fresh new year

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thank you so much for your most wonderful thoughts on my 2009 post. i tend to be a big dweller, but 2010 is about moving forward and growing from the past, so no dwelling.

okay so a quick recap of my new years eve: had to change my outfit 4 times (the dress kept changing from casual to dressy and then back), hopped in the the car and found out we were going to clifton which is where my new apartment is so quickly ran back inside to get my keys so i could talk everyone out of staying in the sketchy house. and boy did the party start awkwardly/boringly and then resulted in a typical house party, i was extremely out of the loop for a majority of the night but i just decided not to care. at least i didn’t have to suck on gross beer, since i came well equipped with mini wines {yeah everyone thought i was classy, ha}
then it was like 1:30 and there was no way i was staying at this house (by the way, how people managed to survive in this house is beyond me) so i began talking my friends in to heading to my apartment. luckily everyone agreed, but then we had to find our drivers purse which took forever! but we found it and headed out, and quickly realized we left two girls behind, one vomiting, ugh. [most vomit-y party i have ever been to by the way. yuck] but whatever we made it back to my apartment.
then at like 3 the fire alarm when off. i should probably let you know that it was ice cube weather, i was a little concerned i was going to end up with frostbite, i was in tights! well eventually we could go back in and we all passed out.

moral of the story: i went out. it was pretty ridiculous by my standards. i was uncomfortable. i feel kind of stuck up about it. these kind of things happen in real life.

yeah when i got home i was angry, i was tired, i was hungry. so i ate, parked my behind, and went to be early. so things are better.

now onto today, today we (me, my dad, my brother, my sister, & my other sister) moved some of my stuff into my apartment. wish i could say it was a fun loving experience where everyone joked and got along, but not the case, i had attitude. i was a bit stress and stress = attitude most of the time. working on it.

i think i'm just going to work hard at being nice to people ;)

so that must mean tomorrow’s the big day, i’m moving into my apartment for real, hopefully meeting my roommates, & really being a bearcat. i kind of wish i wasn’t so damn scared. i tried to do some yoga tonight, but i was totally not present, i was pretty pissed about it, but one day off won’t kill me, it will just make tomorrow’s practice that much better.

time to muster up some bravery...

ps — i totally loved reading everyone’s take on new years :)

now i will warn y’all blogging may take a back seat for a little bit, you know so i can get adjusted and such. not to say i won’t be reading, i am most definitely reading (you guys keep me sane!) but i may not be commenting/posting (who am i kidding i’ve been super sporadic over break as it is)  as much. i shall try my best! i love all of you :)

I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then. — Lewis Carroll


12 Responses to “fresh new year”

  1. Aww sweetie I totally know the feeling of awkward-ness in social surroundings. Sometimes I just don’t understand the appeal of house parties. I feel much more mature than all of the barfing, intoxicated people around me… Is this ED? Or are we truly not interested in these actions?

    Regardless, I am SO happy to hear that up rose to the occasion and went out :D You survived!

    Don’t worry so much about having attitude with your family – I am sure they understand how scary it is to move out, and they love you no matter what! You are going to have such a great time in your new apartment, with your new roommates. Allow yourself to be open and receptive to these brand new surroundings and you will be surprised at how much fun you have :)


    Ps… here’s me reminding you that you are strong, beautiful and courageous. ED doesn’t stand a chance ;)

  2. I love that Lewis Carroll quote.
    Emily – take one minute at a time – and I know you can face any challenges. Try not to think too far ahead or it will get too overwhelming.
    Relish in the experience, the opportunity!
    You can do it! And I know, my attitude stinks a lot too…but I am slowly turning it around…have a sweet day.

  3. I always had trouble with house parties as well… I never really understood the appeal. I would go and try to have a good time, but was just never really into them…

    Stress and hunger bring out my worst qualities as well… I think that means I have to avoid those two states as best I can :)

  4. You should proud that you went and out and did something on NYE. Living in the moment is all that matters – and it sounds like you definitely did that :)

    I hope your new living situation turns out for the best. You deserve it! Just try to relax and enjoy yourself.

    have a good day!

  5. Glad you went out and celebrated on NYE!! :)

    Good luck with your new apartment!! Hope the transition goes well!! :)

  6. Ughh, I know how uncomfortable it can be in certain social situations. Especially house parties… they can just be so awkward. But the fact that you went anyway and sucked it up shows how strong and brave you are.

    Good luck with the move into your new apartment. Take each day at a time and try to stay calm about it all :)

    Lots of love <3

  7. Glad you went out for New Years! I feel ya, I go out to parties because of the social aspect but really theres no point and i have no desire to go.
    Sorry your moods been bleh…try to take a step back and relax (can you say YOGA!? ;) ) You’ve got a lot goin for ya girl!
    Love the Alice and Wonderland quote!!! And I shall miss you blogging daily but will check back regularly! =) good luck moving tomorrow! <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. you should definitely take a break w/ blogign gso you can fully enjoy yourself at oyur new school!!!! good luck hun :-D i am so glad you went out for new years even if you idnt enjoy it 100%… it is great that you tried!

    ill be thinking of you!


  9. Happy New Year! I love your optimism – and here’s to a BETTER year, even if the new year didn’t start off as dandy as it could’ve – its a new beginning, which is something to smile about :)

    MUCH love!

  10. girl you are going to freaking rock 2010!! i cant wait to hear about your semester!!

  11. I definitely sometimes hate those social events, too. I hate partying, and I hate loud noises. You don’t need to force yourself to join parties, but social events are necessary. It’s just about finding people you belong with. :-)

    Best of luck for the new semester!! I’m sure you’re gonna rock it…check in for time to time to bitch, will ya? ;-) Love you!

  12. I’m the same way with house parties. I really wanted to like them but always felt a uncomfortable and out of place like I didn’t belong. While I’m sorry that you didn’t have a great time, I’m so incredibly proud of you for actually GOING and giving it a shot. Way to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone!
    I’m wishing you good good luck in this new semester. I’ll miss your posts but hope you’ll be out having fun instead!


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