i baked!

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mini blog hiatus…lo siento, i’ve been doing strange things, & trying to figure out the whole 2009 thing, let me tell you its a doozy. buttt—-

i know i know christmas is over, but i finally got up the nerve to bake :) Kristina from Stonyfield was wonderful to send me some Oikos coupons so i could try cooking with it, which is exactly what i did this afternoon!

so, here’s the deal all break i have been wanting to bake, but talking myself out of it because they things i want to bake my family always finds them strange. in the past i have baked delicious things but they go to waste, i get to scared to eat them and my family is too picky. so i’ve been avoiding baking all break. but today i decided enough was enough, i like to bake, so i’m going to bake, thank you very much.

the chosen recipe: smitten kitchen’s whole wheat apple muffins

[ps–her pictures are 10 million times better than mine, so check ’em out]

so i wrangled all the ingredients (which obviously meant going to the grocery store)

can you say jackpot?!

**cannot wait to try cinnamon raisin swirl, but i must wait until my white chocolate wonderful is gone…just one tablespoon away!

all the ingredients, yea sorry, it's not pretty

then i slaved over the mixer, chopped apples, measured yogurt, created a fun new snack :)

baking snack-age. apple peel yogurt scoops. genius.

pre-oven, they were super sticky but i managed to distribute the batter

and after a short 15 minutes they were finished!

right out of the oven, lumpy bliss :)

so there you have it. i baked.

but wait, there’s more! i ate. because bakers need to make sure they’ve created something delicious. and you know what, t’was fantastic if i do say so myself. what was your favorite baking experience this season??

now, i’m sure you’ve been wondering what in the world has been going on with me, okay maybe not, but whatever i’m telling you anyway.

i’ve been doing some stuff, went out to dinner with high school friends last night, seen a few movies (nine & blind side, both amazing, oh & the squeakwal), declined beer pong with my oldest friends at some random guys house, picked creamy tomato soup over the house salad at panera, yoga-ing, running errands, etc. all that plus eating too. have i been following my meal plan? not exactly. have i gained some weight? yes. am i terrified? yes.

so tomorrow is new years eve and i don’t have plans. i could call my two oldest friends and join whatever they’re doing, but at the moment i’m waiting for them to call me. i need to decide if i truly want to spend my new years with them, sure we pretty much always have, but these are the same people that i need to move on from. i can just spend new years with my family and start the year fresh, but i could be potentially holding myself back from a good time with friends. choices i don’t want to make.

oh and i think i’m moving into my new apartment saturday. 3 new roommates. ah.

& don’t worry the 2009 post is still coming. just have to figure out how to set it up.

love love beautifuls

oh doesn't everyone have a giant bowl of bars on their dresser? no? just me? oh well

yum coconut bliss giveaway!


15 Responses to “i baked!”

  1. those muffins sound really yummy, and they look it too :) I’m so glad you chose to enjoy them, rather than staring a hole through them WANTING to try them.

    It’s refreshing to hear you have a great time with friends, keeping busy, and enjoying life. You are amazing, ounce of weight is going to change that!


    can’t wait for that ’09 post :)

  2. You make me want to bake?

  3. Awwr girl I’m so glad you baked AND enjoyed. I was planning on doing some baking today as well, but got caught up in other things so I had to postpone it to tomorrow. I love to bake though… the smell alone is wonderful, and the treats make it so much better ;)

    Keep enjoying life, hun. Don’t let a silly ED hold you back from living and making next year the best one yet.

  4. So proud of you girl! You baked and enjoyed it, and have been pretty successful with your MP!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! So much to be proud of!! =D
    As for plans tomorrow, really try to focus on what YOU want and not what ED tells you, its hard but i bet youll be able to take a step back and decide for yourself! Whatever you do ENJOY!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Those muffins look fantastic!! Happy Almost New Years!! :)

  6. ahh those muffins look so good! DONT even think about your meal plan or your body changing-you are still the same beautiful emily..and doing whats best for you!!
    have fun NYE!! go do something fun!!

  7. those muffins look really good!

    have a happy new year! i don’t have anything planned either…but i like to just chill on nye anyhow!

  8. hey!
    i love your blog :) you sound like a really fun chick and i’m excited to be following!

  9. Yay for baking! Your creations look delish. I can’t even remember the last time I baked something. It’s probably for the best though, seeing as every time I have attempted to some sort of disaster has ensued… Smoke alarms going on, band aids, spilled batter, etc. Klutziness is my forte. ;)
    Whatever you end up doing on New Years, I hope you have a fabulous time!


  10. delicious muffins! sorry about the new years situation.. i really hpe you figure out something to do that will make u happy because you deserve it.


  11. You baked! And you rewarded yourself for your efforts!
    Emily, I am so proud of you, so happy for you, and I admire you so much.
    You’ve been taking little steps, and those little steps are taking you places, girl. A little can go a long way, as the saying goes. Being terrified is, unfortunately, part of recovery. But without fears, we wouldn’t have anything to overcome and be proud of.

    This New Year’s Eve, do what you feel comfortable with. If the thought of going out with friends is a bit too much, don’t push yourself. If you can have a great time at home with your family, go for it! You will know the right choice when it comes time. Don’t stress over it, because really… Why feel like you’re missing out tomorrow night, when any night has the potential to be fun-filled and awesome!?
    Take care, and trust your instincts.

    Eleanor. xo

  12. So many similarities my dear… where to start? :)

    First, CONGRATS on baking.. ! It looks like your muffins turned out fabulously. I have the same problem with baking around here… it never gets eaten by me or my family because I always used to make substitutions in order to ‘healthify’ my creations :/ This year, however, I made full fat FUDGE and my family adored it! (… sadly I didn’t have the nerve to indulge).

    Second, I have the same New Years dilemma – I could spend it with my sister and cousins and embrace normal social activities, or I could go to a low-key dinner and a movie with the family. I am choosing my family… is this ED making me take the safe choice? Maybe.. but I think family is just as important to me right now. Try to take ED out of the equation and ask yourself what you would rather do. I know it’s so much easier to ignore the fact that choices need to be made.

    Thirdly, it sounds like you are making great strides in your recovery – congratulations on gaining HEALTH my dear, for the numbers mean absolutely nothing. You are so strong and beautiful… keep up the amazing work! There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to being happy =)

    Sorry for the NOVEL of a comment… it’s been awhile since you’ve posted so give me a break ;)
    love love LOVE you

  13. Luv you Emily,
    you don’t understand how it touches me so so much when you comment on my blog — especially since it can be a mess…sometimes way way too personal….and sometimes boring book reviews, etc :) oh well
    Love your blog and you girl!
    Great baking skills! The ingredients look wonderful. I love your honesty, try to continue to conquer the fear, I know you can. You are incredibly strong.
    I know decisions are so difficult –I am the most indecisive person ever. Try to follow your head and heart, not overthink it :)
    Always thinkin’ of ya :)

  14. Your muffins look really good…so glad you made them. Do whatever makes you happy tonight, not what you think you should do!

  15. I’ve been MIA aussie!!

    I think you should enjoy New Years with your friends– be spontaneous for a night (thats what im trying to do, eek!!)

    wishing you a very happy safe and healthy new year, lovely lady!

    rebecca <3

    and i havent forgotten about your video!

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