3 hour grocery trip

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hi loves!

like many of you out there i spent my weekend studying…but i still have one more week until finals actually start, this coming week is supposed to be “dead week” which means nothing to me.

so aside from the studying and basic hanging around entertaining myself, i went to the grocery store today. now i know i have mentioned before that it takes me about 3 hours to go to the grocery, but today i thought i would show you! (i know you are very excited, i can just sense it)

10:20am–left my room to head to the bus stop down the hill

the frozen tundra

10:35am–chilled all the library (its heated)

has become one of my least favorite places. thank you group projects.

10:55am–bus came, rode it to the car dealership

i think it would be nice if i owned one of these cars so i could drive to the grocery store.

11:11am–made it to kroger

these trees made me sad :(

then i wandered about the giant kroger, with my list (very important in ensuring that i don’t spend forever looking at everything). i found some very adorable apples.

mini apple!! i may have squealed just a little bit when i saw it.

so after dilly dallying around i finally filled my cart and paid like a million dollars! (but hey i saved $14.80 with my kroger plus card & coupons) i think it was like 12:20ish

the cart.

suited back up in my marshmallow coat, ran to the bus sitting at the bus stop, sat on the bus while it waited for 10 minutes, then we left for campus.

chilling on the immobile bus with my scuzzy uggs.

now i was on a B bus which goes up north jordan then back down jordan (i know this means nothing to you). point of that was that i got antsy in my leggings and got off the bus at the very end of north jordan while we sat and waited to move again. for some reason i thought it was pretty close to my dorm. wrong. i walked down north jordan & across 17th to finally made it back to my room. well that took like 45 minutes, & the bus i was on definitely passed me as i walked down north jordan.

needless to say i was tiredd & hungry when i finally got back to my room.

oh i didn't tell you i carry my groceries in my backpack...what a nerd.


so there you have it 10:35 to 1:35 emily’s grocery adventure.

super exciting right? well maybe not, but necessary. now i must say these weekly grocery trips have taught me a few things, ready?

  1. i can survive about anything
  2. things don’t have to be ideal to work
  3. i’m stubborn (how bout we attribute that to the fact that i am a tried and true taurus)
  4. food is expensive but that is not a reason not to eat it

oh i’ve been scarf-fing it up the past two days (these may or may not be the only scarves i have at school)

study scarf. if only it would make studying easier.

bundling up scarf (always surprises me that it actually keeps me warm, hah)

time for me to pass out, i think i am getting a cold (ahhh!) so i had some sleepytime tea and nyquill. can hardly keep my eyes open, pulled through desperate housewives and brothers & sisters though, been looking forward to those all day :) the drama did not disappoint!

now my bloggies, what are your favorite ridiculous television shows? i only ask because i realized i really like “sex rehab with dr. drew” on vh1, yesterday i even did some yoga/sex rehab. no shame.

wishing everyone the best of luck this week! may the peace be with you :)

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Elanor Roosevelt

ps–i have a new goal.


20 Responses to “3 hour grocery trip”

  1. I didn’t know Dr. Drew still had a sex show on VH1… might have to check that out! :)

  2. i love the quote!!!

    “food is expensive but that is not a reason not to eat it”
    something I really need to get over.. ha

    that is the cutest little apple ever!

  3. That sucks its so far! That’s what college will be like for me :/

  4. I love that quote. I took a picture of a sign that had that and have it saved on my computer. I agree, prices at the grocery store are ridiculous. Especially for fresh food. No wonder people head for the cheap, pre-packaged stuff now. What’s your new goal?

  5. Aww cutie apples! I squeal at stuff like that too :P

    I love point #2 “things don’t have to be ideal to work”
    This is something I need to remind myself of – I’m such a perfectionist!

    Have a very happy Monday my love :D

    Hannah xo.

  6. So uh, your goal?!???

    I love our chats and look forward to more of them, lovely lady.

    Just because food is expensive is no reason not to eat– you could not be more accurate with that statement. Money spent on food should be our number 1 priority, as ‘food is our best medicine’.

    love love love
    bec xo

  7. its..good

  8. hahah i love 3 hour grocery trips! CUTE apples.. those wouldnt satisfy me tho! haha. amen about food..expensive aint gona stop me!

    i LOVE desperate housewives and real housewives

  9. I totally just skipped over the part about the sex rehab show with dr drew and I just thought you said that you had some sex rehab! I was thinkin well you go girl hahah :).

    Thats one hell of a grocery trip!

  10. hoarders…and wife swap. such horrible shows! hahha!

  11. haha love that u spent so much tiem in the grocery! and omg desperate housewives is gettin insaneee…love it!

  12. You are a dedicated foodie! :) I love sex rehab also! :) hehe

  13. 3 hour grocery trip…SOOOO BEEN THERE! hahah

    Scarves do a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep me warm too! Cute and functional…can’t beat it!

    Fave TV show?! GILMORE GIRLS! ;) Not sure how redic it is, but whatevvvs!

  14. Haha I love your grocery adventure and picture documentation!!!! Too bad it was a longer trek than you anticipated though, i suppose it built character though!? =D
    Ok Desperate Housewives is def my fav (after Friends that is!) except im 2 seasons behind! GAHH BUT I saw some of last nights episode and I cannot wait for xmas break to get caught up!! MUAHA ; )
    I have the quote on my bedroom wall btw!! <3 <3

  15. I am a scarf whore on occastion as well :P It’s amazing what a difference it makes to cover up the neck and chest!

    I love this post.. it made me feel like I went on your roadtrip with you hehe… which btw is a JOURNEY if ever there was one, I can’t beleive it takes you 3 hours!! (Not that grocery shopping isn’t a blast :P)

    As for the tv, I don’t have cable >.< (kill me now..) so I watch a heck of alot of DVDs. Right now I am feeling the holiday specials!!

    Keep up the amazing attitude girl!

  16. Can’t believe you lasted so long on a grocery trip! I love a good grocery trip but wow!

    I just started watching that Jersey Shore show on Mtv…..SO ridiculous but somehow I couldn’t stop watching!

  17. you are not the only one who spends way too much time at the grocery store…I plead guilty ;)

    but who cares…there is way too much stuff to look at!

    I hope you got some wonderful goodies.

    My fav tv shows are definitely desperate housewives, grey’s anatomy, private practice, lie to me…oh I could go on…but I won’t cause that will just prove how much of a life I dont have :)


  18. Girl, i’ve got too many fav. tv shows to count. ;) I admit it, I’m a tv junkie. (hangs head in shame) I should really watch less!

  19. This reminds me of a week ago…when I myself had a 3 hour grocery trip. I didn’t know that the public bus only worked until 5 pm. So I took the bus to the grocery store, and then I waited an hour for the bus that never arrived. I ended up having to take a cab back home. Freaking expensive! And I didn’t even find what I wanted in the grocery store! What a waste of money and time, huh?

  20. Haha. I am obsessed with all trash-tastic VH1 shows. Tough love is dynamite ;-)

    Also I’m new to your bloggy and very much enjoying it!

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