i’m back

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hello everyone, thank you so very much for your love! ahh i love y’all so much and thankfully i am catching up on my missed sleep.

allow me to back up a bit to explain. after thinking about it i figured out that i set myself up for what happened wednesday night. i chose to go to a group meeting (that i knew had to the possibility of becoming an all-nighter) with not enough food to sustain me. for the record cheerios, a little bit more than a tbsp of peanut butter, an apple, and an ensure are not enough. i wish i could say i don’t know what the hell i was thinking. but i was thinking i don’t want this meeting to be an all-nighter so i am going to act like it will only be a few hours.

so around 2am i was hungry, and i chose to do nothing about it. i could have gotten pretzels out of the vending machine, but i refused to acknowledge that option. i was also faced with the situation that my mom always brings up, pizza. yes, my mom often asks me what am i going to do when i’m with a group of people and they decide that they want pizza. and what did i do? its obvious now that declined to have some, and i didn’t get any protest from my group because they know that i like to eat healthy. they didn’t think twice about me saying i didn’t want any.

needless to say by the time 5am rolled around i felt terrible, i wanted nothing more than to disappear from everything and make it all go away. so i went to bed and woke up to eat the best oatmeal breakfast i could think of (for the record it was applesauce & banana, puffins & pb)

so that was wednesday into thursday.

today, aka halloween, i am sitting in my family room with my mother on our very comfy couch. (ps happy halloween everyone!) i found a way to get my booty home, and boy am i glad not to be dealing with all the party drama at school. after the stress of the past week i needed to leave and be away from all of it.

on a much more awesome note, thursday i found out that i got into business scholars program at UC, it will be official for the spring quarter, but they set up a “bridge” for winter quarter so i can get to know everyone. this is obviously a big bigg plus for UC and i am pretty sure i shall be transferring there come january. not 100% positive, but like 92%. sometimes its good to toot your own horn.

ahh so i think you guys need some pictures!

2nd attempt at pumpkin oats...i don't know if i'm doing it right :/

2nd attempt at pumpkin oats...i don't know if i'm doing it right :/

no oat breakfast--SCORE! van's berry waffles = delishh

no oat breakfast--SCORE! van's berry waffles = delishh

hit the spot

totally hit the spot. ham, turkey, laughing cow, pickles, carrots :)

now i need some tips. PUMPKIN OATS? as i am sure you can tell from my photo above these are not as wonderful as all the pumpkin oats i see around blog world. so help, help, help i want to enjoy the blissful pleasure of pumpkin oats! thanks loves :)

hope everyone had a happy halloween :) what did you guys do? ha not that i won’t be seeing it all over your blogs later ;)

i spent most of the day freezing my butt off outside, but it was good since i was watching my sister & brother play soccer, i like to think i am a good big sister sometimes :) [i may or may not have purchased some white chocolate wonderful as well…stay tuned! and stay tuned for a recap of the start of a new yoga club i am a part of…eek try to get excited]

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” –Buddha

i love the old wise one.


5 Responses to “i’m back”

  1. Your pumpkin oats look good to me! For mine, I cook the oatmeal halfway, then stir in about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pumpkin depending on how much I want that day and sprinkle some pumpkin spice on top and stir some more.

    Congratulations on getting into the business scholar’s program!! :)

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. glad to hear you got some sleep :) I think it’s great that you took note that the dinner you ate didin’t sustain you, little things like noticing that add up into a much healthier mindset. And I can’t really help you on the pumpkin oats end because I am not an experienced pumpkin oats maker ;)

  3. that wrap looks so good! aww i miss my mommy :)


  4. Pizza isn’t unhealthy. Plus, you probably don’t eat it every single day, so it’s okay to eat it once in a while in social situations.

    Congrats on the UC business scholars program! That’s awesome! Toot all your want! ;-)

  5. hey girl!

    good for you for making the decision to go home if you felt you would stressed at school. Home always makes you feel better right??

    listening to your body is certainly not an easy task but it can be done!

    you asked me to review the chocolate amazing grass ar-which i will so soon! but I have had the chocolate peanut butter one (in my blog) and it is SOO GOOD!!! filling and tasty! I am sure I will love the chocolate one!

    For pumpkin oats…I stir in the pumpkin at the end and just let it get hot again and serve! I use pumpkin pie spice too! :)

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