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hello! hello!

let me start off by saying i feel like i did a lot of thinking today. some of the thinking was good, while some of the thinking was not so good.

for one thing i have been confused today at why in the world i am not scrambling over homework…i have racked my brain quite a few times but i seem to have done all i can do for now. weird, so not normal. and hell no i am not complaining :)

&& totally distracted by gossip girl–vanessa, dan, & hilary duff; threesome? what is going on??

i also was tragically mistaken this afternoon, you see i thought i made a appointment to get the h1n1 vaccine this afternoon. so i went over to assembly hall to get the shot. well, when i walked in there was no one there. i asked a random person, the janitor who said no one had been there all day. i walked around the building, went into a different door. then i finally gave up and went to class. nearly convinced that i was now going to die of swine flu.


buttt you see my appointment was not for this afternoon, my appointment is for the afternoon of the first day that they start administering the vaccine. they don’t even have it yet. haha maybe next time i will read the things i sign up for a little closer.

oh & i should warn you i am picture-less. i decided that i didn’t want to take the effort to be a paparazzi to my eats today. sorry!


now in an attempt to bring some meaning to this post ;) i shall elaborate on my thoughts.

during stats i had the urge to do yoga (that’s nothing new i always want to do yoga) but i was actually craving the 25 minute power yoga #4 – donation yogadownload class. this class begins with a short meditation about Metta, or universal love. you are encouraged to repeat that you are free of hostility, free of infliction, its really wonderful to hear & meditate on. i highly suggest this class if you haven’t tried it, i felt so good during & after.

this got me thinking about what it is that i really want to change about myself. and i become slightly troubled, because i don’t know what i want, i have so many different voices swirling in my head.

what i know for sure is:

  • i want to be happy
  • i want to be comfortable as myself
  • i want to experience love

i know these are all good things and the majority of the human world wants them too. but to me these things are so huge that they seem somewhat unattainable and impossibly terrifying. i sometimes jump to thinking about the “then what?” so say one day i find that i am happy, then what?

this is where i realized that i have no reason what so ever to be thinking about the then what. i have not even achieved these things yet, and there is plenty of work i need to still do. if these are the things that i know i want then i shouldn’t need to ask “then what” right?

that is when it hit me. TRUST. i am skeptical and i don’t trust the power of simple happiness. i seem to think that it won’t be enough for me. but who am i to think i need more? why do i seem to think that happiness is not good enough for me? or is it just that i don’t think happiness is possible? ugh such a scramble.

then i thought of a wonderful affirmation.


unhappy people are no better than happy people. suffering does not make someone more important or worth while. rebecca reminded me of this on one of here comments, “yet I really can’t explain why.. Sometimes I guess I just enjoy the company of my own misery” <–this is how i have been living my life, just me and my misery, at least i always had my misery. i’m delusional. i want to stop being concerned about what everyone around me is doing, it’s time to stand on my own two feet. i’m not quite sure about how i am going to do this but i’m pretty sure that’s a part of it.

now i am taking a big, deep yoga breath. i now have a step to take. i plan to take it. it involves no regrets. it involves living. please join me, i’m convinced it will be fun :)

thank you beautiful people of blog world for being here, you all help me more than you know. i hope you all continue to follow this unpredictable journey :)

Photo 101

please laugh, pretty please :)


14 Responses to “yoga revelation”

  1. haha you are so cute :D
    you deserve to be HAPPY and to smile, pretty girl !!
    Take each day by stride, and love who you are!!

  2. amen girl!! you so deserve to be happy…your life is a gift! and love is a blessing!

  3. hahah you made me laugh- and i’m glad you are feelin positive about things.


  4. Everyone deserves to be happy :)
    I think sometimes its hard for people with self esteem issues to let themselves be happy. Its a little crazy but that stupid ED voice constantly tells us that this is the only way to live, and we arn’t good enough to relish in happiness like the everyday people out there.
    Newsflash ED: We are all amazingly wonderful people who WILL walk through life making the most of it and experiencing a whole lotta love !!

  5. Darling!
    First off, I laughed, no worries :)
    Secondly, how’s the book coming along?!!
    Thirdly, I relate to you SOOO much (duh) hehe. I always dwell on the ‘then what’, which I believe plays a big part in my ambivalence towards recovery. It’s the fear. I’m so worried about having nothing to worry about, that I forget about being mindful and working through the present moment.

    I love that you’re into yoga, so am I. It helps bring me back to the moment.

    Remember, ‘focus on the process, not the outcome’

    Hope you have a wonderful day, lovely lady!

  6. What a wonderful revelations! Embrace each happy moment, big or small :)
    And whoa Gossip Girl! They made such a big deal about the upcoming threesome. I think they cut out alot of the scenes b/c it wasn’t as racy as they made it out to be.

  7. love this post! we ALL deserve happiness and health in our lives. nothing less. so don’t let yourself believe otherwise girl, got it?
    and your photo is too cute! i totally laughed :D

    hannah xo

  8. This is why I love yoga so much!! It’s way more than just a physical thing… it sparks thoughts and “revelations” more than any machine at the gym ever could for me. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world and you will find it, I promise!! :)

  9. live your life, be yourself, there is nothing else you can do..because you never know when the life you have is gone. You will find happiness one day, but for now just take one day at a time and LIVE!


  10. girrrrl you just summed it up wonderfully! you deserve to be happy happiness and have a postive outlook and you will never be unhappy again!!


    your pic is so freakin’ cute!

  11. i think what you know for sure are the most important things! if you get those bad boys down, you’re good to go!

  12. Awesome post!!

    It stinks nowhere is carrying the swine flu shot yet!! Grr!

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  14. You really looks very cute. I think every one in this earth is blessed by God. So have believe in yourself. hope you will always be happy in your life. Nothing is impossible in this world. If you have deep faith on your self you can achieve whatever you want.Keep smiling always

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