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hello hello hello. i survived this week, but boy was it a rocky time.

let’s just say this morning i had myself so worked up that i almost could not finish my oatmeal, and i couldn’t drink my coffee…it went down the drain :(

but the bright side, like the brightest side ever: I AM HOME RIGHT NOW :)

so how did i survive this week?

  • breath in, breath out
  • repeatedly told myself “i’m okay”
  • cried outside in the wind
  • remembered that everything will happen

however i also found myself or Ed thinking that i was just being dramatic, suck it up, go go go, you have no time to stop. these thoughts made it hard for me to fulfill my basic needs, i did the best i could.

i did snap some photos for y’all at some point during the week…

yummy veggies & salsa matches made in heaven

granny smith & gossip girl i.e. lunch break

pumpkin oats! i finally figured them out :) the milk splashed a top it totally clutch, well & the cinnamon puffins ;)

so now that the week is over i have a lot to look forward to i am very excited, a little worried (worried that i will be all in my head and not truly enjoy this week, but i have control over this)

  • hanging out down at UC tomorrow learn some ins & outs of what will be my new college
  • the mall—new stores! (can you say nordstroms or h&m?!)
  • uh whole foods whenever i please
  • hair cut, its so necessary
  • sitting on the couch while my family takes care of me (yes i’m looking forward to my wisdom teeth surgery)
  • thanksgiving day race!!

i think all of that looks good :)

What are you looking forward to this week (i’m talking thanksgiving, i’m totally in thanksgiving mode)?

and side note–>i’m heading to the doctor tomorrow, not quite sure what to expect

wishing you wonderful dreams

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” –Buddha


14 Responses to “survivor”

  1. yay for surviving your week!!! whooo!!! you are awesome! im so jelous you are home-i get to go home on tuesday! have a sounds like you have such a great week ahead!

  2. YAy! Glad you made it through! Now, relax! the weekend is there to enjoy! :D

    Oh, and for me…the weekend is gonna suck…haha, because I have SO many darn papers to write!

  3. Congratulations =D

    Sorry to hear it was a little rocky, but it sounds like you definately came out on top. For now the craze is over and you can just enjoy the holiday!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m in Canada (eh!) so had mine already :P However that doesn’t mean I can’t be thankful this weekend, right? haha

    Thanks for being such a wonderful, beautiful friend =)

    ps.. your oats = extreme jealousy on my part.

  4. OH, how I love you and your posts :)

    I’m looking forward to the smell of Chocolate Chip Challahs baking in my cousins oven.. and I’m looking forward to setting up the ‘playroom’ in her house for the 60 relatives I will be giving thanks with.

    Have a fabulous Friday beautiful one.
    becca xo

  5. oh and p.s. you ARE a survivor. Revel in that.

  6. doesn;t it feel so great to be home? sleep in your own bed, do waht you want? homecooked meals..I loved going home in college!!

    DROOLING over your pumpkin oats with puffins sitting so nicely on top of the big ole bowl :)

    have a delicious and amazing friday, girl!
    I may be doing a thanksgiving day race too!!

  7. i’m glad you got through the week girl, but make sure you don’t let ed creep in.. i’m here for you!!

    & i really hope you like UC… that is soo close to my hometown (well kind of.. .like 1 hr and a half!)

    have a great weekend


  8. Glad to hear your happily at home!! :) Enjoy begin taken care of – I pretty much ate it up when I had my wise ol teeth taken out!! ;)

    Happy Weekend!! :)

  9. Hey Emily! My name is Tara, I just cam across your blog and LOVE IT! Especially the quotes you have at the end of a lot of posts!!
    You seem so strong, and congrats making it through this week. =]
    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy having your family take care of you, and hope the surgery goes smoothly! =]
    Thank you for sharing your story. <3

  10. I’m sure it feels wonderful to be home! It must be such a sigh of relief to have survived the week :)

    Enjoy your break!

  11. sorry you had a hard week my love, but well done on getting through it! taking each day at a time is the way to go :)

    and woop for being home!

    hope the doctors appointment goes well. il be thinking of you.

    xo hannah

  12. Yay for surviving the week! These last few weeks before christmas break and thanksgiving break are a killer for sure!

    And yay for pumpkin oats! The best hands down :D

  13. yay :) SO proud of you! you sruvived the weekend:D

    Veggies and salsa.. you could never go wrong!

    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, honey.

    xoxox love you

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