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if you would like to skip story time, i don’t blame you. but i beg of you to ask me a question, yes yes, i cannot resist a trend, also known as formspring.

hello beautiful people. i’m home again. eh, what’s new? at least this time i have 1/2 a bad reason to be home. story time:

last night (thursday night) i was just going about my business sitting in the kitchen (probably reading blogs) watching grey’s anatomy & private practice. a very ideal time for me. a time that i often look forward to throughout the week. i was quite content with the world (especially because my roommate often likes to have people over for thirsty thursday, forcing me to watch my shows on fridays).
unfortunately my bliss was cut short. my roommate came back from where ever she was around 10:30 and quickly asked if i had a lot of homework (stupid question). i said no, but i was going to be going to bed soon (me=grandma & had an early friday morning meeting). she proceeds with oh crap, well would you mind if i had some people over, we’ll be quiet, and we won’t be here long we’re going to the bars. i tell her its fine. & she reminds me to let her know if they get to loud (because i obviously want to be the bitch to say shut up i need to sleep at 11:30).
at this point i clean up the kitchen & get my coffee ready for the morning, wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready for bed hoping no one shows up during the process. i take refuge in my room and pray i’m not forgetting anything. about 20 minutes later i realize i have to pee. damn it, there are at least 12 people over at this point. i stand in my room reminding myself that i live in this apartment too and i can used my bathroom, if they look at me, then they look at me. success.
then i jump (literally) into bed and try with all my might to fall asleep. i think it was the bass that kept me up. because i know i was tried, exhausted even. it could have just been the level of speakers. or maybe it was all the yelling. what ever it was specifically i don’t really care. my roommate and all her people (i hesitate to say friends because i clearly heard her introduce herself to quite a few of them) kept me up last night. emily=not happy about this.

so i understand that i probably come off as a complete bitch at the moment, which would be a good way to describe me. but this is the first time i’ve really cared about my roommates having people over. i’ve always been able to fall asleep relatively easily. i’ve never been woken up at 3am.

this morning i woke up, got dressed in the bathroom (apparently my other roommate’s boyfriend made it home & to her bed) then wiped down the kitchen counters. while my roommate who threw the party was passed out on the couch. i was polite in that i only turned on one light to cut my bagel in half (considered leaving them off, but i didn’t want to cut off a finger). then took my breakfast back to my room and ate it while blog reading. unfortunately not the most pleasant of breakfasts.

so that would be 1/2 of why i am home. the other 1/2 would be that i decided i wanted to come home tonight before any of this went down in the first place.

now before you say i should have said something to her, i was planning on it. but once i got back from class she avoided me. first by pretending she was still asleep, then by disappearing while i went to the bathroom, then by pretending to be asleep again. i’m pretty sure my face screamed pissed off.

so there you have it. a long bitchy story of my night…i’ve found myself telling bits of the tale all day, maybe now i can get over it.

& not to worry i shall return to normally scheduled blogging asap {i did just have a glass of wine}. oh & i really want to jump on the formspring bandwagon. ask me anything at all, i’d really like to answer any/all questions :)

and yes—happy weekend to all!


17 Responses to “bit bitchy”

  1. Wish she could have seen your pissed off face. Sometimes, one look says it all. Sorry about that situation. That’s the classic roommate annoyance right there! But at least…you get to experience the FULL college ride?

  2. i dont think you are bitchy AT ALL. i can see how frustrating that would be. at the same time, it is a friday night and people go out, u know? it is almost unavoidable. that is so obnoxious about the cleaning!! ugh. glad u were able to go pee :) hah. ya em! enjoy home


  3. oh em i am so sorry!! goodness gracious! you deserve to vent! have a good night at home!

  4. what? how do you come off as bitchy? i don’t see it at all! i’ve experienced that same night way too many times, it seems to be a rite of passage for college kids. but you deserve to get a good night’s sleep and to be comfy in your own apartment! it’s YOUR bathroom, such a bummer that you even had to second guess yourself when you had to pee!! i hope she gets the hint that it wasn’t cool to be so loud and inconsiderate last night and that she won’t do it again!

