fresh friday

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(i have no idea what my post title means) & awesome giveaway @ julie’s!

good evening everyone, hope everyone is out & about living it up! i for some reason or another am sitting in my dorm farting over homework. damn it.

but i do think my eats were quite delightful today, lala here comes my day:

totally rocked the oat-less breakfast :)

totally rocked the oat-less breakfast :)

then i sent out on an adventure to KIRKWOOD, um its like totally cute downtown bloomington, i really just needed out of my room.

the scenery along the way…

leaves everywhere!

leaves everywhere!

i pretty much adore this tree

i pretty much adore this tree

by the time i got there it was lunch time, so i stopped into bloomingfoods (super awesome local/ organic/ co-op grocery store that you have to go through an ally to get to [and yes i almost got hit by a van & a semi trying to get to it, oops])

most random lunch everrr

most random lunch everrr

ate these goodies at the starbucks while reading some sociology. yes exciting, at least this was exciting:

twas good, twas very good

twas good, twas very good

then i got a bit restless and wandered around kirkwood in search of some soup. i stopped in like 5 different places, none had the soup i wanted…um probably because i didn’t know what the soup i wanted was (eh this is one of the annoying things about Ed, he likes to tell me  i want something vague like soup, but then reasons that none of the soup i see is right, and i must have the exactly right soup aparently; ughhh very frustrating!)

so finally i managed to shut him up & ventured into FARM, i’ve always wanted to try it so today i figured why not, its not like i had anything better to do. (i’d strayed away before because its pricey & i felt like i had to go there with someone). but you know what i didn’t want their soup either.

that would be pumpkin atop that salad, yummmay!

that would be pumpkin atop that salad, yummmay!

at FARM everything is made fresh from locally grown ingredients, it has a lot of awards. i really liked it. i wish i would have taken a picture of what it looks like inside, it is soo cute, you would love it!

so i eventually wandered to the union to read about banana wars (chiquita business stuff, actually quite interesting).

then i was feeling sad. and i think it stemmed from feeling alone all day, urg i really wish i had someone to wander around with me :( i don’t want to sound like a whiner, but friends have been hard for me at school…anyone have any advise/tips/words of wisdom about stuff like this? i don’t know exactly what my problem is, but i tend to feel like i don’t have much in common with people and that they don’t really want to do the things i want to…

so now i’m doing some homework and considering just calling it a night to make today go away…

on a much happier note—-

so speaking of pears...aren't these awesome :)

so speaking of pears...aren't these awesome :)

found this over at glamour’s vitamin G this morning….i would totally pay big money for one of these babies!!! ah maybe my pear tree will cuties grow like these! 

night night lovelies!! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

PS–what was the best part of your day??

so i know i was complaining, but it was great to finally make it out to kirkwood and grab lunch at bloomingfoods and chill at starbucks for a bit, it felt quite nice to just hang out somewhere other than my room.


8 Responses to “fresh friday”

  1. Gorgeous leaf pictures!!

    I saw those spooky z bars a few days ago and bought 8 of them! I don’t think I got enough!!!! ;)

    Sorry you felt lonely and sad today. Everyone has those days. I’ve definitely had my share. College was similar for me. I loved my roomie and we were connected at the hip for most of the time, but when she was gone for the weekend, I really didn’t have anyone else to hang with. I wasn’t a much of a partier either, so that makes fitting in a little harder. I don’t have much advice other than just keep trying to put yourself out there. Laugh at someone’s joke you over hear and move in on the conversation… ask someone in class to go out for lunch one day… Hang in there Emily!! :)

  2. now that sure is one AMAZING breakfast :)
    sorry to hear you had a lonely day. everyone has them so try not to worry too much about it. You have ones that love you!!

  3. those pears are histerical! And that park looks lovely. Take a chance and reach out to people more, you’ll be surprised :) Friends will come around eventually.

  4. where did you find that z bar?!!

    and you are such an inspiration, beautiful <3

  5. I love fall foliage! And pumpkin on salad? So cray-cray, I must try it!
    Friends can be hard – coming from a really small, close-knit high school it was definitely a huge concern, and missing half my first semester made things difficult. I did a lot of group community service, attended random events, expanded my network by meeting friends of friends, and in classes I make an effort to get to know people – tonight a few of us grabbed coffee after a group project meeting, and it’s an added bonus to get to know people in your major when study week rolls around, totally worth the initial discomfort of ‘friend-dating’ (that’s what my HSfriends and I call that awkward newbie friend stage). I would suggest maybe starting to go to meetings for a club in an area you’re interested in – I’ve met most of my close friends through various groups; and not being afraid to put yourself out there, even when it’s scary ( I totally do this too, currently procrastinating getting ready for a friend’s party b/c I’m not sure how many other people I know were invited …. but bringing baked goods along always helps with introductions, a smile and a cookie go a longway in easing my awkwardness and starting convos!!)
    Good luck!

  6. those pears are amazing!! they made my night!

  7. haha omg those pears are amazing! I though you were walking and really saw those on the tree!

    totally agree with you about being super bitchy when it comes to no food in the belly!

    I LOVE those organic natural co-op stores, we had one where I went ot school in upstate NY but haven’t found one here in boston yet! I need to be on the lookout!

  8. where did you find that Z-clif bar?!

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