proudly imperfect :)

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me again! yes i should be doing homework or studying or doing laundry or sleeping, but i’m not. quicky blogging in the library is just too much fun, minus the library part.

i hope everyone’s hump day is nice and happy, too bad it is freezing and gross drizzly raining here, winter is most definitely coming early this year since fall weather was all of a week. boo.

so yesterday’s  highlights:

  • i found $20 by the elevator :)
  • i learned how to properly eat soup (scoop the spoon away from you)
  • had fun hanging out with my ladies in wfa (women’s financial association)
  • my roommate didn’t sleep in the room

its the little things right?

&& i have made a new discovery, and i know i know its nothing new to most of you, buttt i tried doing yoga without any sort of guide (i.e. yogadownloads) and let my body flow as long as it wanted and where it wanted. it was amazing! only this is i forgot to set an intention, but i felt a wonderful peace in savassana that i didn’t realize i have been missing for a couple weeks. i’m really proud of this, hate to brag but it felt so good! try it–you won’t regret it!

my yoga environment :)

my yoga environment :)

yes, i am still lagging in the picture department, but i brought my camera with me to the library tonight so maybe i’ll get creative!

overall today has been pretty positive so far. i have been thinking a lot about uncertainty and imperfection. & i have decided that there is no reason not to embrace both. life isn’t about playing it safe and always doing what is expected of you. (i shocked one of my group members when i told him that i have no problem skipping class, he said he would have never expected that from me, haha i tend to boycott classes based on principle)

i don’t know when i got it in my head that i needed to be perfect and follow the rules to be happy, maybe that just comes with being a type A personality. but you know what i’m sick of it. i set too many boundaries for myself and it doesn’t make me happy, it keeps me in a box. so i’m done. done with rules and restrictions, i don’t need them. college is about trying new things, meeting new people, growing up, and finding who you are and who you want to be.

as of right now i want to learn, have fun, and be free. i will never be perfect and i want to stop chasing it. i am and want to be impefectly beautiful!

how did you embrace your imperfections today?


5 Responses to “proudly imperfect :)”

  1. Way to go on the yoga!! :)

    I’m type A too so I can totally relate. I have to actually make an effort to just let go sometimes and not always try to control everything. I’ve also had to let go of my dream of having the perfect body. I will always have bigger thighs. It’s just how my body was created, so I’m learning to be proud of them and thankful for them since they have helped me accomplish so many of my goals.

    I loved this post! :)

  2. i have “goofy” “weird” ideas, but you know what people like them and they make me unique and special. and i am known for my indipendent thinking

  3. 20 bucks by the elevator SCORE!!! totally all about the littel things in life! that would make my day!!

    how do I embrace my imperfections, well sometimes I can tend to be a little loosy goosy, forgetful and I just tend to try to poke fun at myself for forgetting something or saying something silly, I try to not be so uptight and realize we are NOT all perfect and learn from my mistakes and forgetfullness!

  4. I love free-flowing yoga! I just put good music on and go. Love your pink mat :)

    Have a good evening! Hell yea for embracing everything. EVERY aspect :)

  5. A very nice Topic. Thanks alot hope you go for the detail next time!

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