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are you there blog? it’s me emily. oh my blog loves you are the best there are & i only speak the truths. my apologies if my commenting has been a bit sporadic, i’ve been somewhat busy.

well, i joined a sorority. & maybe its because i’ve been around a huge group of girls, but my emotions are all over the place. one thing is for sure though–i’m terrified. part of me is thinking “what in the world did i just do?”. i’ll be the first to admit that its only been 2 days and i’m being extremely dramatic.

&& i’ve had it with one of my roommates. she is so loud, and she really likes to turn up the tv to an obscene volume, pet peeve. and she asks too many questions, but i have been forcing myself to answer her, just not always as energetically as her. and she chews with her mouth open. what the hell?

all that aside (can you tell i haven’t done yoga yet today??) i’m swimming along. i have therapy tomorrow and i think i’m going to be a freak and make a list of all i want to talk about (sometimes i don’t know what to say and end up mute). i even called the dietitian today and left a message, so hopefully i’ll hear from her tomorrow.

so, i was bored in accounting today (what’s new?) and i decided that even though it was misty and chilly i needed to go to clifton natural foods. synergy needs obviously, read the plan was only to spend $3.

plan didn't work out quite so well. but as you can tell it was not my fault.

1. i didn’t know maranatha made sunflower seed butter.
2. i’ve never had sunflower seed butter.
3. only $3.29
4. i’ve never had guavas. therefore guava goddess.

tested out my new nut butter with some apple slices. YUM! i loved it & the sunflowers on the jar make me smile.

currently i’m watching modern family, then getting a mini yoga fix, then probably going to bed (i was up till 12:30 last, who am i??). you know standard :)

—also devan wanted me to let all her blog loves know that she was admitted yesterday. please keep sweet sweet beautiful devan in your thoughts & send your support & love.


19 Responses to “blog love”

  1. yay for joining a sorority !! which one?? and i hope you can keep up good, positive thoughts and actions :) so glad you are trying your hardest! love hte buys at the natural store :)


  2. i bet you’ll make a lot of friends in your sorority! thanks for the update on devan, i’ve been thinking of her! if you talk to her please tell her i say hi and that i love her! let your freak flag fly and make that list of things to talk about in therapy! it’s your hour, get the most out of it!

  3. emily boo you are so cute! i bet you will love your sorority-and if not, then no worries! I was in one for a week and dropped..and im so glad i did! its whats best for its all trial and error!

  4. Hope you find your sorority fun! Have absolutely NO experience in the world of college, so just gonna wish you luck, girl!

    Can totally relate with the oops-I-overshot-my-budget in the name of MUST-HAVE groceries. Sunflower butter sounds good:)

  5. You know what, I think you should go into this sorority thing positively. It’s going to be a great opportunity to make a lot of new friends, and you’ll have so much fun. Plus, think of the philanthropies! That’s gotta be rewarding.

    Did not know Maranatha made Sunflower Seed Buttah! Looks delicious!

    Have a great day and a great weekend, my love!


  6. Congrats on joining a sorority! I know it seems terrifying.. but part of you must be interested because you did it! Try to shut up that evil voice that is scaring you away, and just enjoy!

    I am really happy to hear that you are so motivated with your dietitian and your therapist. You have truly come so far in a short amount of time… I think switching schools was exactly what you needed :)


  7. emilyyy! i love this post. oh girlll you will love your sorority and even if it doesnt work out, you can always find something else that fits you, it shouldnt be too hard ;) oh sunflower seed butttter! nommm :) have a great day girlie xoxo soph

  8. Hehe sorry to hear about your obnoxious roommate, love… that would drive me crazy as well! And I think it’s great you’re trying things out with that sorority; maybe you’ll end up really liking it and it will be a positive experience :)

    I always end up buying way too much at the store, especially when I planned on only buying one thing. No shame. Sunflower seed butter is definitely worth it though… it’s delicious!


  9. oh…i am so worried for devan —- if u speak with her let her know i am sending her strength….i KNOW what its all like…tell her to be strong ….
    sunflower seed butter in maranatha?…wow…i only have a different brand name…but great stuff!
    yay for being brave and joining the sorority…u are striving forward Emily :)

  10. hey lovie,
    great buys, sunflower butter(love) and such a great deal, wow! :) that stuff is soo good :) ah and love those synergys too!!
    ah Devan :/ yes i have been talking/texting her daily, i am praying for her and sending her lots of love and strength, i am worried but i know she can do this, she is so brave, love her so much…

    lots of love

  11. omg omg, maranatha sunflower seed butter? i need to find this! love maranatha.

    i’ve never liked any roommate i’ve had. i understand completely.

    <3 you em.

  12. ahaha! congrats on joining the sorority.. new experiences, right ;) i’m sure i will be awesome :D

    ugh, i hate people who constantly badger… :p

    enjoy yoga & therapy :) feel free to message me if you ever need to rant. lots of love!

  13. I did a soroity for a year when I was in college and loved it for that year, but past that it just wasnt for me. Its a great way to meet people though and put yourself out there!

    Oh, and wasnt Modern Family hilarious last night?! That had to cheer you up?

  14. thats cool about the sorority maybe you can move in the mouth and get away from your chew-with-the-mouth open roomate!!!

  15. Sororities are fun!! My personal #1 rule for being in a sorority is to be confident in yourself. YOU alone rock… which makes your sorority super lucky to have you!! :)

    I didn’t know maranatha made sunbutter!!!!!! I will have to find it!!

  16. Okay, I’m the first one to scorn at sororities…but CONGRATULATIONS!! I think it is GOOD for you, so that you can socialize, and I hope those girls are healthy-minded individuals who will help draw you out of your own world!

  17. Embrace the change. With a positive outlook, this will be SUCH a good thing for you. It’s all up to whether or not you’ll let it be. You are amazing, Emily!

    Much love <3

  18. sorority sounds like a great idea! good for you, girl :)

    I’ve tried sunflower butter, its amazing. And thank you for sharing the news about Devan..I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


  19. is the raspberry synergy good??


    what sorority did you join?

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