now what?

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good evening lovelies, how is everyone today on this fine tuesday? enjoying lovely weather i hope :)

big huge thanks yous to everyone on my last post, you guys are such dolls helping to make me feel better, all y’alls encouragement does wonders :)

ps–miss emily is having an amazing 12 days of christmas giveaway at her place :) & miss heather is having a lovely giveaway as well

so now i am 2 whole days back into classes and the world has not imploded, success! aren’t you glad i’m dramatic? hah

i am super excited actually because the giant semester long group project that gave me mucho stress & frustration is OVER! yes my target case project is done-zo, and i am so glad. we presented our idea this morning, and honestly i didn’t care how it went, i let go of the project over break [can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing….probably somewhere in the middle] because i decided that i had put in enough work for it, and since its was a group project i let the rest of the group handle it. i had done my part and now they had to do theirs, i am not doing it for them anymore. i’m sure you all feel me on this, group projects can be such a stress, especially when other members do not do their fair share. anyway–rant over!–as is the project :)

other than that today has been relatively uneventful, and i am not complaining—today i got some great grades back (especially compared to yesterday when i found out i got a 54% on a midterm ughh whatever its over and my gpa isn’t even transferring) now i am just waiting for my roommate to skedaddle so i can indulge in some YOGA, ahh i am so looking forward to it!

oh look look what i got over break—

fresh market creamy french vanilla, fresh ground, BLISSful

this coffee is so delicious, flavorful, and has the most beautiful aroma. in essence i love it.

and this afternoon i finally found a banana on campus, let me tell you i have had 2 days with banana-less breakfasts and that is 2 days too many. banana bliss returns tomorrow :)

and a mini review: a dish by my personal chef; aka amy

first try....dun dun duhhh

a top spinach & brussels sprouts, not the most gorgeous of meals...

the verdict? FANTASTIC mmm, i am pretty leery about lasagna as it tends to be really heavy and greasy, not my thing. but this rocked, just enough ricotta and sauce, and i personally think the brussels were a genius addition.

not much else in other news…it actually looks as though i am not going to be too terribly busy in these days before christmas break. i like this, but i am also worried about it. i tend to get anxious when i have nothing to do and make up stupid things to stress me out. all i want is for these next two weeks to speed along so i can get on with my life & go home.

tips?? what do you like to do to keep yourself occupied when downtime exists?

well i think that will be all for today, but look out i have plans for some insightful (hopefully?) posts for the coming days :)

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”—Pope John XXIII


12 Responses to “now what?”

  1. i just workout. but then again, i DO get soo bored. it’s sad.
    never tried amy’s frozen meals! i’ll hit this one up- although we have a pan of lasagne from t-day in teh freezer tho!

  2. That lasagna looks delish – I’ve always wanted to try it!!

    Hope roomie got outta there soon so you could do some yoga!! :)

  3. yeah yeah bananasssssssssss sadly you got one and i have none right now (ate mine today.) i will curl up with my naner pillow for comfort. =D

    happy tuesday- inkow i’m freakin’ about this elbow situation!

  4. I always see that meal in the frozen section, but I have yet to try it! Too scared, I guess. Dumb ED. I think I will take a chance :)

    Youre the best, love you!
    bec xo

    i dont really get bored.. ill call a friend or read or yoga or workout or watch tv or skim your lovely blogs!

  6. 2 days without a banana…blasphemy!


    You’ll be fine for these couple weeks – just try to take advantage of your free time by treating yourself to some yoga, paint your nails, snuggle up and read a good book…etc. Those are things I do when I’m killing time at home alone – minus the yoga part which really should be added, because I need to get into it!

    enjoy your coffee!


  7. hey em :) glad you got your group project finished up! i’m in a similar situation…3 group projs, actually. and they are all due the last day of classes, so its dragggingggg out until next week. annoying! i just want them to be done.

    good job on your grades! umm…hehe…i got a 50% on a midterm last week, too. whatever.

    i feel you on downtime…omg, my biggest fear in the day! i try to clean, take a walk, read a book, or call my mom/a friend. i know its hard. hopefully these last weeks go quickly for us!

    keep your chin up :D <3

  8. i read read and read when when i have time…best way to up my vocab! :D

  9. I don’t think I ever get bored…if I have my laptop with me, I’m forever looking up on something, reading blogs, or writing! :-)

    and boy. I do know about bad team members. That’s why group projects are always a tough thing for me. I have to keep my perfectionism in check or I’ll drive everyone (and they’re drive me) crazy!

  10. I would have to say that blogging definately fills up any boredom-filled hole in my schedule :P I’m sure you will find something to do *cough* yoga addict *cough* :) haha.

    I think it’s a wonderful thing that you ‘let go’ of your project over the holidays. Stressing over it wouldn’t have made a difference now, and the perfectionism would have just driven you crazy inside. It might seem like a small step, but it’s huge when you think about how you usually deal with stress!

  11. I love Amy’s veggie lasange! They’re the only lasange I eat :)

    As for filling your time over the holiday… I like to set myself some little projects to keep myself occupied. Like making a photo album, making christmas cards/gifts, baking christmassy food :) oh and I take the opportunity to sort out cupboards/draws/rooms that need organising. Its also a great time to socialise so I always try to make the effort to meet up with friends I don’t see so often, even if its just for a coffee.

    Enjoy your day!


    Hannah XO

  12. yumm that looks delicious!! i dont know hat you are talking about nto the prettiest of meals-looks fab to me!!!
    I read and workout when I am bored!!

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