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hello my lovelies, i hope everyone is basking in the glory of break. we all deserve it.

let me take a moment to thank all of you for your amazing support. each of your comments always brighten my day, you have no idea. thank you thank you thank you :)

so i’m thinking i probably need to back up a bit. how about back to my nutritionist appointment yesterday. it went well (i’ve actually met with her before, last year when i wanted to lose weight, she actually told me yesterday that she had thought i was at risk at that time, even though she knew i couldn’t see it). she gave me a meal plan, and i’m working through it but it is a lot harder than i thought it would be. do you guys have any tips on tracking exchanges?

oh by the way, isn't this adorable :)

next event, my dad coming! eek we were super speedy in moving my stuff and packing it into the suv, maybe a little tooo speedy since we forgot: my robe, a towel, & my pillows. big bummer.

all my crap as my dad likes to call it

then it was exam time (no big deal, thank goodness) and drive time. and i was HOME! so happy :)

today was orientation for the college of business where i made my schedule for the quarter (classes start january 4th! so soon) my schedule is easy & i managed no tuesday classes.

now my easy schedule is difficult for me. honestly i have always put myself in difficult academic situations, i’ve always taken honors classes and ap in high school. i took honors at indiana. i am in a business foundations course, its cake the advisors told me so. i only have 15 credit hours, sure i that’s what i took both semesters freshman year, but UC is quarters so that amounts to less.

i should be jumping for joy. i just finished a difficult and stressful semester, i deserve some peace and ease. but these things aren’t sinking in.

what i realized today is that even though my semester felt like hell as i was going through it, now looking back since i did it & finished it, i find myself thinking that it couldn’t have been that bad. since i was able to do it, it must have been at least somewhat easy.

what i’m getting at is that i completely ignore the fact that i can do difficult things. i minimize all my difficult past experiences and tell myself they weren’t that bad. i don’t know if this is something that makes me stronger, or something that keeps me running head first into hell.

i digress.

tonight we went to dinner at the club, which was nice, my brother even came, so it was all six of us again. i totally rocked the kid’s menu ;) [grilled tilapia {amazing!!!}, streamed broccoli + special order baked sweet potato = happy me] dinner went well, minus that they first served me my tilapia with butter pasta and a pool of butter in my sweet potato. good thing we were nice and polite and all was resolved. easy peasy.

now it’s about time for me to make a snack so i will leave you with a lovely thought:

“May I be free from hostility, free from affliction, free from distress; may I live happily.” –Metta Meditation

hope everyone is enjoying themselves and embracing the holidays! xoxo

found this in my room :) my mom's the best


17 Responses to “home :)”

  1. YAY FOR BEING HOME!! that sabra container is adorable :) sometimes i totally rock the kids menu too-its the perfect amount with a WAY LESS price!

  2. congrats on finishing- you are so strong & should be proud of yourself for pushing yourself & getting through challenges. also, looove baked sweet taters yummm! & i had the same hummus thing today. exchanges are difficult, im on a plan like that too. i haven’t followed it as closely as i should and i’m hoping my outpatient program will help so ill let uknow what i learn!


  3. Hmm… Are the exchanges just a net amount that you are supposed to have in a day? I feel like if that’s the case it might be easier if you designate a certain amount per meal, like (totally off the top of my head) X grains/ X proteins/ X fats at breakfast and so on.
    Maybe the semester WAS as bad as it had felt at the time, and you’re just a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for… Just a thought ;) And yay for being home! Your mom’s card is uber cute.


  4. Congrats on finally being home! (See.. you totally survived hell-week!) Doesn’t it feel incredible to be off during the holidays?

    I think it’s wonderful that you are going to have easier classes and a more manageable timetable; don’t for a minute think that you are letting yourself down in any way. Try to enjoy the quarter as much as possible – this will also give you time to work on recovering and properly healing your body.

    Your mom sounds like an absolute cutie – love the sign :P My mom always leaves me little notes and stuff to which always makes my day.


  5. Emily :)
    Adore you , you know?
    Your comments mean much much to others – more than YOU know.
    Try again to live in the moment. Think not about the journey you have been trudging and the journey ahead. Just take one step at a time. One hour at a time. One obstacle or worry at a time.
    I wonder sometimes if my life will ever grow into something better (again, my situation is not really same as yours or many others, but threads still intertwine some connections).
    Have a nice day. Soak in a bubble bath, as you beautifully suggested to me before.
    I love the snow falling in your background also – don’t know how you did that , but sweet :)

  6. YAY!! Have a great vacation you soo deserve it! <3
    Glad you had a good appointment, for a while I wrote everything down, but then I switched to a tally system, had a section for each exchange group =]
    Give your self credit hun, you worked your butt off this semester, and tried to focus on emotional things as well! Your a very talented dedictated girl! I have every ounce of faith that you will get your health BACK! <3
    Learn from your difficutlies, be proud you overcame them, and move on! Enjoy your break, and the sweet much earned relaxation! <3 <3

  7. I did exchanges for a few months. Its not too hard once you get the hang of it. A lot of crackers and cereal have the exchanges right on them! Did she give you the gram measurements for fat/carb/protein servings?! if so.. its pretty easy, but you do have to read the nutrition label which I HATE!

  8. YAY! You made it back home!!! :) I just finished up with my little first graders yesterday and now so pumped for 2 weeks off!!!!!!! :) Love what your mom put in your room!!

  9. I’m so, so, SO proud of you! Congrats– you deserve all the celebrations in the world :)

    ANd thanks again for your continued support.. Oh, and I would LOVE a personal video hehe!!

    Perhaps you’ll get one too! Gah, enjoy home, talk to you soon
    bec xo

  10. congrats on being done(zoooooo) haahaha!!!!

    that sabra container is adorable–and stay positive girl! you’ve got a difficult semester behind you and i’m sure you KILLED it!! give yourself some credit!! xoxo

  11. I know a lot of people use to track their carbs/protein/fat and calories to make sure they are getting adequate nutrients.

    Happy weekend,


  12. yay for being home! that sign your mum left is so adorable! and so is that container – i love cute packaging like that :)
    im glad dinner wtih your family went well last night. i know eating out can be difficult, but sounds like you handled it well :) and keep perservering with the meal plan… they definitely take some getting used to. but it will be worth it in the end!

    lots of love <3

    hannah xo

  13. Happy homecomingg!! Eating out can be really intimidating, it still is for me too sometimes, but glad you tackled it. No other way to get it done!

    Love you.

  14. Home sweet home. :)

    I agree with Empty Nut. Live in the moment. And it sounds like you are stronger than you think. Be proud of yourself for accomplishing a difficult semester. Give yourself some credit.

  15. I’ve never really had a meal plan, but I say, don’t STICK to it. What I mean is, don’t get too obsessed over the rigidity of it, but allow yourself a little leeway. The only thing you should care about is whether you are UNDER the requirements. Make sure you are over, but it doesn’t matter how much over. :-)

    Glad you’re back home! And see, you SURVIVED! I think I kinda do that too, I think back and think that it couldn’t have been that bad…well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing…while you’re in “hell”. you can remind yourself that you’re not gonna think it’s that “bad” later on! ;-)

  16. Hi Emily!
    So recently I have had a few Emily’s stop by my blog and I Can’t figure out if you’re one of them or not :) Anyway thanks if you are, and if you arent, I hope you enjoy your time home and have a great winter break!
    Good luck with the T4 stuff. Ive had friends with hypothy and it’s so tricky to figure that all out.

  17. isnt being home for christmas so comforting!!?
    LOVE that tiny little hummus :) SO cute!! xoxox

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