screwing my head on straight

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you bloggies = the best. i say we just leave it at that.

sorry for being so dramatic loves, just had to get it out. i’m feeling better, i did have a nice yoga session & shower on sunday, along with a trip to whole foods with my grandma. & the structure of classes has been treating me pretty nicely.

today i had two tests, which i’m pretty sure went well, so i am currently doing a whole lot of nothing. i probably should be studying for my other test tomorrow,but i think that’s going to have to wait until after yoga & dinner. priorities. in my fit of nothing-ness i decided to stroll down to clifton natural foods. it sounded sketch to my mom. i disagree :)
i’m really glad i checked it out cause it has lots of bulk bins with grains & such so i don’t have to get such giant things all the time and i can cook at my leisure. & i got 2 pink lady apples. i’m excited :) oh & i got something new tooo–>

for the low low price of $2.99; i rationalized that i needed it cause they are more expensive at whole foods. ha

i haven’t tried it yet, but i called my mom to tell her about it (okay just realized how weird that is & i must apologize for my nail polish in recent pictures, my mom asked if i’d ever heard of nail polish remover) and she asked if i just seek out the strangest things there are…and i think she may be right, but that’s the fun right?? actually at the moment i’m currently snacking on kefir, pistachios, & raisins. pretty delicious if you ask me.

oh and today i met with my new therapist. first things first, she said “gotcha” a lot, which really irked me (so does the word irk). other than that she seemed nice, quiet. it was a lot of introductions and stuff cause she’s not the same woman i had my initial interview with. she gave me a card for a nutritionist i’m supposed to call as well. && thinking about it, i am going to try to stop calorie counting on my own right now. i have an exchange meal plan, so i think i’m going to go back to working with this & see how i feel.

all and all the past 2 days have been about getting my bearings together after this weekend & not going to lie, i already have plans to go home friday. i really cannot thank you guys enough for the endless support.

“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.” — Langston Hughes

what do you guys think? can you really get what you want by truly wanting it? do people get stuck because they don’t actually want to move on? is it enough to just want something?


15 Responses to “screwing my head on straight”

  1. So glad you are feeling better darling. Hopefully future therapist appts will go better.

    I believe that if you truly, deeply want something, you will get it. Positive thinking goes a LONG way, if you haven’t read the secret, then that is what that book is all about.


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, love. Some time to relax is always a good way to lighten the mood. I hope the exchange system works for you… I’m currently trying to move away from calorie counting too as I find it kind of problematic with moving forward =\

    Is it enough just to want something? Hmmm… I’m not sure it’s enough, but it’s definitely a big part of it. I do believe that people can’t move on because they don’t completely want to; they are always holding on to something. But I’m not sure that just wanting something is enough… there are too many other factors in play.

  3. Hey love,
    I’m proud of you for wanting to stop calorie counting on your own. I hope your therapist works well with you. It’s always too early to tell in the first session. Give her some time. I think that quote is true actually. If you want something enough, you can get it. If you put your heart into it, it will be yours.
    Hope you have an excellent night and wednesday.
    Sending positive vibes and lots of love,

  4. I think we see “moving on” as a certain thing….I have always seen it as being an athlete again, as having a great job, living in a great location, getting married, travelling, writing novels….and for me none of this exists…and likely never will…i have to understand that Moving On and Contentment arise from within…just to be and live in the moment…and not worry about moving on….just deal with the moment….
    i heard of synergy…looks good…eat up girl….
    i guess u are at a healthy weight? keep working at it girl…dont back down cause u will slip fast
    happy nite…i do nothing as some american idol or something useless like me :)

  5. hey love!! i def see moving on as leaving the past in the past and looking towards a BRIGHT future!!
    ive never had synergy! ive seen it everywhere but never tried it!
    GIRL good luck with your meal plan-VERY proud of you for trying something different and loving your motivation, keep it up and let me know how it goes!

  6. Hey girl!
    Sorry I’ve been awol – story of my life I was in China and I realized the blog just wasn’t working so back to being a happy reader!
    Good to hear that you are movin and groovin on looking at options and taking action in your life!
    The kefir snack sounds good – and the synergy, well let’s just leave it at i am not the biggest fan ;D but to each their own! Kudos to you for wanting to do the meal plan thing on your own, but remember it’s okay to reach out and ask for a hand too sometimes! I was initially resistant to seeing my nooch (it’s what I call my nutritionist!) back in the day when I was trying to put on weight after being sick because I thought I knew everything she was telling me, but sometimes it’s good to have someone who really does know their stuff, whether for pointers or confirmation!
    Hope classes aren’t too stressful and the new school is working out!


  7. ok so first of all, yayy i love synergy!! so glad classes are going well and everything and that you are able to do you ryoga and all that. i would totally go to that store too if i was in your boat :) no shame! haha. love kefir ! and i think that is a great idea bout your meal plan- i do mine based on exchanges and it prevents me from calorie counting a lot (not always, but a lot). good luckkk !


  8. Baby Emz :D We’ve already chatted twice today, but bravo on everything. I hope you had a good yoga session tonight. Good luck on your next exam, also!

    I think WANTing is extremely extremely important. I actually think about the act of wanting something…and the act of being able to do something in relation to one another. If you WANT to do something, than you can. If you don’t want to, than you can’t (its like a road-block). Okay, does that make sense? For example: You want to stop cal counting. So, therefor, you at least have the option of being able to. Now, if you didn’t want to stop, than, nope…you won’t be able to! Because you dont want to. Am i making anyyyy sense? lol. okay im done.

    anyway i love you !

  9. oh and about your therapist sayig “gotcha”…

    i’d be annoyed (eh, ‘irked’? lol) also. i know exactly what you mean.

  10. hey! congratulations on changing to an exchange plan. my nutritionist is thinking thats the next step for me, im kinda of nervous about not calorie counting but im ready for the change. it’s beem so long! you’ll have to keep me updated with how you’re doing :)


  11. ahahaha “gotcha.” maybe she was nervous to be “trying out” for a new client and she repeated that phrase too often? i dont know, but if she’s not a good fit then don’t feel bad about moving on to a different therapist, you deserve to click with whoever you work with! that drink looks so pretty, love the lighting!

  12. Glad to hear you are back on the positivity train :) You are taking so many steps forward! I am so glad to hear you met with a new therapist… and the fact that you are going to see a nutritionist is a big step as well. My therapist does little things too that annoy me too: She kind of sniffles a lot.. hehe.
    As for counting calories? DON’T! Giving them up will be like removing a giant boulder from your shoulders. I have trouble not calculating them in my head, but when I focus on the exchanges things go so much more smoothly!

    I think that you can’t really get anywhere unless you WANT something.. desire is the most powerful motivator. Doing something for the wrong reasons (i.e. trying to get better because you should, or feel you have to) doesn’t always work.


  13. you CAN do it sweetie. I know you can.
    love u xo

  14. hey emily! loving the synergy oh my gosh. best stuff in the world. i think its so great that you want to give up calorie counting- i on and off intuitively eat and its a really amazing experience and im sure you would love it (: i believe in you a hundred and one percent! have a great wednesday xoxo soph ♥

  15. Hey girl! Good luck on quitting the counting. For me, that was the hardest part. I know it may sound silly, but every time I would start adding things up in my head, I would sing a song. Usually a church, one but any song that makes you feel better (and loved) would be excellent. Gosh, I am needing to jump ON that synergy bandwagon! xoxo

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