realizing yoga

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thanks for the warm welcome back my beautiful bloggies. & ps (as i’m sure you all know) miss maggie is having the most fabulous of giveaways :) i’m hoping to recreate one of her breakfasts on saturday!

today was quite the useless day. however i did get a few things done:

  • bought the replacement ID
  • got my bearcat cash put back on it
  • hopefully got insurance figured out
  • tried the ashtanga class

&& that’s about it. more on the ashtanga yoga class–it was meh. i was as impressed with the teacher as i was on tuesday, i don’t know maybe i’m just a yoga snob. i’m thinking next thursday i’m trying out “yoga tricks” ha that should be interesting fun! maybe on wednesday i’ll check out “yoga chill

but you know what this class did get me thinking; i was getting down on myself for it not being that good of a practice (oh yeah i definitely had to pee the whole time–not a good time), but i continued to think and i realized that i do yoga. i could even venture to call myself a little yogini. hello i practice nearly everyday. yoga is a part of my life. and with that i realized not every practice has to be the ‘best’, i need to welcome more mentally challenging practices rather than physically challenging. so i am going to focus on truly setting intentions for my time on the mat, the first of which—to release judgement & hostility. its going to take a lot of practice, but most important things do.

now, i know you are all dying to find out what weekend may have in store for me ;)
tomorrow (friday)–no plans at the moment, eek.
saturday–lunch with a sorority [yep i’m thinking about informal rush…ah], maybe drinking hanging out with some friends
sunday–hopefully going to whole foods with my grandma (as in i haven’t called her yet to ask) **side note on whole foods, i went this weekend & could hardly handle it, i had so many coupons, i just didn’t know what to do with myself. that being said i organized my coupons & made a list last night. ha

so yes i have some plans, nothing is definite. that’s what scares me. everything could fall through. but i have to remember that college kids really don’t plan all that much. most tend to fly by the seat of their pants, and they like it that way.

oh and i have a therapist now. wow. yep, my next appointment is tuesday. you best believe you’ll be hearing about it.

now i think i’m off to bed. i’m probably going to sing “rain, rain go away, come again another day…”

innocence. sometimes i think i'm still this little girl & that i will never grow up.

“It is never too late to have a happy childhood”—Tom Robbins


16 Responses to “realizing yoga”

  1. such a cutie!! great quote. i hope your gma takes you to WF this weekend, yay! coupons can be so overwhelming when you’re juggling your cart and flipping through all the things you clipped out…but you can score some great deals!

  2. cute cute cute picture! I agree, not every practice is the absolute best. ashtanga is really hard the first time, but gets easier when you get to know the flow. .

    bearcat cash!? do you go to uc? are you in ohio!? can we please do a meet up if this is true!?!?

  3. I love looking at baby/childhood pictures. Adorable!
    A sorority huh? Get ready for drama mama but you also find some really solid friends. No regrets. Have a good weekend!

  4. So happy you are seeing a therapist Emily. The pics are wonderful :)
    Wow….jealous of your yoga.
    Honestly? I only do this EASY 20-minute tape 3 x a week. WOULD LOVE to do so much more…but no money for classes, dvds, etc…and yoga download has free classes but its hard to see it on my laptop screen, etc….its a let-down :(
    I hope u have a terrific weekend girl!

  5. hey emily! OMG such a cute picture! I love digging up old pics from the past :)

    you are so right about the fact that not all practices have to be the ‘best’ it is all about your personal best. Some days will be better than others in all aspects adn as long as you give it your all, then it is your best!

    where did you get all yoru whole foods coupons?!?! I want some!

  6. I don’t think I’ll ever truly grow out of my inner child either :) I like her tho; she’s a sweetheart.

    Not everything has to be perfect, and I think that’s one of the hardest mental challenges to overcome…. especially if you tend to veer towards perfectionism. I hope you have an awesome weekend, girlie. Be spontaneous!


  7. aww what an adorable picture!! Good for you sticking around this weekend! Hope whatever your plans are you enjoy them!! And YAY you officially have a therapist hope its productive and cant wait to hear how it goes!! much love <3 <3

  8. good for you for thinking about rushing! that would be a great social thing for you :) have a great weekend


  9. what a great weekend girl! good luck rushing! its so fun..exhausting but worth it!!
    i need to do more yoga too :)

  10. What a cutie pie picture!! :) Have a great weekend!!

  11. Emily you were the cutest little girl ever. Still are* !

    I love what you wrote about your yoga practice…hey, tomorrow is National Yoga Day, did you know? Anyway, I agree– When a class/practice isn’t “amazing” or “super intense” physically, it’s easy to get disappointed or annoyed. But you know what? It’s better than nothing. And its mentally challenging, like you said.

    I hope all of your weekend plans work out–I know what you mean about worrying that they’ll fall through. Love ya!!! <3

  12. Best of luck rushing! I’m glad you’re brave enough to go socializing. And boy, you were one adorable cutie-pie, Emily!

  13. Hope your therapy session went well <3 and that you and your grammy get to go to Whole Foods ;) Best wishes & much love!

  14. Good luck with rushing! That would definitely be a good way to put yourself out there and be more social…. ;)
    You were one cute little youngin’! That little Emily is always inside you, remember her when you need a little motivation to take care of yourself.


  15. EMILYYYY! hey so happy your back :P good luck rushing! it should be amazing, looks like you are going to have a super social fun weekend. yoga is the best, can never have enough of it for sure! have a great weekend girlie xoxox soph

  16. on you are so cute!

    I think it’s great that you are thinking about a sorority ;)


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