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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! hope everyone is having a relaxing day with friends & family :)

i’m currently skipping out on thanksgiving with family #1 (dad’s side) we decided that i needed to rest after the race this morning and that i could just meet them at family #2 (my grandma’s) it’s definitely one less stress i have to deal with, and for that i am thankful.

so yes the race :) my mom and i walked and the weather was surprisingly bearable. it was soo crowded, they said around 15,000 people finished…my mom and i did the 10K in 1:33-ish, 2 minutes faster than last year, score!

post race! most comfy shirt ever (& i think the mcD hat is funny)

my dad being an overachiever & runner finished in like 43 minutes, giving him a chance to grab me all kinds of free things :)

race loot! omg can't wait till i can eat these :)

he knows me so well :)

as for these past three sedentary days…they have been okay, yesterday night i felt pretty crummy which sucked and i have not enjoyed my lack of yoga (i never realized how good it actually makes me feel, ah i miss it so much!) i’ve been feasting on soft foods–

finally made a green monster right :) it was jungle-y -->spinach, frozen banana, milk, & pb

but alas all these soft & liquid-y foods have left me feeling full & huge, ugh it’s been uncomfortable, especially because i haven’t really done much in the way of exercising because i am just so tired (well and my mouth hurts). my tummy just feels liquid-logged ick. that being said i know i need to get back on track with my eats, i decided that i probably didn’t need to eat as much as i usually do since i was just sitting around, but now that i am feeling better i need to eat more. enter thanksgiving.

yes i like thanksgiving and spending time with my family, but i also know that i have comments coming my way (not just about my size, but the fact that i am transferring as well). i am going in with a plan of what i need to eat and the strength to ignore my dear family, they will say what they want to say but i will not let it affect me. that is the plan.

speaking of thanksgiving i better get my butt out the door or i am going to be late…love you beauties!

i shall leave you with one of my favorite affirmations :)

“I will not wait to have a good day. I will make one.”


13 Responses to “gobble gobble”

  1. I hope you had fun walking in the race – you look so cute :)

    Have a wonderful day and happy thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! Congrats on finishing the race and snaps for your dad on running and getting you all that yummy free food!
    Hope you had a great day with your family!!! <3 <3

  4. that walk sounds great, and wow your dad is fast!! those giveaways look freakin awesome :) & i’m sorry you have to deal w/ the comments..hopefully it wasn’t too painful & i know how u feel w/ the wisdom teeth– it’s the pits!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! You look absolutely gorgeous in that photo btw… you are glowing from the inside out :P

    Hopefully you will be feeling better after you get your routine back on track. I can’t wait until I am feeling better enough to start some yoga; I am such a newb but I love it to death. You can be my go-to yoga girlie, no? Hehe.

    ps.. I love your quote =) I shall definately be writing that one down!


  6. So many things to say about this post… so here we go:

    1. I love your affirmation. I think I will make it my own!
    2. I went to school in Richmond, Ky. Not that far from Cincinnati!
    3. Holy race loot, Batman! Way to go Dad!!!

  7. your dad is SO GREAT for getting you that free stuff!! that is awesome!! and you look so cute in your race gear :) :)
    love that quote at the end!

  8. Congrats on the race! I’m so jealous of your Larabar supply!

  9. Congrats on the race! You look adorable!

  10. yay for race loot! my turkey trot failed in that department! boo!

    and love the quote at the end! hope everything went well!

  11. Hey sweetheart! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, without letting any word bring you down…can’t wait for your recap!

  12. Hey! i hope you had an awesome thanksgiving! your treats look super yummy right now[:

  13. happy thanksgiving emily!!! LOVE your loot you got at the race and congrats on the time thats amazing!!

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