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happy friday night my dears. thank you all so very much for the wonderful encouragement, it means so much. love all of you :)

at the moment i am very against studying for my finals, they are overwhelming me, which honestly is why i am blogging right now, so not to study.

finals start sunday–

finals schedule. ew.

right now i want to run, literally just run.

you know school has always been my thing, i.e. i can do school. no i don’t do it perfectly), but i was always able to do it. i was motivated to do my homework, now that’s gone. i don’t have much motivation to do anything. and my lack of motivation scares me. alas i’m probably just being dramatic because it’s friday night and i would rather be doing anything but studying.

but now i’m blank, i no longer have anything to say, to muse upon. i’m tired but i’m afraid if i go to sleep now i will just wake up early and have more saturday to deal with.

the plan: brush my teeth and return to accounting

sorry for the drama, today did begin nicely. i thought it would be a wonderful idea to study at barnes and nobel, so after breakfast i hopped on the bus to the mall. got myself a misto and studied stats. then i walked my booty over to bloomingfoods to get a sandwich for lunch (ha i wish i took a picture, i got all the veggies on it and it was so tall that a someone walked by and goes — “that’s quite a sandwich” ha). made some more purchases. took my butt to target to attempt to get reasonably priced groceries, then came back to my dorm. now i’ve just been studying and not studying.

i ate at bloomingfoods, and after i sat down there weren’t any extra tables, so woman sat with me. she was very sweet, sometimes when i’m at school i forget how nice it is to share meals with people. i’m surprised that it’s even nice with people you don’t know.

nutcracker sweet black tea, why has no one else on the blogs pointed this baby out. it. is. perfect. omg.

i’ll let you know about the gingerbread cliff, yet to try it, actually not quite sure if i’ve ever had gingerbread in my life. i grew up as a very picky child.

as for how i am feeling about yesterday. well i’m not really thinking about it, but in the shower this morning i did wonder what i had just done. i feel a little flip about it (no i do not know what i mean by flip).

hope everyone is having a wonderful night. my sincerest apologies for this blah-tastic post.


11 Responses to “ughh”

  1. that is adorable that the woman sat with you- i love random encounters with strangers like that! &sorry about the studying woes, if it makes you feel any better i’m in the same boat.


  2. girl so sorry you are feeling discouraged-i was on that boat last week but you gota just keep pushing through and when its done it will be SO SWEET! hang in there love, thinking about you!

  3. Try not to worry about the school motivation stuff too much. I had a minor “crisis” like that this year in my grad program. Literally NO motivation, and it scared the crap out of me.

    Just remember that you can do anything. You are fully capable, and you dont have to feel passionate about everything you do, sometimes you just have to do it anyways (sorry that sounds kind of like a downer, but Im the type of person that wishes I loved every second of life, and its simply not possible, boo, but sometimes you gotta do stuff you dont want to do!). In the long run it will all work out I promise!

    Oh and I die for those iced gingerbread clif bars. YUMMY!! Good luck on studying tonight dear!

  4. Hey girl!
    Sorry you’re stressed – finals can be so draining, especially when you’ve got other stuff on your mind, but less than two weeks until Christmas!!! we can do it! and our best IS good enough! I lovelovelove breaking out of the normal studying spots and going somewhere ‘fresh’.
    Gingerbread and Pumpkin pie are my fave clifs! (my TJ’s doesn’t have them, tear)

    Good luck with studying and finals!

  5. aaw, poor baby. I know how you’re feeling…I’m not feeling very motivated myself. But hey, stress gets to everyone, and there is a point when we just want to let go. I say just take some time off for real, and then work your motivation back up again. If I know you correctly, you probably will be itching to get back to work again after a good rest!

  6. Sorry to hear about your lack of motivation – the week will be over before you know it and you will be left to embrace the festive holiday cheer (Maybe with a fantastic mug of nutcracker sweet black tea? Hehe.. I am so very jealous: I can’t seem to find holiday blends anywhere around here!)

    When times get tough, we just have to power through. Maybe try studying in intervals, adding lots of breaks in between. That might calm your frusterations.

  7. UGH!! My finals start next friday!! I haven’t started doing anything yet. When it comes to tests I am such a procrastinator!!!! not.even.funny. keep being healthy, girl :)

  8. I love the gingerbread clif bars!! :)

  9. Hang in there girlie!! You can do it!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo :D

  10. Awe honey Hang in there :)
    Stay positive!!

    the nutcracker sweet tea is yummmy!

  11. i have the gingerbread clif bar sitting in my pantry waiting for me to eat it…maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days :)

    hang in there, babe, you’ll do great on your finals I’m sure!

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