christmas time

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before we get down to any type of business i have to take a moment to attempt to express my gratitude. every single one of your comments served to help to lift my spirits. you are the most wonderful people on the planet, i have no idea where i would be without you. i want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

merry christmas my dears, i hope everyone had the most wonderful day. mine was not too shabby, hah it was lovely.

i spent yesterday evening at my grandma’s which was a lot of fun, almost everyone was there and almost everyone was joyful. i was worried that i wouldn’t be able to make conversation and just sit there listening to everyone…but i really surprised myself. now i must be sure to attribute about 75% of my outgoing nature of the evening to the mini bottle of wine i consumed (what can i say my aunt brought them and i just haddd to be the guinea pig :) it was quite delicious). note to self: sometimes it is much easier to relate to people when you relax and have a glass of wine.

isn't this great? gift card/lottery card holder :) i think i might have won $2 from the scratch off but i'm not for sure on that...ha

dinner went pretty well, i followed my meal plan for grabbing food groups which made things much easier. and the whole evening i only got one comment, my uncle pointing at me going “she’s skinny” i just rolled my eyes, easy enough.

fast forward to today. we got up at 8am, which by the way was the latest we have ever gotten up to open presents (as my sister is 10 years old and she usually gets everyone up by 6). presents were lovely :)

not so skuzzy uggs! yayyy now my feet shall be warm again

my sister was worried about my feet as well, hence the cozy socks. i love socks

way to go brother! like i need another excuse to go to whole foods ;)

then we hung out, had breakfast, drank coffee, got our acts together and made our way over to my aunts. by the way i got myself trader joe blueberry bran muffins the other day for christmas breakfast and i got them out this morning and guess what i found. MOLD. boo. i also wanted a sweet potato with dinner and guess what i found. MOLD. boo again. but no worries i was flexible and dealt with it. but as you can see i have not let it go. what a moldy day.

as for my aunts house, eh. i hate to not enjoy it so much, but its just awkward and forced. my gramps and his wife were sick which was miserable, and we stayed for way to long. but whatever that’s christmas.

all in all i enjoyed the day, especially some yoga on my new mat :)

ahh its sooo nice, totally sticky! & grey aka my favorite color (which totally peeves out my mom)

now we are just sitting up in my parents room laughing at all the SNL christmas highlights, some are pretty darn funny! all the justin timberlake songs get me everytime (my heart forever and always belongs to nsync)

it looks like tomorrow we are waking up early and setting out to shop, you know just for the experience, well and to try to get me some new muffins.

hope everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed it with those you love! and thank you all again, i can’t begin to thank you all enough. you all are the most beautiful of beings xoxo

ps — be on the lookout for a 2009 post, a lot went down this year & i have a goal of sorting it out somehow…


24 Responses to “christmas time”

  1. Merry, Merry Christmas Emily. Glad you enjoyed your day, truly… despite the mold :)
    You are an incredible gal, and I hope that by this time next year we are even closer. 2010 holds many good things for you.

  2. I love the Uggs!! And what a cool looking yoga mat!! :) Merry Christmas!!!!!! :)

  3. I havent seen those Uggs before, they are super cute!

    Also I think you will really enjoy the title of my most recent blog :-)

  4. Sounds like you had a great day and didn’t let ED spoil all your fun. Way to be flexible, mold and all! I’m not surprised that you’re so flexible though, considering you have such a kickass yoga mat… ;) I know it may sound nerdy but I’m actually really psyched to read your 2009 post. I think you’re awesome and can’t wait to learn more about you and what’s been happening in the life of Emily for the past year… Yeah, I’m def. a dork!


  5. i have those uggs!! i love them, they are different than typical uggs :) and im sorry about your uncles comment- i hate hwne people say those kind iof things bc hearing i’m skinny is triggering bc Ed likes hearing how skinny i am!! but it sounds like u did amazingly at your christmas dinner :) yay for some liquid courage. look forward to your 2009 post..that is a great idea!


  6. Merry Christmas sweatpea!

    … LOVE the uggs :)

    It sounds like you did a fantastic job letting yourself enjoy Christmas! I’m sorry you had to deal with your uncle’s comment, but the important thing is that you didn’t let it get to you! The more you are able to relax, the less control ED has over your life. The strength you put forth each day brings you closer and closer to freedom and health. Keep it up!


    Looking forward to the New Years post… I have some goals I need to sort out as well :o

  7. OK, I HATE uggs. But those? Just TOO cute! I’m obsessed. I think I’ll look them up online :p

    I’m so proud of you, for rolling your eyes at your uncle’s comment and moving on. TAKE THAT, ED. You are such a rock star, I hope you’re able to smile when thinking back on this holiday.

    Embrace and enjoy the day, darling <3

    p.s. I'm so mad that video didnt work! Ima try again :)

  8. Oh, and I LOVE the yoga mat. I need to get a new, chic one like yours hehe

  9. Love you Emily…
    great beautiful gifts…the socks are wonderful.
    hang in there…load up on muffins and potatoes and treats, and well…food …all today…do not overthink right? :)
    You are totally like me…I roll my eyes
    I keep debating the merits of gaining a “conversational’ relationship with my folks…I have a lot of resentment …and its weird, cause its almost warranted…if people knew some of the stuff that been thru , etc…but but at the same time…hanging on to grudges seems so not good…
    i am glad that you are trying to embrace the holiday! must be great with a little one around…have a sweet sweet day…be bright

  10. i looooove that yoga mat! and i’m so glad to see that you had a nice christmas. holidays can be so hard sometimes, but we made it through this one! yay :) thanks for the wonderful comment yesterday. i think that’s the best part about blogs: people can really help one another in such a simple way.

  11. Glad to hear you had a happy Christmas! I love those uggs and that yoga mat :)

    good luck shopping!!




  13. What a great gifts! Hope shopping went well!

  14. Ohhhh I want that yoga mat! Gray is my favorite color as well… I’m glad to hear you had a good Christmas. You deserve it, love :)

  15. Love the Uggs! I am quite jealous of your gifts. :)

    Glad you are feeling better today. Enjoy your Sunday!

  16. a glass (or 3) of vino certainly makes any situation easier ;)

    looove the uggs and yoga mat! your toes are certainly going to be snuggly warm this winter :) and im v jealous of the wholefoods gift card.

    i hate the comments some people feel the need to say. but it sounds like you handled it pretty well, so be proud of yourself!

    lots of love <3
    hannah xo

  17. giftcard to whole foods…BEST GIFT EVER!! love it! love you emily boo!!

  18. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  19. Your bro gave you a WF gift card? What a sweetie! A SMART sweetie!

  20. There’s nothing better than a new pair of Uggs! Especially for Christmas:) I’m sorry to hear you had some struggles over the holiday, but it also sounds like you had some great times!! Sadly, I also found mold on my sweet potato on xmas eve…I was really looking forward to it and the mold killed it!:(

    I hope that you have an amazing new year’s! Can’t wait to read your 2009 post!:) Oh, and I have that same yoga mat (but in purple)….LOVE it!

  21. Looks like such a great xmas!! Love the yoga mat! teehee as sorry as i am for you bout the mold sitch it made me chuckle….hope that doesnt happen ever again though! =P
    Lookin forward to the 2009 post1 <3 <3

  22. That looks like a nice Christmas. I got a yoga mat too! And that cracks me up that your mom is peeved over your favorite color being gray. Haha. :)

  23. aww that christmas tree is too cute :D
    oh my gosh I just love UGGS!! best for cold weather
    happy holidays!

  24. comeee back!!!!

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