weekend wrap-up

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happy sunday lovies. hope everyone had lovely weekends :) by the way it is 3 degrees right now.

what did i do? mini recap–well friday after class i got a ride home, went to the grocery store by myself (which i haven’t done in ages and i ended up being there for an hour and a half, gahh), didn’t measure my hummus or cream cheese, realized i’m orange again {my mom thinks i should lay off the carrots}!, fell asleep on the couch watching gran torinio. saturday my dad brought me back down to school, cause my friend was having a little party so i could meet some of her friends. now its sunday morning and i’m trying to figure out what i want to do with my day.

more on yesterday–>i treadmilled yesterday, probably the first time since july or august. there’s like a mini fitness center for my apartment complex so i thought i would check it out, cause i didn’t really want to walk all the way to the campus rec center. so how did it go? first off i felt like i was in a hotel, ha it’s tiny. i tried to read my accounting, but i bounce a lot while i walk so i just kind of skimmed. & yes i walked, i ran a little bit (like a total of 2 1/2 minutes). honestly i don’t know how i feel about it, i don’t exactly have the best relationship with exercise…i know its necessary, but i also feel like i can never do enough. i always find myself disappointed in my efforts. but i do have an urge to check out the campus rec center today…what to do what to do…
how do you handle exercise?

i also grabbed dinner with my friend last night, we went to potbelly’s, which was a first time for me. what’s great is that it wasn’t the end of the world. i got a sandwich and veggie soup and it was good :)

on the the little party–i had a good time! a first right?? it was nice cause there were only like 6 of us and we were just hanging out…& my friend loves wine so i didn’t have to refuse beer once, ha i even played some wine pong :) it was so nice that it was low key, and even though i was pretty much just meeting these people i felt fine about it. get this one of the girls actually goes to the culinary institute in new york! so cool!

that’s about all that’s going on over here, nothing too big of a deal. i do have some food finds :)

heart thrives!! they sell them in our quick marts :) i'm in love

oh and friday when i was at the grocery store for a million hours i grabbed something totally uncharacteristic. & i can’t wait to try it!

real candy! i had to get it, i never see the dark chocolate ones anywhere; totally an impulse buy only $0.50

to be honest i’m a bit weary about the reece’s, but there is no way i’m throwing it a way. i will take the step forward.

my plans for the day:

  • some laundry
  • textbook reading & homework
  • call and try to get a job
  • shower

exciting stuff right?? by the way i changed my email again. i know, i know –> :)

ps–the gorgeous katie is having a chobani giveaway!!

“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.” — Langston Hughes

i think this quote has a lot to do with recovery. we all know it’s possible and that we can all do it, we just have to really want it. we can’t pretend we want it, we can’t half want it, we have to really want it.


21 Responses to “weekend wrap-up”

  1. Emily,
    It really seems to me like you are settling in 100% better than you ever thought you would! I am so happy to see that you are being socially active, still spending time with your family, AND working on the eats :)
    (Although I wouldn’t mine seeing a snapshot of a meal here and there ;) …)

    As for the exercise… I completely stopped running. Sometimes I want to do it so badly, but I just can’t at the moment. I have decided to let my body heal before I attempt anything.

    As long as you can keep up with your eating, and you are enjoying the exercise for the right reasons, I don’t see a problem. Just make sure you are getting enough nutrients (and then some!) to keep you healthy.


    ps.. congrats on the cream cheese and hummus ! Measuring cups are for suckers :P … I guess I better go hide mine x_x

  2. langston hughes is awesome! love that jazz kind of poetry :). i think it’s great that you branched out there with your food choices! mmm any kind of pb chocolate combo = winner. it’s so great that you opted not to measure your hummus and cream cheese, i am still working on not measuring stuff but it is so liberating to dole out a portion without having to wash the cup afterward haha.

  3. OH MY GOSH I’M ORANGE TOO! I didn’t realize how bad it was until my mom pointed it out to me yesterday. I’m on a carrot hiatus for a little while lol.

  4. I didn’t know you could actually start turning orange from eating a lot of carrots!!

    Those heart thrive cookies look awesome! I want to try them!!

  5. i am so proud of you for buyin those reeses- they sound delicious!! and that is so funny about the orange thing- i feel like im going to turn orange soon too. & you are so lucky your school sells heart thrives at the quickmart. sounds like you are lovin cincy, i’m so happy for you darling!


  6. Treadmills are BOOOORING – find an exercise that you enjoy girl :)

    I love Reeses – def. a childhood favorite, I will be consuming one asap thanks to you, I am inspired…is it possible to be inspired to eat candy?! Oh well, it is now ;)

    Love ya!

  7. dark chocolate reeses?!?! ummm THOSE SOUND AMAZING!
    ahh i think you should just take the stress off of exercise..once you accept WHY you are exercising, you should feel better about it. you are NOT exercising to lose weight or anything, but to feel healthy and for your body..dont link exercise and food..(Except eat more when you exercise, obviously) but dont compare your exercise to anybody else either! its YOUR body, and everybody is different!

