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happy saturday loves. i’m determined to make today a happy saturday :)

well let me start by showing you what i received in the mail yesterday. the most beautiful devan sent me a glorious package!!

thank you so so much devan, al things i have never ever tried before!!

chocolate shall return to my life :)

MIGHTY MAPLE! oh my gawwd. devan i cannot thank you enough!

you best believe i put these to good use with breakfast this morning :) my tummy is so happy right now!

no better way to try a new pb & i used a honey stick. YUM!

oh my goodness mighty maple did not disappoint, you guys were not kidding. & devan you’re right, my life has change. there is no doubt if i ever see a jar i am buying with no hesitation. devan you’re amazing :)

so my morning has begun swimmingly. how was my last night?
well, last night:: i went to chipotle with some friends (vegetarian bowl with some rice!! & guac, success), saw zombie land [which i surprisingly didn’t hate], back to the apartments, had a bit to drank + diet coke (who is this girl?!), visited another friend, called my best friend at 2am & chatted for an hour, fell asleep. i don’t know about you, but it seems to be a pretty successful night to me.

sure there were a few snaffoos, like when everyone was finished eating at chipotle and since i eat like a turtle i still had more than half my bowl left, but since everyone was finished i stopped. which meant i was hurting with hunger by the time the movie was over. which definitely caused a bit of a panic…i remedied it though by running back to my apartment and getting some cereal & an apple.

tonight has the potential of being just like last night, which unfortunately is causing me a bit of panic…i don’t really like to drink two nights in a row. not that i ever really drink a lot, & it’s probably an Ed thing, cause i really have nothing against drinking, i like it (minus beer) & i usually end up having a good time. now i know i could just hang out and not drink, but tonight is a bigger deal than last night so i would feel awkward not drinking. dilemma…how do you guys deal with the drink-ity drink stuff??

&& i would like to remind you all that today is NATIONAL YOGA DAY! check out what miss amy has to say about it :)

i’m wearing this gem in honor for sure–>

love this shirt

now it’s just a matter of getting dressed. ha

major love!

may i be free from hostility, free from affliction, free from distress. may i live happily.


15 Responses to “happy day”

  1. i just tell my friends that i don’t drink. PERIOD. i hung out at a party and they were all drinking and smoking pot, and they didn’t care that i did neither. hah. =D it’s not really that awkward, it could be, but i just refuse to care and stick to my guns!

  2. I am glad you have finally been enlightened by the divinity that is mighty maple. Seriously, your life will be forever changed.

    It’s safe to get out of your comfort zone every now and then, but to a certain extent. If you don’t feel comfortable drinking again, then don’t. Do what’s right for YOU. Love you!

  3. Rofl! Oh my God… I NEED that shirt. Love it!

    Girl, it’s so great to hear that you had a good time out with your friends! Try not to worry about tonight. If you want to have a drink, don’t let ED get in your way… push him to the curb and enjoy life. If you really don’t want to drink… just let people know. I’ve been in a bunch of situations where I told people I’m just not in the mood for drinking, and it’s not really that bad… they don’t tend to make a big deal out of it.

    Hope you have a great Saturday! <3

  4. haha that shirt is awesome! and devan is a total sweethear, what a great package! i don’t drink at all anymore (not for ED reasons) but i can totally relate to how you feel about drinking. i hope you have fun tonight wahtever you decide, but also remember you DON’T have to drink to have fun, it won’t be as awkward as you think! trust me, i’m always the only sober one and i can have just as good of a time as everyone else :)

  5. Love ya gal. You had a great night: and that dish sounds awesome…something I would love – yay for rice and guac ! Your oats are great — great with pb and maple syrup and stuff. Devan is a sweet gal to send u that stuff. I don,t think there is anything wrong with drinking at all…try not to think too hard about it and take it as it comes if it concerns u for some reason…just relax and enjoy what u feel in the moment. Have a great saturday Emily and yes you need more chocolate :) .

  6. Happy National Yoga Day!! I love, love, love that shirt!! :) I waaaaaaannnnnnnt one!! :)

  7. What a sweet package from Devan! I love that girl..

    about the drinking stuff – I never really drink but if i do it’s only like 1 or 2. I feel awkward not drinking, but all of my close friends understand why I don’t – so i just try to have a good time anyway

  8. i think going out with friends and drinking is fun! if you dont want to do it, don’t. but if you want to do it and ed is telling you not to- then do it for sure :) and that package is awesome!!


  9. That shirt is amazing! If I saw someone wearing it I’d go up and hug them immediately. ;)
    As for drinking, I think in the moment just ask yourself why it is that you don’t want to. Because you just aren’t feeling it or is ED rearing his ugly head? Depending on the answer maybe you’ll have a better sense of what to do. Hope you have a great night!


  10. Whoot! Look who’s having fun, going out, and SOCIALIZING! Congrats girl.. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself at school :)

    Personally, I don’t drink. I went through a pretty hardcore party phase, but I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Now, I realize that I really don’t like being drunk.. lol. Anyway, I don’t think it would be very good for my body in my current condition.
    For you though, if you truly want to do it, kick ED in the teeth and go for it! You deserve to have fun, and celebrate life!


    Ps… cutest shirt ever!

  11. Happy Yoga Day Emilyyyy :D I love that shirt….so cute!

    I think your friday night sounds successful! But, I definitely understand about drinking…I don’t drink and you know what? I used to care…or worry..about what people would think. Especially going to a massive party school, people actually DO make a semi-big deal if you don’t have a freaking red cup in your hand. “WHY AREN’T YOU wAsTeDdD?!” Well, whatever…I don’t care. And yes, it’s totally because of my ED but I don’t care. <<< sorry if this was long and had no relevance ;P

    LOVE you little yogini. i hope tonight works in your favor, whatever you end up doing <3

  12. sorry about the stressful situation girl! about not drinking-i dont drink and am 100% okay with it. you do what EMILY wants to do..will you wake up the next morning happy that you didnt drink? chances are..yes! be secure with what you want to do love!! be confident! you are so awesome!!
    LOVE mighty maple!! yesss!

  13. yay yay yay!
    I AM SO glad you go the package :D
    And i knoww. that mighty maple is pure pure joy.

    I feel the SAME WAY about drinking. I am sure its an ed thing… and I wont drink two days in a row. plus I HATE how I feel the next day. I usually have one to three drinks if I go out( i am a cheapo anyways)

    lovvee you

  14. that shirt is amazing! where did you get it???

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