forgetting something?

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good evening lovelies :) i hope you guys caught 11:11 today, sadly i was a scatter brain and missed both morning & night. bummer.

eek, thanks so much for all the positive feed back on my last post :) you guys just make my day!

today has been relatively painless, as was yesterday, but i have the itching feeling that i am forgetting some sort of homework and that i am shooting myself in the foot for not really doing much these past couple days. i actually started getting really anxious about it tonight and decided to put some coping skills into action–

  • took a great big yoga breath
  • made a to do list
  • set up a mini schedule for what needs to be done tomorrow

then i just kept breathing till i was calmer. and i was okay.

now i’m just a-blogging in bed, & disappointed that my roommate is sleeping here tonight (she usually doesn’t stay in the room) since she spent over an hour talking as loudly as she could on skype with her friend. i have nothing against her skyping, but i think she could be more respectful with her volume since i’m in the room. i didn’t turn on the tv since she was skyping. <–yet i didn’t tell her any of this :/

in future news—friday i’m heading to chicago at 4AM! heading up with the women’s financial association to network with a few companies. i’m going to take it as a challenge to eat out of my comfort zone (but i will be bringing bars for snacks). i am also trying not to think about it too much, i just want to go and have a good time. hopefully i will have some sweet photos to share!

&& that brings up another thing that has been bothering me, thinking. not just thinking in general, but food thinking, calorie thinking, meal planning thinking. its like i can’t tone down my thoughts, they are always lurking in the back of my mind, i’m sick of it. any tips/secrets/similar experiences??

oh some eats:


this spinach is amazing!

ah this salad totally broke a rule–fruit with dinner? couldn’t tell you why that’s a rule, but apparently fruit shouldn’t go with dinner. WRONG it works wonderfully & deliciously.


quite the lovely gala + the CLAW haha

not going to lie, i have not been feeling snapping pics of my eats lately…they are not particularly pretty or exciting & i think it may play into food obsessive thought a bit…so i’m going to stick with posting dishes i want to share, but the boring stuff not so much. i hope y’all understand.

oh my i’m falling asleep–so good night good night sleep tight (or as my dad would say, don’t make the bed smell)

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

i concur :)


12 Responses to “forgetting something?”

  1. if you don’t want to take pix of your food- don’t! anything that might be making it worse is probably not worth it! & you have so many other things to talk about :) & yes i def have simliar experiences w/ the thinking… it can really suck at times.

    great quote!!

    sorry about the roommate troubles :(


  2. The eats you did post look yummy :P

    I missed 11.11 as well!! Oh well, I won’t miss the late night one.


  3. I definately forgot it was rememberance day until like noon :x
    Whoops :P (!)

    Good luck on Friday! I think its great that you are intending to push yourself out of that comfort zone. Im still hanging onto my secuirty blanket of ‘safe’ foods so I know that your mind is probably driving you crazy at the thought of change. You can do it!

    As for the mind-whizzing.. I find I almost get into a panic and its impossible to drown out the ED voice. At this time I usually take a large glass of water, wait ten mnutes or so and try again. Hope that helps!

  4. Good morning!
    I’m SO proud of you and really felt inspired by this post.

    I’m glad you took the initiative to engage in some deep breathing and relaxation techniques to ease your anxiety– sometimes it takes a lot of energy to motivate yourself to ‘get out of your head’. ALSO, I’ve been trying to go away for as many weekends as possible, just because I’m getting so bored in my own house! I bring bars with me and try to keep secret tabs on my meals and exchanges– just to make sure I don’t fall short. When I do that, I find I don’t obsess over it so much because it’s all down on paper! I also try to stay away from the bars and challenge myself a bit. But it’s comforting to know you have them to fall back on :)

    Similarly, I’m not one to post all my meals. I agree it can sometimes feed into the obsession over food. You stay within your healthy, comfort zone girl and do what ya gotta do!

    You’re fabulous. Have a terrific day!
    With tons of love,

  5. Have a great trip to Chicago. I’ve never been but I heard it’s a great city. I really like this quote b/c I’m feeling really thankful for the friendships in my life right now. And my fellow food bloggers :)

  6. I missed 11:11 both times too! Darn!

    I used to have a loud roomie..not much fun!

  7. to do list make me feel so accomplished because I just love crossing stuff off!
    have fun in chicago!

  8. I fixed my video, I think :)

  9. have so much fun in chicago girl!! and about the calorie thing..yes i think a ton of us can relate..its just one of those things.. the higher your weight gets the LESS you think about it and restricted you are..its a proven keep getting to your goal and pushing ED away..its so so worth it to be healthy girl…and the MORE you break out of your comfort zone w. food..the MORE you push ED down!

  10. i struggle with the constant thoughts of calories/food/eating etc – its like there are always numbers swarming round my head. but i think its just one of those things in recovery that reduce with time and weight restoration – as your body is given the nourishment it needs, it doesnt need to think about it so much. so hang in there girl :)

    and have an awesome time in chicago! im so jealous, id love to go there!

    have a great weekend <3
    xo hannah

  11. you just need to keep thinking that your body NEEDS the food you are feeding it! try to just eat and enjoy what you are tasting, the textures and flavors and nourishment! have such a great time in Chi town!

  12. Chicago in November….whoa!

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