positive is the way to be

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hell0 fellow bloggies :)

it feels as though so much has gone on since my last post…i’ll start you off with a little recap.

my studying outfit :) haha

my studying outfit :) haha

now i know this is not as glamourous or fashionable as all you other bloggies out there (cough cough miss snackface) but it is the most comfortable way to study/take exams/meet with your group in. i highly suggest fleece, tennis shoes, & leggings.

on that note i think my test went fine, nothing out of the blue on it so that was a positive of yesterday. & i finished way early so i had some time to kill before my group meeting, which took me to KIRKWOOD (for all of you who don’t know its kind of the downtown of bloomington lots of cute restaurants & shops)

i do like this about bloomington

i do like this about bloomington

this was in an cute little ally (ha as if that is possible). now you may ask why i was in an ally downtown, well that would be because i made an amazingg discovery…dun dun duhh

love love love bloomingfoods

love love love bloomingfoods

BLOOMINGFOODS! it is the cutest little natural/organic co-op grocery store i have ever been too (and possible the only one i have ever been too, but that’s neither here nor there). sadly just coming from my test i was penny-less & therefore heartbroken, but at least now i know where to go when the cash is burning a whole in my pocket.

then it was group meeting time, which was actually somewhat productive. we are doing a case for Target (& i know i am not the only out there who loves Target). actually you bloggies could be a great help. What could Target do to bring in more wellness conscious customers like all of you beautiful people? i know big question right, but if you have any ideas i would really lovee to hear them :)

then i grabbed myself some vegetables from the salad bar & created a nice little dinner, i would like to offer the before & after

before; food court salad bar creation

before; food court salad bar creation

after; salad bar salad all fixed up, yum yum

after; salad bar salad all fixed up, yum yum

it was exactly what i wanted, sometimes you just can’t beat fresh (well maybe fresh) veggies.

now on to something more important. i was wandering around blog land this afternoon and i would like to point out miss pb&jenny’s awesome idea! GOALS.

for me goals are great motivators, i really like to have purpose for what i am doing with myself, and i really need to employ them more concerning my recovering & bettering of self process. like i said yesterday i tend to set up impossible expectations just so i can feed into my low self-esteem. this is going to be a thing of the past. no one should expect or accept failure. that’s why setting goals that are achieve-able while still helping you to grow are wonderful!

at the moment i actually have a few goals for myself this week:

  1. eat dinner at the food court with someone on my floor
  2. ice cream

i don’t know if you have noticed but a majority of my meals are by my lonesome. now i don’t find anything wrong with this as long as you are enjoying yourself and you food, but for me i like for meals to be social as well. back in high school my family was actually really good at have dinner as a family most nights, and i realize now how wonderful that was. so this week instead of scooting to the salad bar and grabbing veggies to assemble in my room i am going to eat at the food court with a new friend.

#2 is a little bit more scary, but it is necessary (and i effing love ice cream, uh why do i keep forgetting that). i am going home on thursday (YAYYYY!!) to look at a couple schools and cincinnati has what i consider to be the best ice cream: GRAETER’S. its french pot & totally worth it. sadly i haven’t had ice cream since easter. (growing up i would eat ice cream for breakfast) so this weekend while i am home i am going to go to graeter’s and have a scoop. and i am not going to die.

try to take a minute and think about goals & how you like to approach them. i promise nothing bad can come from a good goal.

well i think that’s all i have to chat about for now. time to hit the library to create some quality Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagrams. doesn’t that sound just like a boat load of fun? not that i’m complaining or anything.

PS–how do you feel about goals? love them? hate them? have any you are currently working on?

& if you have any Target advice please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :)


6 Responses to “positive is the way to be”

  1. Fresh veggies are THE. BEST. I always eat them…my husband makes fun of me for it…but…whatever :)

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

    I have SO many ideas for Target!! Okay here goes:

    1.) Sell Larabars in the smaller towns- I can’t get them at our Target :(
    2.) For the non- Super Targets (like my small town)- please give us a Starbucks!
    3.) Have a eating/snack bar that has healthy foods- like wraps, veggies, fruits, etc.
    4.) Send out mailers with coupons or have promotions- girls love a good clearance or coupons :D
    5.) I love the dollar section for sure- so keep that! Add more new items to the dollar section- like sleep masks (cough cough Audrey Hepburn mask), cute cloth bags,etc.- I will definitely buy it!!
    6.) Also, do like Costo and have a sample day- not sure how that would work but it’s an idea..

    Hope those ideas are okay- just things that I would love to see at Target!!

  3. I’m there with ya girly..Goals def keep me going..
    haha btw like your outfit:) seems like we have similar study style

  4. ahhh kirkwood looks adorb!! i love target too. but seeing as there isnt one anywhere near bu ive just been ordering stuff online hahaha so for obvious reasons i am not familiar with the food portion

  5. Hey there and welcome to the blogworld! I’m excited to have a new reader and a new person to add to my blogroll. I loved pb & J’s post on setting goals. They’re absolutely necessary in my recovery process and life in general to prevent us from remaining stagnant.

    Target could expand its organic section with affordable prices and I like the idea of a snack/food bar where we can create our own meals. Oh, and sponsor a 5K or other health event with sponsors so we can sample new healthy products.

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