subtle weekend

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happy sunday all! anyone else super hyped could care less about the super bowl? i’m hoping no one wins :)

thanks so much for weighing in on my roommate situation. i thought about going back down to school yesterday, but the snow prevented that, so i’m actually heading back down tomorrow morning. which means i have not yet talked to my roommate, and that a few days have passed so i am going to wait to see if she says anything about it before i jump down her throat.

as for the weekend, nothing new here, i chilled at home. my mom did paint my room while i was at school this week & i love it. its all grown up & sophisticated (wish i had my camera with me) — well my sister says the walls are the color of oatmeal, which only made me love it more.

oh i bought an acorn squash today—any tips on how to prepare it?? what’s your favorite way to enjoy acorn squash?

wish i had more to report on today, just lacking the inspiration.

i’ll leave you with the picture i’ve been using as my desktop background :)

i’m now feeling my yoga urge coming on, so i’m going to indulge myself. && i’m loving the questions :)

“That you are here–that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” — Walt Whitman


17 Responses to “subtle weekend”

  1. aww what a sweet note! glad you had a great weekend :) LOVE baked acorn squash!

  2. HEY EMZ.
    Good luck with your drive back to school & the roommate. You know you always have my support.

    Ooh creamy, oatmeal colored walls sound quite sophisticated !

    I’d roast the acorn squash with cinnamon + sea salt, maybe a spritz of cooking spray on top. Maybe like 400* for 35-45 minutes? Or a higher temp.

    Love you !

  3. I hope all goes well with the roomie.

    I love newly painted rooms – thts super exciting :)


  4. Hey! Love your blog! And yes, I could care LESS about the super bowl, haha. I just don’t get the appeal of football!

  5. hey lovie :]
    i love your desktop background so pretty and happy, and now its mine hehe ;] you are amazing, and ahh acorn squash, hmm, i roast it or steam it, any squash roasted with coocnut oil, or drizzled/dipped in sunbutter that is so yummi! :]


  6. glad you enjoyed osme time at home love!! and as for the acorn squash- i dont really know!! i do know my mom like mushed it up like mashed potatoes and it was sO good so i bet if you mashed it up and added some brown sugar/sweetener/cinnamon/what have you it would be awesome!!


    oh and i love that background- so beautiful <3

  7. you are so wonderful.
    and beautiful.
    i thought of you today…i had roomie woes again :(
    right there with ya girl!

  8. Our TV is broken so I couldn’t watch the super bowl even if I wanted to! Luckily I’m not a big football person, so it’s not an issue. ;)
    Yay for oatmeal colored walls! That’s perfect for you! As for acorn squash, I’ve never tried it so I”m no help whatsoever.


  9. I love that picture you’re using as a background; so sweet (and true!). I didn’t watch the Superbowl, as I’m not really into football, and I can’t help you on the squash because I’ve yet to try my first acorn one. Butternut and spaghetti yes… acorn no.

    I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday night, love! Good luck with the roomie tomorrow <3

  10. ah i can’t decide which i love more- acorn squash or walt whitman. good thing i don’t have to pick. i cut squash in half, scoop out the seeds, put it face down on a tin foil lined sheet and stick it in the toaster oven at 375* for about a half hour, depending on how big it is. it’s done when you can pierce it easily with a fork.

  11. beautiful picture! ah so simple & inspiring :)

    & i think you were very smart to let things settle before acting on anything with your roommates. ahh that’s the hardest though, I would have been like GRRRRR goodbye! lol :P but i hope things work out for the best, I’m sure they will, you seem like a very smart reasonable girl (lol) :)

    bahaha i didn’t watch the superbowl either! I turned away from my laptop for the commercials. I didn’t even know who was playing at first.

    hope you have a great monday girl! xoxo

  12. haha I am with you about the super bowl. I don’t understand all the hype around American football. I have never really been a fan of it.

  13. emilyyyy(: i didnt watch the superbowl! my dad did though of course. oh men and their football. that background is amazing. im going to print it out and hang it on my wall collage! so inspiring and beautiful. i hope everything goes well with your roommattte. have a great day girlieee xoxo soph

  14. I love acorn squash with anything I”d do to a sweet potato…so you can cut it in half, brush some olive oil on and roast it at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes (until fork tender) then add some maple syrup or cinnamon or brown sugar….any combination of those works! They are also great to stuff with dried cranberries and brown rice! YUM!

    lovin the layout (first and foremost)
    Secondly, I will have MORE than one glass in your honor.
    Thirdly, Indulge, you deserve it. I will if you will :)
    Fourthly, I think we need to have a little bloggy exchange.
    Fifthly, you’re beautiful.

    love love love
    bec xo

  16. Good luck with the roomie!

    Oatmeal coloured walls?!? How appropriate :)
    Mmmm acorn squash :) I like to cut them in half and bake them in the oven filled with cottage cheese!


  17. Yummy yum I love me some squash and acorn is one of the best! I love stuffing it and baking it :)

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