wisdom teeth

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awesome giveaway at miss heather’s

morning y’all. been quite some time since we chatted, well my face is all numb…its interesting ha

current state...bahahahah

so i was going to hit you up with a nice before and after, but my before looked sadder than this embarrassing pic. so i have taken up residence on our big leather chair, i’ve watched ellen, the view, and now i’m onto paula’s best dishes…last weeks grey’s and private practice are in the queue. and so far my only complaint is the stupid gauze shoved in my cheeks, awkward.

let’s see, how bout i recap my weekend—

friday: went to the doctor, went down to UC, picked up a lease for an apartment, stopped and nordstrom and trader joe’s (pear sauce!! & apple cranberry butter!!), went to a fake purse party with my mother…got some beaded earrings (i’m not much of a fake purse person)

saturday: saw new moon with my baby sister, failed at stovetop oats for a snack

don't let the looks deceive you, i had to pop these stovetop oats in the microwave because i was much to impatient

sunday: ran errands, took the dog on a walk

yes somehow i have ended up at the grocery store every day since i’ve been home, hello my name is emily and i am addicted to grocery stores. && my doctor’s appointment went well, i got some blood taken and an EKG both were normal, my random bruises are nothing to be worried about, he said it probably just stress that is throwing me out of whack….all i’ve got to do is stress less, ah much easier said than done (i’ll practice this week)

now i’m just chilling out relaxing acting all cool (fresh prince anyone??) i had some honey oikos for the first time & i love love love

now enough about me, what’s new with you??

and now i want to take a moment to send out blog world love. you women amaze me every single day.

If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy

17 Responses to “wisdom teeth”

  1. aww you are beautiful even with a numb face!!! i so wish i had a trader joes here..ahh! andi LOVE the fresh prince!! enjoy your day! (even tho u are prob on pain killers! hahaa)

  2. hahaha love the picc hun! i hated getting my wisdom teeth out :\
    and i am looking forward to going home and grocery shopping… but my parents prob won’t want me to ha.
    the only thing new with me is that i’m going home tomorrrow!


  3. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks again for the lovely comments on my blog :)

  4. Hope you’re recovered and back to normal soon! I don’t think I even watched any TV when mine were out – I slept more than I can ever remember sleeping in my life!

    Love the Blog Love! I feel the same way!! :)

  5. getting wisdom teeth out was no fun! Feel better soon–and before thanksgiving day so you can enjoy the treats!

  6. glad you’re on the road to recovery! what miserable process, but that’s one quality pic of you! ;)

  7. He, he..put a smile on my face. I remember that numb feeling. I felt like I had gotten botox! Feel better :)

  8. Hehe I really love that you still manage to look adorable even after getting your wisdom teeth taken out! =D I hope you have a speedy smooth recovery though!! I have yet to have mine out, my mom never had hers out so I’m crossing my fingers! ;)
    As for stress, try to take some time each day just for YOU! Weather it be cardio, yoga, reading, drinking tea, Journaling, painting your nails! Anything as long as it is something that makes you feel good. When I get really stressed I like to get my ipod and go for a bike ride or do some form of cardio and then I come home and journal for a while!
    Have you ever been to Whole Foods?? Not to fuel the grocery store addiction=P but I think you might enjoy it a lot!! =] Sleep well have a fabulous night!!

  9. I remember getting my wisdom teeth out- it was rough! Hope you feel better soon :D But I have to say the picture is too cute!

  10. Feel better! But hey, I’m sure going to grocery stores (specifically Trader Joe’s) was a medicine of its own! No better cure :)

    LOVE the Tolstoy action goin on here!
    Have a great week.

  11. You are so cute and look stunning in that picture ;)

    I am so appreciative for your shared insight, miss lady, as you amaze me more with every post <3

  12. Hang in there chipmunk! It will be over before you know it! and keep your tongue out of the sockets!

  13. you look so adorable!

    I’m addicted to grocery stores too, you are not alone ;)

    I’m glad your doctor’s appt. went well!

  14. Ahhh, I remember getting my wisdom teeth out….it was, er, interesting. Hhaha, you look a lot cuter than I did with chipmunk cheeks, hehe!

  15. You look absolutely adorable my dear =) I hope you feel better, although it sounds like you are having quite a relaxing time already :P

    I definately need to stop so much unecessary, quite frankly it’s unhealthy and I will probably become homeless if it keeps up !

  16. You should have seen how chipmunk like I looked when I got my wisdom teeth out.. it was so embarassing! I think you look great! :D

  17. Next Halloween, can you go as Pippi Longstockings? You look SO cute!!! >.< Even with the little chipmunk face, I didn't realize how pretty you are!

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