  5. You are NOT the bitch in this sitch, girl. Not at ALL. I am so sorry your room mate kept you up all night, that really sucks. I know it’s hard to confront people about these things (esp. when they avoid you at all costs) but try just saying what you feel. “It was really hard for me to sleep last night, do you think you could keep your parties on friday and saturday nights instead? I had an early meeting on Friday and I really needed sleep.” That’s all you have to say, and if you’re worried about being a bitch, you shouldnt be. this is your place too. you deserve to live peacefully!

    Have a great weekend, I just asked you a ? on formspring and am now following you! :)

    Love love love,

  6. I understand your feelings completely, you definetly deserve to have a good night’s sleep and feel comfortable. I wish she had’ve been able to see your face, and maybe show some consideration!!

    Love xx

  7. Uggh I am sorry you had to deal with that :/ It is just as much your place to live as it is her, and you definitely deserve some peaceful hours to sleep if you wish!
    Don’t apologize for the rant at all.. I would be beside myself if I had to go through that.. sleeping is hard enough for me as it is right now.

    I hope you get a chance to stand up for yourself, because deep down I know you know it will make you feel better :)


  8. I’d be bitch if my roommate did that, too! no worries, girl, if you just tell her in a polite way how you were bothered, you’ll be fine. No one should have to deal with problems like this in their own apartment.


  9. you have every reason to be upset with the way that she treated you!!! i had the same problem w/ a roommate in college, gave her the what for, and it only happened once more, before i let her have it after her slip. :)

    hope your talk goes well!

  10. I don’t think you’re being bitchy at all for feeling that way; it was completely inconsiderate of her to do that… and she probably knew it too considering she was avoiding you afterwards. Poor hun. I can’t imagine living with roommates; it must be the most annoying thing in the world if you get bad ones. Enjoy your quiet night at home, love <3

  11. SO MUCH to say Emily…

    1) First…I am NOT married….you misread my post! The words were an excerpt from Kim from Adventures in Wating….everyone thinks I wrote it! But I did not! I am not married —it wasnt me — it was a LONG quote from Kim :)

    2) YES….i live with roomies…i am 28 and WAY too old for this crap…this morning i was getting breakfast ready and they are stumbling in and out and their stupid cats are crying and crying….one day last week i woke up and went upstairs for breakfast and a strange guy was sleeping on the couch…i always have to bring my food downstairs and its SUCKS….EVERY single day is like this and i know it cannot be helping my “issues”

    hope u feel better Emily :)

  12. aww emily you have every right to feel pissed off at your roommate! i absolutely HATE situations like this & i know exactly how you feel. i hope you can work out a better arrangement for the future ? i’ve been in so many situations where other people have made me feel so uncomfortable for wanting peace & quiet, an early bedtime, routine, etc.

    hope your weekend gets better. sending lots of love! stupid ‘thirsty thursday’ retards lollll ;p


  13. Ugh, Emz, I am so sorry about this ridiculous-ness you are experiencing with the roommates. I’ve been through this before and it’s pure HELL. It’s hard because you know that, if the roles were reversed, you’d want to just have your friends over and chill and be loud, etc. It’s hard because you feel weird, abnormal, different. All I can say is, you can’t change these idiots but you can be upfront with them. Don’t allow yourself to be walked all over or silenced. You don’t have to be bitchy about it. It’s all about howwww you say it.

    Loveeee YOU! <3 And I love your formspring.

  14. emilyyyy :) okay you were NOT being a bitch! you have every right in the world to have done that! good for you for standing up for yourself. its just as much your place as it is hers and im pretty sure you have the right to sleep… everyonce in a while ;) have a great day girlieeee xoxo ps FORMSPRING! addictionn!

  15. i feel so terrible that you have to deal with this situation, because i have been there multiple times before, and it is awful. roommates can be incredible, or they can be the absolute worst. but you should believe what everyone has written here- you are not the bitch in this situation, at all! it’s your apartment too, and you were incredibly considerate. the best thing you can do is talk to her though – i know it’s hard (i’m a totally passive aggressive person haha).

    hope you got a better night’s sleep last night!

  16. if you think THAT is bitchy, you should hear me rant about MY roommate sitch. i understand how hard it is, girlfriend. you can do it!

  17. Lviing with roommates is awful. I have had all types of terrible roommates. I really relate when you talked about how you made sure that you had everything before they came over. There is truly nothing worse having to dodge a group of drunken people to get to your own kitchen or toilet.

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