wrapping up the weekend

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good evening lovelies! i am happy to report that last night was a success. i went to see a university players production, they put on a series of 10 minute student plays. (the room was packed & we had to sit on the floor, boy did my bottom hurt!!) there was one about avoiding reality, one about cannibalism, one about the thought process of college guys. pretty interesting, everyone was very good.

even though we only stayed for the first half, i’m glad i went. i had a nice time with a friend and wore an actual outfit ;)


since it was warm i finally got to wear my cute kensie sweater :) + new jeans

after the play i did my laundry, almost fell asleep in the middle, & had a strange encounter with some drunk guys on the elevator:

drunk guys: “heyyy, how are you doing?” giggle giggle.

me: “i’m fineee.”

drunk guys: “oh, she’s meann…” all look at each other

me: “yep, i’m a bitch.”

drunk guys: jaws on the floor…”sorry?”

haha i really got a good chuckle out of that. & i totally took it as a step forward to finding my confidence. a month of go i would have stayed silent and waited dreadfully for the elevator ride to end. instead i decided to amuse myself by confusing the poor drunk boys.

oh earlier this week i was feeling creative so i spiced veggie-d up some chicken noodle soup :)


chicken noodle soup base + steamed mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers, peas, chickpeas, & the stunner--SWISS

you see i like to have soup for dinner because its easy & its tasty. but i also know it is not the most substantial of meals, so i’ve started bulking it up with more veggies & swiss. i have not regretted it one bit :)

also, yesterday i was quite excited to see that our c-store has stocked up on some of awesome eats. since i am running out of meal points i bought as little as i could but these were calling my name–


yum yum nice & crunchy, i suggest you buy them :)

they also have zevia root beer, banana nut larabars, nuts over chocolate lunas, multiple cliffs, amy’s soups, & more. why are they just now (when i have to budget my meal points) getting these fantastic eats??


hmm how did this get in here? haha oatmeal chocolate chip yumm

but you know even after my c-store purchases, i still felt the need to go to the grocery today…not the most exciting purchases, but the essentials.

i’m so glad you guys liked my happy & healthy list :) it’s so great to hear that everyone is going to try them out!

i’m going to start this week with a goal in mind–

12. Every morning when you wake up, thank your body for resting and rejuvenating itself so you can enjoy the day.

i have found myself resenting waking up lately. i get angry because i wake up “too early”, especially weekends. i’ve seemed to create an ideal that i should be up late on weekends, but my body kind of works like clockwork and generally wake up and go to bed around the same time every night. that’s a good thing right? to some, but i’m a college student and things get done during the night. there are parties during the night. i miss these parties because i fall asleep, i.e i don’t go out because i know that i need to get to bed. i also worry that i will eat to much if i’m up to late. this is all irrational ramblings, ugh i’m just trying to sort it out. long story short, i plan to thank my body for resting every morning when i wake up.

ps–this is the coffee i am am currently enjoying in the morning time, it’s the special blend :)


tastes exactly how coffee should, just brew & add milk; makes for a happy morning :)

hmm i have found this post to be quite random…and i think i will end it that way. i totally had dinner with two friends tonight at the food court. score ;)

do you have any goals for the week? what are you looking forward to right at this moment?

right at this moment i am looking forward to sitting in my family room with my family, ahh going home for thanksgiving in 11 10 days!

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.


6 Responses to “wrapping up the weekend”

  1. my goals are to keep drinking my ensures and to do well on my paper//upcoming exams. i’m looking forward to my family coming to visit me next weekend!!

    & that cookie sounds good :) also- cute outfit!


  2. That’s a great goal, my dear! Thanking your body for resting as soon as you get up…that’s the way to start the day…a heart of gratitude and positivity!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment :) Your support means so much!
    btw.. I am totally loving your outfit!, and congrats on ‘putting yourself out there’ with going to see the plays, it sounds like you made the right decision ;)

    Also, congrats on eating at the food court. I don’t know about you, but I know that would have been challenging for me.

    Current goals pour moi? To keep a positive, upbeat attitude and keep on truckin’ :P
    Have a good one,

  4. Love the outfit- cute! And I know what you mean- I am totally random myself! :D

  5. Love the outfit!! Glad you were feeling confident enough to speak up for yourself.

    My goal for the week: to be patient and calm

    Looking forward to: Thanksgiving Break too!! :)

  6. this post is so positive, I love it! I love what you said to those guys, that is too funny :) And you look so cute in your outfit. Telling yourself things about your body in which you are thankful for is a great way to recieve positive reinforcment daily…keep it up girl! You sound like you are feeling alot better about things :)

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