big sigh of relief

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ah let me apologize for my blog-world absense, but as i’m sure all of you understand i have been super busy (ah the college life).

but as i write this i am sitting in my kitchen, the office is on in the family room, and i am home (andd i may or may not have a wonderful glass of wine sitting next to me). [totally off track–but who is excited for “where the wild things are” ahh everytime the commerical comes on i get giddy!!]

also i found my phone today. some lovely soul turned it into the lost and found at the library, it was such a HUGE RELIEF, my shoulders had been up to my ears all day it felt so good for them to finally slide back down to their normal level.

&& i have soo many pictures to show everyone buttt my laptop is not fixed yet (here’s hoping the genius bar will take care of it tomorrow, fingers crossed!) so i apologize for that as well :/ oh but look what a found at Bloomingfood’s sunday:

make your own nut butters!!

make your own nut butters!!

 since we last chatted this is what has been going on with me:

  • you know about the lost phone & water damaged computer
  • took my statistics test & it was quite the shocking test environment (i could hear the proctor’s music blasting from his headphones)
  • accomplished my goal of eating with people from my floor at the food court (twice!)
  • reminded myself that this is college and sometimes that means all of the homework doesn’t get finished
  • fell up the stairs in front of a lot of business industry recruiters
  • my mom came and picked me up from school
  • I’M HOME :)

i am so ready for this weekend. i am so happy to be home.

tomorrow my mom and i are going to visit the two schools i am thinking about transferring to, i’m really excited, hopefully i can get all of my questions asked & answered.

PS–has anyone every transferred schools/jobs/the like? what were you sure to ask? ahh how did you know what was right?

i hope everyone has a super-de-duper evening!!

PAM & JIM = MARRIED. can’t wait to find my jim ;) —–anyone seen this? its amazinggg


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  1. Don’t get overwhelmed by college! One day at a time. The OFFICE was hilarious…love that scene :)

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