  8. Hi lovely lady,
    Sounds like you have had an eventful weekend. First, nice new layout for your bloggie :)
    Next, Reesess! Yay – yum girl! And dark chocolate? I have only ever had the milk or white chocolate…they used to have a version out with the peanut butter on the outside and the chocolate on the inside!
    Thrive – I see them on blogs – but not around me. Glad you like them though, they look interesting!
    Exercise! Well, congrats on your achievement. My exercise is nothing…basically just one short walk a day (in the freezing cold! and some stretching…i have this one 20-minute yoga tape that is so easy and boring…but not much choice). I lONG to do more, but nada…i encourage u to be smart whatever u do…not sure what your past is related to it…but be smart :)

  9. The way I handle exercise is make it a “social event” instead. I ALWAYS try to do it with friends. I also have fun with it, turn it into a game (I wonder how long I can stand on one foot, for example…) I had to take a 2 week sabbatical from working out because I started to have that “I NEED to do this” attitude… and that’s no fun… now I’m back because I have that “I WANT to do this” attitude… so you have to find a way to make it fun so that you will want to do it!


  10. Ahhh Emily I’m so glad you had a good time with your friends. Low key events like that are so much more fun right? And my fellow wine lover, please tell me what wine-pong is?! I’m so intreged!
    And I’m super proud of you for choosing the Reece’s candy. Make sure you enjoy every bite of it and don’t let ED have any say in the matter :)

    Lots you lots you crazy orange girl (I am definitely getting a bit of a tinge too… I just loves me some carrots!)
    xo HannahBanana

  11. way to go with the reese’s – please enjoy them!

    About exercise..I just try not to push myself too hard. I’m scared of doing anything too radical that will set me back.

    So glad you had fun at the party. It’s nice to be around people you are comfortable with.

    hope you had a good day!

  12. you can do anything, girlie! i’m glad to see things are going well. how do i feel about exercise? well, i used to be the same way–thinking my efforts were never enough. once i found yoga though, the treadmill thing went out the window. i realized that i didn’t have to burn 300 cals by running a day to stay healthy. yoga has been my savior in so many ways: it makes me feel as though i really am adequate, like i’m enough…ya know? it’s given me a lot of confidence. anyways, i hope you have a great week!!

  13. OMG, I have had the dark chocolate Reese’s and they are delicious! Hope you enjoy them:) Great job buying them!!

  14. Congrats on a successful restaurant outing and having fun socializing too… So many accomplishments in just seven days!
    I’m glad there’s a fellow orange person out there. I know I should lay off the carrots but they’re just so addictive. Every time I try to quit it’s just a matter of days before I come crawling back to their carrot-y goodness. ;)


  15. Honey child, you are preaching to the choir regarding your newly acquired ‘tan’… My beta carotene addiction is taking its tole!!! Thus, sacrifices must be made :(

    I did a little happy dance when I saw the heart thrive. I love them! My happy dance took on even more intensity when I saw the REAL candy. YOU GO GIRL! A tip of the had to ya ;)

  16. I find it so hard to excerise and be a full time student. At times I go for 2 weeks to the gym daily and others there has been almost 4 month gaps…I try to reason out that I walk on campus and that counts for something…right? lol Yeah, I should do more…

  17. I’m not doing any kind of cardio exercise at the moment, as my body needs to heal first. I don’t have a good track record with exercise, however… usually I start out doing just a little bit and I unconsciously keep adding more and more ’till I get to an unhealthy point… I think I just need to avoid it for the time being :)

    Great job buying the “real” candy! I need to push myself towards that kind of stuff more, as well…

  18. So glad things are going well for you! Congrats on taking such good steps to your recovery.

    I exercise every single day because I have a desk job so otherwise I’d feel way too lazy. Yoga, running, or sometimes just a walk. 1-2X a day. Makes me feel much more focused with work!

  19. hey! ahh i havent gotten to comment on your blog in a while bc i have been having blogging difficulties (curse technology! ahh) reeses are so delicious- thats so awesome you went for them! i might just turn orange from eating carrots as well…love them too much! ahh exercise- i love yoga, dancing, soccer- things that are really fun and easy! i dont do anything strenuous though bc im a like a little babyyy :) have an amazing night <3


  20. If you hung out with me, you wouldn’t be so orange, since I’m pretty orange myself from too much kabocha. Hee. I wonder how long it takes to wear off? Not that I’m even considering laying off the kabocha.

    I run everyday, but eat to make up for it.

  21. Hey Emily!! Sorry I havent been comenting, but im getting all caught up on reading now =] Snaps for trying real candy! hehe let us know what you think!! And I saw heart thrives once and regret not grabbing it b/c I never found them again…grr.
    EE So glad you enjoyed yourself, had a relaxing evening and met some new people! Thats wonderful girl! Something I learned is that yes exersize it should be about enhancing your life not an added stress, for me i mix up what I do some days I run, some I walk, other days (like today!) I bike, and throw in some yoga and pilates then I eat accordingly given the amount. If cardio just isnt your thing maybe your rec center offers yoga classes?? Good luck girl! <3 <3

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