and so it begins

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so it happened, it’s real, i’m a bearcat. ah! aside from the fact that it is 16 degrees outside, things are going pretty well. my apartment is relatively huge, my roommates are nice {and they eat, i had a mini irrational fear that they wouldn’t}, & i figured out how to turn the heat on today [would have helped to know last night when i was a popsicle in bed]. oh i did leave this morning without my key card, cause i thought i already lost it, but then i found it on my desk when i got back. silly me.

i had two classes today–financial accounting and business foundations [can’t believe i have to take this] and one of my guy friends from high school is in both of them! score. i now have someone to sit with & walk me home :) plus i even have time to do yoga!! happy!

&& my dad came to visit me before he went to the basketball game with my grandpa. i soo love being closer to home. 20 minutes baby!! good thing because i left like a ba-jillion things at home (remote control, dvds, spatula, baking sheet, the list goes on)

on the food front, eh i’m doing okay. yes i’m eating, more at a maintenance level than a gaining level, i’m doing a lot of measuring, i calorie count once a day [just to keep track], and i have rationalized myself out of getting food with a friend. not the hugest deals in the world, but not really steps forward in recovery. i’ve rationalized that i’m just getting myself into place here, i don’t want to try too much too fast. its kind of a cop out, i need to realize that if i want to have fun i need to suck it up and kick Ed out. i feel like a pansy admitting this, i’ve just let Ed become such of a comfort. i just feel content with it. even though i overcooked my oats this morning, wahhh– i think it’s time to start thinking about taking another step…

however i am snacking on some of these beautiful babies :)

so delicious :)

**miss sam (merrittothecarrot) is having the most delicious of giveaways :)

**update:: if you ever need/want to email me i’m now using a different one–

i love my fellow bloggers so much :) because you guys want me to tell you what makes me happy. major thanks to miss amanda [.seek.], emily [secret doors], and rachael [ruby converse and curls] tagged me in this fabulous award!!

all that i need to do is tell you 10 things that make me happy, try to do at least one of them today, and pick 10 bloggers who make me happy to pass this along to :)

  1. yoga–i feel like i could write for days on yoga, it is responsible for grounding me to this earth, i really have no idea where i would be without it.
  2. my family–i know, i know corny. but they never fail to listen to me, respect me, and love me. but they’re also there to call my out on my ridiculousness.
  3. oats–even though i’m trying not to have them every day for breakfast, they always make me happy.
  4. coffee & tea–always comforting, you can frown while sipping a wonderful warm drink.
  5. chatting–sure i’m not always up for being engaging and entertaining, but its really nice just talking to people.
  6. friends dvds–i love the show and the fact that the episodes never change, and still every time i watch them i laugh.
  7. cooking–i love creating new things in the kitchen, some may find my creations quite odd, but i think they’re delicious.
  8. walking–to class, around the neighborhood, in the park. i like that i walk places.
  9. being pleasantly surprised–i tend to expect the worst of everything but hope for the unrealistic best, which often leaves me disappointed. so its really nice when things surprise me.
  10. blogging–you girls are amazing. every comment, each of your posts, touch me. thank you for being :)

i would love to pass this award to — rebecca (from here to there in purple), sophia (burp and slurp), eleanor (pieces of her), kailey (peanut butter bliss), devan (watermelon tequila), sam (merrittothecarrot), lexi (starlight diner), tat (tatianna lives), katie (faith food & fitness), shelley (finding happiness and health)

sorry for the snooze of a post, just adjusting… & totally picture-less, boo, i shall change that! the camera comes out tomorrow :)


“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

oh, when did i forget how much i adore allen ginsberg?


15 Responses to “and so it begins”

  1. im so glad you are doing pretty well at cincy- i have no doubt you will thrive :) glad your roommates eat- that helps!! i know u will do well, just try to focus on gaining and think of it as gaining health :)

    thanks so much for the tag, hun!! love yaa and your 10 things- friends really is amazing!!


