nice to see you

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good afternoon fellow bloggies :) how is everyone’s monday so far? yay? nay? okay? haha okay thats enough.

thank you everyone for your support with my whole friends situation, i have a really hard time putting myself out there, but you know what like my mom was telling me yesterday i have nothing to lose. really, in the whole scheme of things i am only going to be here for like 7 more weeks, that’s it. asking people to hang out with me is not going to kill me, if it makes them think i’m lame, who cares! and you never know i might actually enjoy myself and get to know more people. they could also look at me like a charity case and feel sorry for me not having anything to do and secretly laugh at me while i’m not around. i am choosing to look at it from the positive perspective.

as for my weekend after friday, eh it was uneventful. saturday night the girls in the room next to me had a bunch of smirnoff ices and gave me one (which was so nice of them to share, freshman often do not like to share their alcohol) i was studying so i took it back to my room and then stupid Ed got the best of me. i didn’t drink it because it wasnt light…and i went to my room so that i didn’t have to drink it. i would have had a hell of a lot more fun had i just hung out with them in their room and chilled. but i apparently decided that it was much more important for me to study on a saturday night. UGH! why do i do this?

sunday i made it out to the grocery store, and boy did it feel good. i had quite the hay day just getting whatever i wanted :) 

can you obsessed?

can you obsessed?

buy one get one free at kroger && i had a coupon! i love being a smart shopper!

so i had to incorporate pears into my post somehow, right?

so i had to incorporate pears into my post somehow, right?

boy oh boy was this good! sweet and simple. YUM!

i spent the rest of my yesterday studying, ha what’s new!?

&& i was in the mood for some really relaxing yoga last night so i listen to some traditional yoga-ish music and was all about it! i set my intention to let go and feel positive in the now, it felt so good.

then it was desperate housewives & brother’s&sister’s time. obviously snack time too :)

delicious snack, breaking all the rules :)

delicious snack, breaking all the rules :)

yep this was totally breaking my rules (i realize my silliness in having these rules as i type this out, but whatevers)–almond butter out of the jar! yogurt in the container! jelly in the yogurt instead of some actual fruit! ah honey gram bears! it was so so yummy & satisfying :)

i tested out one of these bad boys too:

yum yum soo glad i bought this

yum yum soo glad i bought this

&& i totally believe i slept better last night since i drank this, haha its all in my head!

flash forward to today and i’m just hanging out in my room, contemplating whether i really need to go to stats in a little bit…i’m really leaning towards skipping :/ not a fan of my professor

as for tonight i am going to a formal dinner at one of the 19 sororities on campus. purely to have dinner with people and do some meaningless chatting…i will not be mentioning that i am transferring at semester, they may not like that.

then its group meeting time, exciting right? the 25 page report is due thursday and we have a lot of work ahead of us, so group time is going to be to the max. i really hope we can get it all done without any all nighters…

hmm i think that may be all i have for now. gracias por/para reading (got to love spanglish!)

now is this just me??

i live on my bed--its a: desk, couch, kitchen table, the list goes on

i live on my bed--its a: desk, couch, kitchen table, the list goes on

being in a dorm room there is not much space to go around, so it seems like i’m always on my bed! (feel free to ignore the tweety bird blanket)

hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!

*pet peeve alert: i understand that it is nice outside, i very much so appreciate it, but it does not mean it is warm enough to wear shortt shorts & a measly t-shirt….cough cough i’m talking to you roommate!


8 Responses to “nice to see you”

  1. that pear tea looks really good. i’m such a tea head! and your nsnack is one of my favorites, that combo has been very difficult and triggering for me to eat during my recovery. seeing you eat it and enjoy it still makes a strong stand in my eye. although i have come so far.. small feets still impress : ) have a great night!

  2. Okay first and foremost – I LIVE ON MY BED TOO! Yes, it is indeed my living quarters, forget the rest of my room :) I wish you all the best in your quest for friends, sounds like you have the right attitude. Just remember what a difference a day can make, you never know who might walk into your life. Take care and enjoy your puffins!

  3. hey emily!!

    sounds like you are making some great steps into socializing more, which is so great! Iknow it can be intimidatin and hard at first, but baby steps is what it is all about.

    the whole smirnoff ice situation is a tricky one and I can understand your anxiousness toward the drink not being ‘lite’ if you didn’t want alcohol at all, just say nicely that you dont want one, but still hang with the girls, I am sure they would not even question you at all!

    have a fabulous morning

  4. HA! I also do not get the whole, “oh look, it’s warmed up for 5 mintues and I’ll throw on summer clothes” thingy. And wishing I had those cookies. NOM!

  5. Great snack :D and great accomplishments.

    PB puffins are so amazing. I am actually going to pick myself up some today.. i have been craving them for weeks!

  6. good luck with the whole friend thing!! im sure no one will think your lame :)

    mm love me some PB Puffins. Great for mixing into yogurt.

  7. Good luck with the friend situation! And you’re right; remember this: “Anyone who minds, doesn’t matter and anyone who matters doesn’t mind.” One of my favorite quotes. ;)

    And Holy PUFFINS! haha, I love them, too. I have not tried the honey rice flavor though. How is it?

  8. Hey there. I am new to your blog. You crack me up. I seriously love your post! you are too funny and too cute! can’t wait to read more!!

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