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hi hi hi

so i have no pictures & i am currently sitting like a creeper outside the room in the union where I am having an etiquette dinner in 25 minutes, because when I end up being 30 minutes early to a Women’s Financial Association event and should do the responsible thing like study accounting I choose to blog. go figure.

anyway. it’s tuesday and i am feeling quite behind in my schoolwork, and frankly i just don’t want to do it. i’m at the point where i feel like i am so far behind that i can’t actually catch up. but i am almost certain that this is not the reality.

so instead of getting overwhelmed and overly stressed out i am just going to not. simple as that. i am choosing not to freak out.

the plan: do the best i can.

i encourage everyone to do the same. do the best you can do. stop comparing what you’re doing with what everyone around you is doing.

for example: a lot of my friends get their work done by staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning. i don’t because i know i can’t function without a decent nights rest. that is my reality. & i am not a bad/lesser person because of this.


okay so that was a rushing post, but i hope you get the jist. have a lovely evening & i may be back later…


3 Responses to “whirlwind”

  1. Just like you I cannot pull those all-nighters! I can’t function after a certain time, sorry that’s just not me. To each their own!

  2. I can’t pull an all-nighter either — I choose to do what I can in the hours I am awake!

  3. do the best I can! good motto!

    Here’s Penny’s Desserts…

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