  2. Just stumbled on your blog.
    It’s so easy to rationalize the decisions we make that we maybe shouldn’t have made. I’ve been trying this new thing, and it is to NOT rationalize. Sometimes we make mistakes, or make careless decisions… No sense in rationalizing it, because that keeps us even further from the present moment. I try to accept that what is done is done, and focus on making a different choice next time. :)

    Stay present, and Stay positive. Good luck.

  3. First and foremost, that quote is amazing. Next up, yay for you adjusting well so far! And yay for realizing that it’s time to take that next step. The longer you wait the harder it will most likely be, but I understand feeling like you need time to adjust too.
    I have no idea what a bearcat is (Is it a catlike bear? Or a bearlike cat? Reminds me of ligers from “Napoleon Dynamite!), but if you are one then it must be awesome. ;)


  4. Thanks for the tag babe! Loved reading about what makes you happy. Congrats on officially being a Bearcat! My brother goes to UC and he absolutely loves it. I have no doubt that you will have a great time :)

    Stay strong, take this step forward positively!

  5. Yay! Once again.. we learned that things aren’t as bad as we assume they will be ;) I am so happy to hear that you are settling in to your new home nicely. I think it is wonderful that you are making new friends, but you also have some old ones that you can fall back on!

    Don’t worry too much about the eats.. when everything calms down, you will be able to focus more on recovery. The importance lies in the fact that you realize you need to try harder in the coming months.

    I hope your classes continue to go well :)


    ps.. thanks so much for the award :*

  6. It’s good to hear that you’re doing well settling in to school life, hun :) I know it can be overwhelming to think about recovery and deal with a new school year and situation, so don’t beat yourself up over it too much. It’s good that you’re keeping it at maintenance at least, and when things calm down a bit, you can push ahead once more.

    Almost all of the things on your happy list make me happy too! Oats, coffee, yoga, family, cooking, and blogging?! What would life be without those simple pleasures :)

  7. This is a wonderful post. I love love your list. All of it – love it. I admire your yoga abilities. I am very unmotivated with it, and only do a 20 minutes boring tape every now and then. Oh well!
    I am glad you are so far so good with things. I really really am thinking about what you said to about “kicking it out”….sometimes I think all this”slow and steady” stuff is a cop-out, and that big steps ought be taken and just done — like how is a person really living if they keep rationalizing things? staying comfortable?
    Have a great day Emily. Thinkin of ya always :)

  8. I’m so proud of you for how well your adjusting Emily! Sounds like you are doing a brilliant job of settling in to your new lifestyle (which is very inspiring to me as I’m going to be moving very soon!) and its so cool that you have your family nearby :)

    Loved reading about what makes you happy!

    Lots of love
    Hannah xo

  9. you are so sweet of passing on that award girl, thank you!! you are AWESOME.
    great JOB with adjusting to your maintenance level!! i know its tough at first..and hard to stop counting..but keep being strong love
    yay for being 20 min away from home!! thats SO NICE!

  10. its hard to adjust, but im SO stoked to hear that you are doing this so well! you are so rad, dear emily! LOVE YOU
    and thank you tons for the award..!!

  11. This is all so exciting! I’m glad your first classes in your new school and the apartment thing went well :)

    Ed is going to fight for his every last chance now that you are in “unfamiliar” situations and places. Kick him to curb whenever you feel uncomfortable and find another way to deal with things — like yoga!


    Keep making strides!

  12. just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! love that allen ginsberg quote, thanks for sharing it! and i’ve shared that mini irrational fear that roommates/other people wouldn’t eat too, lol

  13. YAHOO! Emily, I’m super glad you are settling in…and haha, I’m glad your roommate eats. Nothing is worse than roommates who eats nothing all day to infuriate you!

    Thanks so much for the award, my dear! I’m honored!

  14. Great blog girl!! I love your #1 and # 6 — love dvds of reruns – friends, everybody loves raymond, seinfeld…haha – i’m a tv freak :). Cheers – oh and I’m doing a giveaway on my blog if your interested – add me to your Roll – I write about yoga…wish I could do more …:(

  15. I am so glad you are doing well at school. Business and accounting classes were my favorite. The only thing I can do really well is math!

    I love #4…sometimes all you need is a really good cup of tea or coffee to make everything better! I only recently learned that myself.

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