its beginning to look a lot like christmas

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good morning lovelies! it’s christmas week! my mom is baking brownies, we’re watching regis and kelly minus regis, and my sister is hopping around the house doing cheerleading, pretty much because she is incapable of being still. ah to be home :)

another thing about being home–christmas tree!

our christmas tree :) hm for some reason it looks crooked...

now i just have to get my butt in gear and finish my shopping and wrapping. maybe today ;) any suggestions on what i could get my brother, he is 16…

&& today is my dad’s birthday so we have to figure out a birthday dinner since he can’t decide.

as for my meal plan i’ve been okay at following it, i’ve had trouble adding the luna bar i’m supposed to…but my youngest sister has been wonderful in making sure i fill in all my circles (i made pie charts to color in for each food group) she always remembers to ask each night, which i really love.

but yesterday had a big success:

um that would be chocolate milk & yes i totally lived

so delicious. i was really happy with this, because i realized i wanted it and immediately began thinking of things i could have instead to avoid it (a chocolate covered raisin, yeah just one, ridiculous) i then realized my ridiculousness because i can damn well have chocolate milk if i want it. so that is just what i did. guys it was wonderful. i encourage everyone to have something you want today, no matter what it is! because you can and you deserve it :)

other than that i have been hitting up the grocery store mucho, don’t worry i am going to put together some of my best purchases to show y’all cause they pretty much rock. quick question: i want to get some trader joe muffins for christmas breakfast, what kind are the best??

ah the other day i got my nails done with my oldest of friends, which was really nice, except it kind of made me realize how much things have changed. we are both different, which isn’t to say that’s bad, its just different. it’s actually really hard for me. in reality things have been different ever since we left for school way back in ’08. to me its like she’s moved on and gone forward and i haven’t and i need her more than she needs me. which is true, i now just have to work to move on and forward for myself.

as for my plans for the week: cleaning my room. sounds totally normal right? well my brother and i actually switched rooms (i was in the basement now i’m upstairs) so i have to go through all my things and transport them into my new room. i really want to keep my room as simple and “grown up” as possible, so i’m thinking i am going to have to throw out a lot, ahh!

well now that i’ve rambled on and on i shall let you go :) hope you are enjoying your time at home, or where ever you are ;)

“Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment; Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strength” — Lao Tzu

remember the strength within yourself, because we are all stronger than we believe, i believe we are all on the journey to enlightenment.


15 Responses to “its beginning to look a lot like christmas”

  1. Beautiful tree Emily :).
    Yay for you. Chocolate milk is good ! Don’t overthink ;)
    I love chocolate almond milk.
    The stuff you said about your friend and stuff…yeah, stuff like that hits me a lot too.
    Keep up your spirit.
    Thinkin’ of ya :)

  2. Hmmm.. a 16 year old boy would probably enjoy DVDS. Movies, TV series, both of my brothers (13 & 21) love getting DVDs. and I mean LOVE.

    Since I just moved this Summer, revisiting with my friends is pretty difficult. My old best friend, who was a guy, and I used to be INSANELY close… now when we hang out, it’s awkward. We have both changed immensely… but it’s for the better.

    Have a GREAT Monday, Emily.
    Chin up, love.

  3. Yay for chocolate milk and yay for a live Emily afterwards! Quite the tasty triumph.
    Trader Joe’s fiber muffins are really good. They come in either cranberry or blueberry. But I don’t know if they’re the type of muffins you are thinking of because they’re very.. fiberous. Hence the name lol. And for your brother I agree that DVDs are a good choice. He’d probably like anything with Angelina Jolie in it ;)


  4. YAY for Christmas vacay!! :) I’ve had the blueberry and the cranberry bran muffins from TJ’s, but honestly they’re extremely “bran-y” and very, very healthy tasting, if ya know what I mean. If it were me, since it’s Christmas morning, I’d steer clear of those bran muffins and try something a little more fun.

  5. Hello! Verry pretty tree!! Cant wait to see what you bought at the grocery store! GOOD FOR YOU having what YOU wanted, and ENJOYING it!!! So happy for ya girl!! Seems like you have a supportive sis which is so important =] AHH good luck reorganizing everything and cleaning out!!!
    Id sugest video game or something along those lines. And for muffins I have only ever had the Bran ones from TJs and I thought they were pretty good!! <3 <3 A change in friendship is hard, and take adjusting from both ends, sorry she has moved on more quickly, but also remember you are going through a lot so it could be that this is just a phase where you rely on her more simply because she does not have extra burdens at the moment? Enjoy your time with your family I still have TWO days of school left GAHH =P

  6. There’s no place like home! :)

    I’m so happy to hear about your sucesses with your meal plan. I bet that chocolate milk tasted good – and truthfully that’s all that should matter!

    I love your Christmas tree!


  7. If you have a WF next to you…get THEIR muffins. TJ muffins don’t measure up to a good WF corn muffin! Mmm….

    I’m sorry about your friend…but I know what you mean about friends moving to their own ways. But I’m glad you’ve realized that you need to move on to your own path, too, instead of trying to hold on. Maybe your friend is dealing with her own issues. But not to worry…You’re a fun, spunky girl, and I know many more friends are awaiting you!

  8. beautiful tree! & i’m really proud of you for drinking the chocolate milk.. i looove chocolate milk. that is tough with your friend :( i know you’ll deal with it hte right way and find tons of happiness/new friendships in cincy!


  9. Yay just found your blog and sooo glad I did! Great eats :)


  10. oh if only i had a TJ near me then i would SO help you out! your christmas tree is beautiful. i LOVE chocolate milk!! im so sorry about your friend love-that has happened to me before and somtimes you just gota trust theres a bigger plan

  11. wooop sounds like you are well and truly in the christmassy spirit – love it!
    so proud of you for challenging yourself to the choc milk. well worth it, right? ;)

    sorry to hear about things with your friend. i guess this is always going to happen to us at some points in our life, but some things are out of our control and we just have to accept them and try to embrace them.

    keep smiling beautiful girl! and good luck with the room change :)

    xo hannahbanana

  12. This was an AMAZING post! I love the positivity and the festive spirit ;) I am so happy to hear that your house is full of holiday cheer – there is nothing better than that to help you relax! Your tree looks absolutely gorgeous as well ;)

    I’m really sorry to hear about you and your friend – I have been through a similar situation and I know how hard it can be. Remember that even though her support and strength would help, you are still certainly not alone.

    Props on the chocolate milk – I’m really glad you were able to enjoy what you truly wanted. You are so very strong for standing up to ED, especially during this holiday season where it can be quite stressful!

    You’ve encouraged me to try to enjoy something tonight as well :) The Marzipan my mom bought has been staring at me lately!


  13. yayy for it being the week before the big holiday :) your tree looks great!

  14. The week before Christmas is always a fun one… I still need to get my shopping done too! And your tree is really pretty.

    Also, great job challenging yourself with the chocolate milk! You wanted it and you went for it, and that’s amazing.

  15. It can be hard when you realize that you and your friends are changing and moving away from one another. But it is a (difficult) part of life that most people go through. I’ve been dealing with this one too, in the past year, and I don’t have much advice… other than it is totally normal!

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