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happy thirsty thursday boos! if only i was partaking in thirsty thursday adventures instead of studying managerial accounting all night long. if only, if only.

feels like its been ages since i last blog, and that means i have things to tell. wish i could call them exciting announcements, but not so much.

  1. you are the most wonderfully encouraging people i have ever met, each one of your comments was right on the money and appreciate each and every one of you.
  2. did i conquer the pizza? no. have i felt like i let down each and every one of you and my mother? yes.
  3. today i went to caps (counseling and psychological services) and i have a physicians appointment monday morning.

so this caps thing, it felt pretty spontaneous to me actually. i had an appointment with my accounting TA after lunch and my next class wasn’t until 4 so i had time to go to the emergency walk in (even though i really wasn’t experiencing an emergency, i just didn’t know how to make an actual appointment). so i went, filled out bunches of forms and met with a very nice woman who confirmed my beliefs that i have an eating disorder [this is the first time a professional has told me, emily, you fit the criteria of an eating disorder]. she asked me to sign a form saying she could talk to the physicians & dietitians and i have an 8am appointment for an physician with eating disorder experience to see me. the thing about this is that i probably should have done this much earlier in the semester, because now i have a week with these people. but she did seem confident in helping me figure out what to do when i go home and move to UC.

if it were not for you beautiful women i would not have been able to do this. my sincerest thank you goes out to each of you. you women are amazing.

so that is pretty much the extent of my day.


  • dinner
  • studying
  • glee
  • yoga
  • studying
  • greys

hmm not sure if i can fit the studying in ;)

want to see something embarrassing??

seriously embarrassed to post this. it will appall my mother. but whatever wanted to show all the studying i need to do (minus the disgusting floor), just keeping it real.

PS–finished my last class of IU today! finals are all i have left to conquer.

love love love

“Mistakes are painful, but they’re the only way to find out who you really are.” –Denny (Grey’s Anatomy)


16 Responses to “a day”

  1. Good luck with finals!! You’re almost there!! :)

  2. Glad you found someone who can help you figure out your next steps while home and next semester!

    Good luck with finals!:)

  3. Great quote and keep being strong!! Finals and you’re done :)

  4. YAYY!! I am soo happy for you! I promise you a dietician will help you so much! You can ask the doctor you meet with to refer you to a nutritionist closer to home! Its okay if you can’t conquer the pizza just yet! If this helps.. think of it in layers 1) Crust, which is basically flour and other things (CARBS- which are good for you!) 2) Tomato sauce! (a vegetable!) 3) Cheese! (a dairy, and a protein!) 4) Meat, if there is any (MORE PROTEIN!) That’s how I try to look at it! It really helps me that way, :) good luck!!!

  5. i am so proud of you for taking the step to go to CAPS. I know that going to UHS (university health services) was pretty hard for me and even though I think htey are a bit harsh, I know I need them & they are essential for my recovery. I have full faith that you will take their advice to heart. i’m glad that other bloggers are inspiration for you, but also realize that YOU are responsible for your successes ultimately :) you should be so proud of yourself!

    and honestly- don’t fret about hte pizza. if that is too scary for you, then so what! as long as you are nourishing your body, right now you don’t have to eat pizza.. one day you will get back there =) just take it day by day..that’s all you can truly do i think. but katey is right- pizza really isn’t all that bad, it is something i keep trying to tell myself (i talk about pizza in my next post :])

    wishing you happy studying! you are almost there


  6. Girl, don’t even sweat the pizza thing!! You HAVE NOT let anyone down. You are amazing for having the courage to go to CAPS, you are on your way for real, and don’t even forget it. You want it and I can feel that, and honestly, thats the most important step!!

  7. girl that is so okay about the pizza thing.. you WILL GET IT!! so proud of you for being bold and courageous.. keep it up..keep going up hill!


    I’m so proud of you for trying– that’s all that matters.

    I’m so disappointed there wasn’t a new Grey’s episode tonight–gah.

    Hope your night was just lovely
    bec xo

  9. That’s so good that your mom knows everything! it makes life so much easier when its not a secret, you know :) But my nutritionist really helped me.. so hopefully your mom will see that with time!!! My mom was skeptical at first, she really didn’t like the price tag (my insurance didn’t cover it, because I wasn’t diagnosed) but she really warmed up to it.. and helps me with meals and stuff! And you are sooo welcome! We should make a blogger pizza day.. pizza still freaks me out a little too.. we can all eat it on the same day (once you feel comfortable!) if I were you, maybe you should start with a frozen amy’s frozen pizza (they are SUPER good) and then warm up to take out? have an AWESOME day my love :)

  10. you are so wonderful for going and setting up an appt.!!! I’m am so happy and proud of you :)

    way to go, girl…you are well on your way!

  11. good luck! and yes, i’ve almost eaten a box of cereal in one day! but now it’s more moderated! and life is better with it. =D

    augh zits SUCK! i have like 2 on my face right now. failure.

  12. good luck on finals! i’m sure you’ll do great!!!

    and you can have that pizza. i know it.

  13. Congratulations beautiful girl! I am so proud of you for making that appointment, it would have been so easy to use the fact that you only have one week left as an excuse!

    You have not let any of us, or your mother down in any way. There was nothing saying you had to eat the pizza, and it’s ok to admit that you just weren’t ready.

    It must feel amazing to be officially done class …Try not to study too hard for finals :P


  14. good luck with finals! i have one today and two tomorrow, and my pile and floor look a lot like yours. :(

  15. oh my goodness, i am so unbelievably proud of you for taking this amazing step in your recovery. you are proving to yourself that you WILL beat this illess, and you are one step closer to living the life of freedom and happiness that you deserve to live. i have every faith in you my darling <3

    lots of love
    hannah xo

    ps im loving the snow flakes that are appearing round your blog! so fun and festive! :D

  16. ps your comment cracked me up!! HANG IN THERE GIRL!! almost over!!

    you know someone that goes to usc?? i live right near there!!

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