back from the windy city

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except it was not too windy! chicago is pretty beautiful at the moment!

hello dearies :) hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! i thought a little recap of my quick trip would be fun ;)

it all began friday morning at 3AM when i woke up to get my booty suited up for the 4 hour drive at 4AM (just realized how much more entertaining this would be with pictures…next time)

the drive up was fine, nice and quite since we were all super sleepy, i made this breakfast the night before–


PB, pure pumpkin, bananas, cinnamon, & 100% whole wheat for the ride, aka heaven

when i decided to tear into this baby a sad little tragedy occurred; i dropped 1/2 of it on the floor. fail. i was very sad. luckily when we got to the hotel they were still serving their free breakfast and i made myself some oatmeal, mini crisis averted.

then we all shuffled to the bank where they had coffee and fruit for us, and they answered some questions that we had sent them earlier. they were all very nice and really made an effort to be honest with their answers, not just the fluffy stuff that everyone tells you. i always appreciate that, all for honesty :)

we then hung out a bit at the corner bakery and i told a couple of the girls that i was thinking about transferring (hypocrite moment after i justt said how i’m all for honesty) i only said i was thinking about it and deciding over thanksgiving because i didn’t want to spring it on them since i haven’t mentioned it ever. they were really nice about it and understanding, i like them.

then we went to the commodities exchange, which was super cool! [haha i got a little giddy when they were talking about oats, wheat, & soybeans–all my favorites] all the traders wear bold jackets so that they stand out and are more likely to make the trades, for example:


we saw very similar commotion

it was crazy loud and intense, lots of hand signals & shouting :)


then it was lunch time, which was such a pain in the butt. picture 15 girls walking in heels & suits walking around chicago looking for a place to eat. obviously agreeing on a place was not easy. i held myself together for the most part, but i was hungry and my feet hurt, not a good combo. we ended up at the corner bakery again, they had amazing iced tea :)

then we went to another company and they answered some more questions…eh i was not too interested in this one, i was ready for a nap.

next on the agenda: taking my stupid heels off. uggs & jeans –> shopping :) we just kind of wandered around, i got some earrings & a dress at nordstrom rack, and they were great deals. yay for being frugal!



cute, no?

then we all went out to dinner at Giordano’s i decided to stay safe with another salad….chicago stuffed deep dish pizza is not really my thing :(

then it was back to to hotel to crash. ahhh sleeping was sooo necessary.

all in all it was a fun trip, i enjoyed myself, learned more about my fellow women’s financial association members, made some funny jokes, shared some laughs, had some fun.

during the day however i was asked an uncomfortable question: “did you lose a bunch of weight?…cause you went from like small to tiny” ughhh, my answer: “well, yeah…” which lead to: “what’s your secret?!” ughh, my response: “i don’t know i don’t really have a good one, really not good.” leading to: “oh….were you sick” me: “yeah, but i’m working on it…” then it pretty much dropped. but unfortunately i ended up pretty uncomfortable whenever anyone would talk about their size, either comparing sizes, talking about feeling fat, etc….one girl just kept looking at me a lot, making comments: “oh i wish i craved salad” it just made me feel bad about what i was eating, she just kept judging me. fortunately its over, and i kind of figured it would happen, but it was not my favorite part of the trip to say the least.

well i hate to cut this post short, but i fear i am boring you to tears, & i am hungry for some dinner.

night night beautiful people :)

ps–what has been the best part of your weekend!?

mine was totally finding the earrings i got, they are totally cool & were such a great deal :)


11 Responses to “back from the windy city”

  1. You should be SOOO proud of yourself for going to Chicago with a lot of stuff being out of your control (where/when you would eat)!! I’m so happy to hear that you put yourself out there and had fun!! :)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

  2. ahh so sad about dropping half of your sandwich! that would have been tragic..but way to go for making up for it!!

    that is awesome you went to chicago..i know its so hard THINKING to be out of your comfort zone but once you’re finally there..its wayyy better than we thought! thats annoying about that girl asking you that-ive had tons of questions about that “you look so good, whats your secret??” and you want to answer like “oh, try having an eating disorder..” haha but obviously i wouldnt say that, people just dont understand!! but thats so awesome you had a great time!! yay!!

  3. I glad you had a great time :) You obviously were out of your comfort zone, but you held together and enjoyed yourself – you should be proud. And good composure when it came to that girl making those comments – ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

  4. That sandwich looks so good its frightening x)

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip! … And you said you were having social troubles? pshhhhhht. heh.
    As for the comments, I know how awkward that feels. Its not like you want to lie or anything, but what is the point when you know people won’t understand? The weirdest part for me was the fact that I moved to a new town during my illness. Alot of people thought I was naturally thin, and then they started facebook creeping… which definately sparked some interestin comments.
    Just remember that the average person views the whole idea of weight loss in a very different way, and most often they are not trying to make you feel uncomfortable =)

  5. My fave part so far was spending time with my friend in Dallas who was visiting from Florida. It was just like old times :)

  6. i hate those comments :( I get them all the time. you really have to learn to brush them off. its hard.. but you can do it.

    that sandwich looks AMAZING!

  7. Gread sandwich idea- I’ll have to try that!

    Love Love the earrings- too cute! :)

  8. Sandwich looks GREAT!

    My best part of the weekend : buying new workpants!! My thighs have gotten more musclar over the past 2 years but my waist has gotten smaller so pants are a pain in the arse. Finally, I embraced my tights, went a size up and am deal with a lil big in the waist but so worth it for comfortable pants!

  9. i’m glad you enjoyed chicago! earrings are adorable :) and i’ms orry you had that awkward encounter :\ hope you have a great week


  10. YAY you! Going to a new place shouldn’t cause anxiety…but excitement and fun! I’m glad you had a good time! Those earrings are gorgeous…you better put them on and take a pic for us! ;-)

  11. that sammy looks off the charts good. I think I might have to make one tomorrow for breakfast!

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