, the new roommate moved in today, but more on that in a bit.

well i am a very lucky individual who does not have friday classes, so i slept in all the way to 8AM, i know crazy right? & i enjoyed this week’s free class over at which ended with a wonderful shoulder stand :)

other than that i farted around the dorm, tidying and what not, eating both breakfast & lunch before i ever left my floor…what can i say laziness took over for once. i think i liked how my lunch looked:

stuff a pita for lunch & soup that i let explode (i'll spare you the photo)

stuff a pita for lunch & soup that i let explode (i'll spare you the photo)

i finally ventured out just to get my legs moving, so i got an iced tea at the c-store in the dorm next door. thennn i got a facebook message from the new roomie saying she would be moving in soon. so i tried to be nice and move all my sh!t that i put in her closet…

this is what she brought with her:

so i guess you can't really tell, but she took like 8 trips to get all her stuff

so i guess you can't really tell, but she took like 8 trips to get all her stuff

she seems okay…i’m staying positive about it, since it is nice to have someone around sometimes, but she did knock down my fan and leave stuff on my desk when i was gone…ergg not my favorite things.

but! as i mentioned i was out. i went out for dinner with my friend and her parents and i tried something new :)

TURKISH! it was sooo yummy, i got some veggie dish mmm, especially the coffee after dinner, love :)

but alas now i’m back to studying, what a wonderful way to spend a friday night…at least i have some kashi honey sunshine to keep me company ;)

PS–What do you do when you start to get overwhelmed by college/work/etc?


3 Responses to “new emilee in the room”

  1. Gracias por your sweet comment on my bloggie! You’re adorable. And of course we can be bloggie amigas :)

    I’m super Type-A so the only things that help me when I get overwhelmed are list-making and checking those things of the lists!

  2. That Pita looks excellent!

    I’m definitely a ‘to-do’ list maker – it helps me prioritize

  3. Ong so much stuff!
    The pita looks really good – and girl I am so jealous at your morning-personness, I wish I could be like that! (and thanks for the tip on yogatoday, I hadn’t heard of it before!)
    I’ve done the dorm thing since I was 14 and it’s still hard sometimes – way to try to stay positive!
    Hope studying went well … I am a compulsive list maker, and when I get overwhelmed I like to get out of the ‘campus bubble’ for a few hours!

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