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good afternoon all :) hope you had a wonderful weekend. mine hasn’t been too shabby.

i made my way home friday, stopped at trader joe’s & i’m thinking the best purchase was the nuts about raspberries and chocolate trail mix. its the absolute best.

i’m a little bummed to say that my mom and i didn’t end up painting my room, there just hasn’t really been the time, not that we’ve really done much of anything. eh we’ll paint it later.

yesterday i had my first experience with steel cut oats & egg white oats. i almost did it right. of course i followed miss amanda’s recipe down to the pink lady (well minus the raisins…since i had none).

the final product! it was delicious.

my only issue was that i was impatient with the egg whites…next time i will let them soak into the oats more so they don’t cook themselves white.

&& i faced one of my nemesis—pizza. oh yes i did.

amy's individual light in sodium spinach pizza. all for me...

much better experience than the last time. it was delicious. who cares that it wasn’t a big old greasy slice, to be honest i know i enjoyed this more than i have ever enjoyed typical pizza from a pizza place.

proof i enjoyed it. ha wow :)

and you know what i still had a night time snack after, just because i had pizza doesn’t mean Ed should talk me into restricting.

as for today i don’t have too much planned, getting my butt back to school & hopefully some grocery shopping cause it’s a fact of life.

happy sunday loves!!

ps miss snackface is having a fabby giveaway for snackface’s birthday!!


32 Responses to “la weekend”

  1. I love Amy’s spinach pizza so much!! Even back before I starting eating healthy and worrying about calories, I used to always choose this pizza over the others b/c it is so tasty!!

  2. Ive never tried steel cut oats! That should be next on my “to-do” list.

  3. Ooh those oats look fantastic!

    Proud of you for the pizza :) :) looks damn good.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. great job on the pizza!! looks good. i still have a fear of pizza i dont make myself but the amy’s sounds good and might be my next step:) your inspiring!

  5. Amanda has the most wonderful bowl of oats. Gorgeous.
    I am proud of you for approaching a fear. Of course you can eat pizza – you can eat twice that :) And of course you should still eat regualarly before and after. You should never “skip” things or “save” just to save up for “stuff” later on. Hope you are having a good day Emily. This blog layout really is nice.

  6. i love those amy’s pizzas, the roasted veggie and margherita ones are so good! glad you enjoyed :). have you tried the pb&a trail mix from TJ’s? it tastes like a pb&j sandwich!! i’m loving the look of your blog as of late, very cool!

  7. yayy..big step!! those amys pizas look ilke they would be deliciouss and that trail mix sounds awesome!


  8. so very proud of you miss emily :)

  9. Amy’s pizza = DAMN good, you = GORGEOUS :) Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend and STAY TOASTY WARM!

    Love always,
    Meg :D

  10. hey girly :)
    those oats look so good, amanda’s apple oats so yummi i must try egg whites in my oats soon, great idea ;) and yay for pizza, you are too cute in that picture, and agreed Amy’s pizza i think is better than normal pizza!
    i love your blog by the way. :)


  11. Steel cut oats! Woo! Thanks for the shout out, love! I hope you enjoyed your oats; they look wonderful :)

    And I’m so proud of you for facing the pizza! I’ve been debating picking up Ms. Amy’s pizza for a while now, so I think I’ll finally do that :) Hope you’re having a great Sunday! <3

  12. That pizza looks gooood ;)

    So proud em, love you <3

    good for you for pizza! pizza is soooo good with soda!! heheh shh!

  14. hey emily! yum those oats look amazing(: amandas method- you cant go wrong. and im SO proud of you on the pizza! amy’s spinach is SO GOOD. i want that pizza now (; xoxo soph

  15. I hate to reiterate what everyone else has said but GO you for the pizza and for tackling the ed!!! Awesome girl!

    And Amy’s pizzas do rock. Amy’s products rock in general though so you know..

    And I cannot master the egg whites in oatmeal. I always end up with little cooked bits of egg whites all throughout my oats which is realllly not appetizing at all lol

    so proud of you <3

  17. “cause it’s a fact of life”…. haha, yes, must admit, grocery shopping is. love your way with words, em.

    sorry you didn’t get to paint your room, but im happy you got to go home + stop at TJ’s. i have the trail mix in my pantry…never tried it though!

    <3 you.

  18. Miss Emily!?

    Did I seriously read that correctly!? You ate pizza!? CONGRATULATIONS! Hehe.. I know what an intense fear food that is for you :) I believe I remember a past post where you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You are getting so much stronger.. I can ‘read’ it in your voice ;)

    Also.. the oats look fabulous. I, too, owe Amanda my first born for her amazing recipe :) haha..

    Keep it up girl!
    xox Tat

  19. Could I be more proud of the pizza thing…..doubtful!!!! You are amazing!!

  20. im gonna go on a limb and say amy’s is a frozen pizza or is it someone named amy made you a pizza? hahah sorry i dont know ANYTHING about frozen food. i was going to say thats so sweet of amy theni got to thinking amy might be a company…oh now im all confused!

    im painting my room in my new house too! im doing a mon boring “familiar beige” with florida lee theme!

  21. yay for pizza!

    those oats look and sound like bomb-diggety.


  22. Bummer you didn’t get to paint your room… More time to brainstorm on colors! ;)
    You go for eating that pizza, so incredibly proud of you girl! Congratulations! What a yummy way to give ED a kick in the ass.


  23. Hi! I just found your blog…your eats look so yum!! I’ve been HUNTING for Amy’s Light Sodium foods but haven’t found any :S Definately will be stealing that oat recipe ;)


  24. i LOVE egg white oats! you def need to be patient with them, though

  25. hi emily :)

    i am rediscovering my love for pizza…. isn’t it amazing ?! love itt <3

    looks like a great sunday… hope your monday went well!

  26. your layout looks awesome! pizza is too delicious to EVER avoid, right? :)

  27. I’m so proud of you for having the pizza baybay!!! you already know this, but you’re a rock star! I like Kashi’s no cheese veggie pizza–sooo good!

    p.s. LOVING our video exchanges <3
    love you to pieces
    bec xo

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  29. Yum! I definitely wanna try that Amy’s pizza! Looks glorious! Good for you going for the snack :)

  30. amy sure does know how to make some great food – especially her pizza! you have to try the pesto one :) SO GOOD!

  31. Wow, I almost didn’t recognize this blog. Cool new layout!
    and great job on the pizza, dear! It really is just bread with tomatoes and a bit of cheese. Healthy, and delicious!

  32. I adore Amy’s pizzas! Pizza used to be a fear food for me as well but I think as long as it’s not greasy then it’s not too bad. I like to prepare my own pizza then you can play with the toppings and see what kind of tastes you like. There are endless possibilities :)

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