that’s not good

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hola bonitos!! (i think thats the way to say it ;) eh but i am not so fresh on mi espanol)

a majorr eff up occurred in mis dorm room last night, for which i have no real new pictures to share & the reason i will be living in computer labs until i go home thursday (ahh yes i am going home I AM SO EXCITED eek!!)

last night i spilled water all over my laptop & even after airing him out and rubbing his tummy, he is not functioning properly. i am in major distress because i am a bad file-backer-upper. hopefully there are some wise geniuses at the genius bar to help fix my life line.

i do however have a few tricks up my sleeve, case and point:

is this just basic kashi honey sunshine?

is this just basic kashi honey sunshine?

no way!! pb, apples, milkk, & the sunny stuff :)

no way!! pb, apples, milkk, & the sunny stuff :)

besides that nonsense & taking a shower at like ONE IN THE MORNING last night (uhh i like going to bed around 11–grandma alert!) i have just been busy getting my work done.

& i just realized i am STARVING as i type this so i am going to leave you with a little reminder:

this hangs out on my desk; little reminders help

this hangs out on my desk; little reminders help

PS–how do you deal with crazy things like computer breakage?

i most definitely called my parents and cried, hmm maybe one day i’ll be able to be a grown up

&& please keep any Target suggestions coming, they are not going unnoticed!


5 Responses to “that’s not good”

  1. Ahhh no! I’d freak if something like that happened – since my life basically revolves around my computer with schoolwork and all, I’m hoping things look up soon :) I’m sure it’ll work out. Don’t even worry about the crying – totally happens.

    Enjoy some more great eats :)


  2. haha! I’m a “grandma” too! no worries!

  3. LOVE the quote!
    good luck with the computer, i am the absolute worst with technology – i was without a computer for like 3 months las winter so I became bffl with all the media center techs since i was there there all the time haha – believe me i bawled, and i think its totally okay, i mean sad as it is, laptops have become extensions of who we are!
    … totally grandma-ing it tonight, was up till 4 =( and so i’m gonna be in bed by like 8 (but firs i tots need to catch up on the blog world!)
    – pb & apples mmmmmm….
    cheers for this weekend, my sis is coming to town and I.AM.SO.Psyched!
    – and tarjay – loves it, maybe they could expand their storebrand to meet more interests? And do they have reusable bags/an incentive to use them? (like at my trader joes they enter you in a raffle if you have reusable bags) – and if they create their own reusable bag, chances are people will use it in multiple stores, thus increasing brand visibility (i.e. when i see a person with their WholeFoods tote when I’m at Safeway, I start thinking about WholeFood’s incredible bar selection and usually end up stopping there too!)
    Good luck with everything! You’re doing amazing … and this may or may not be the longest comment ever – and i may or may not be in class right now. Ris Fail. lol

  4. Hey! Just found your blog!

    Sorry about the computer issues, girl! I hate it when my computer/internet doesn’t work. I feel so disconnected from the world. Hope you get it fixed asap!

    P.S. thanks for the quote…love it!

  5. hey! thanks for the comment :]
    and don’t worry I’m a grandma too, I’d rather go to bed early any night than stay up late.

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