clearly i am very good at embarrassing myself

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hola bonitas. another major apology for my post last night, i was tired and discouraged.

now i have something ridiculous for your viewing pleasure. this would be me taking a “study break” [we will ignore the fact that i have taken more study breaks than actually studying today]

hope everyone enjoyed a little giggle while watching that hott mess :)

loads of love!


21 Responses to “clearly i am very good at embarrassing myself”

  1. Emily you are so pretty! Good luck with your finals. I was never very good at studying myself, but luckily I just kind of remember material naturally… Very lucky, I suppose.

  2. bbah i couldn’t watch the video! but enjoy finals :) haha jk they suck but goood luck


  3. you are SOOOOO CUTE! and gorgeous girl!!! bahaha study breaks are the story of my life!!

  4. I think your blog is wonderful. Quite similar to a lot of myself, though no two snowflakes are ever alike…I wish I could document my struggles in my blog but I am in fear of going to deep, worried to delve into the being and the reality…instead I try to fit myself somewhere in a normal life and writing :) Your story (in some ways, though not really either) is quite relatable and you have a wonderful blog. Would like to follow you more if okay :)

  5. I couldn’t see the video!!

    But now I must read your post from the other day :/

    love youuuuu to pieces, thanks for the comment and support, my dear!
    bec xo

  6. I cant see the vid either!! boo!!!

    Good luck on all the finals, I need to be done stat, im losing it!!

  7. I couldn’t watch :( It’s set to private..

    Good luck, glad to hear the positive energy shining through =) Don’t let finals stress you out – they will be over before you know it.


  8. i couldnt view the video, but just have to say…. you are so cute! seriously you have the prettiest eyes :)

    xo hannah

  9. You are too cute – I love that video!

    And don’t apologize for your earlier post, you can write whatever you feel :)


  10. TOO CUTE! Good luck studying….finals are definitely the one part of college that I don’t miss (I was an accounting major so I can feel your pain with Acco, stats, all that good stuff)!

  11. I saw the video! :-)
    You’re so pretty, with a pretty voice to boot.
    Dang, I’m sick of school right now…can’t wait for it to be OVER!

  12. … I was able to view it this time ;)

    Why on earth are you so gorgeous my dear?!
    Good luck with the studying (or lack therof)

  13. You are GORGEOUS – stunning inside and out :)

  14. this video is so cute! it made me giggle, especially because I have sent these to my mama before and it is soooo distracting when you are watching yourself talk! ha.

  15. Hi again Emily, I wanted to leave another comment here because I am not sure if people see the replies if I leave them on my blog…thanks for keeping up with my blog. I would love to add you to my blogroll…I will continue to check yours (even if you don’t post everyday, thats still fine of course), love for you to add me to your roll as well :) I am very random, sporadic and uninteresting though really, but I appreciate yours and others comments more than any way I can say. Have a beautiful day.

  16. loved the video! its so nice to put a voice to words on a screen :)

  17. Best way to avoid studying = videos. I make ‘Sam Jams’ when this said avoidance occurs. It works out marvelously!

    You are a BEAUTIFUL hott mess girl ;)
    I want that tea so badly! For some reason unknown to me, NO grocery stores near me carry it. Oh well… plenty of other flavors out there!

    have a SUPER monday :)

  18. hey! we have a lotttt in common so funny. i actually went to indiana university this yr as a freshman after fighting orthorexia turned anorexia. i was semi recovered when i went to IU and after 5 weeks i had lost about alll the weight i spent all summer trying to put on. my parents had my withdrawn from IU and i came home. my plan right now is to go to university of cincinnati next yr since its closer to home / my recovery team. you are such an inspiration to me!! i hope your finals are going well at IU, good luck!! i miss it :(

    • hey amy! thanks so much for sharing this, what a small world. i’m sorry you had to leave IU, but it sounds like you are moving forward now :)
      feel free to email me or add me on facebook ( or emily hager) i would love to chat more!
      and don’t worry about being closer to home, i’m doing the same thing (start UC january 4th ahh!) i’m really looking forward to the comfort.
      hope you have a wonderful week!! xoxo

  19. Yeah, I totally just laughed out loud and spooked my husband and two sleeping dogs. This is so cute! More videos, please!

  20. Hey girl!! Hope your finals went/go well! Your video put such a big smile on my face you’re so adorable!!!! I think videos should be a regular occurrence on your blog!

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