what’s necessary?

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good evening loves :)

so after i last posted i realized that it kind of seemed like i didn’t do anything while i was at home–then i remembered that was not the case:
this past weekend i–>

  • baked cookies with my baby sister
  • had lunch with my mom & her friend at panera
  • i painted my toenails “off with her red”
  • took 2 days off from yoga & didn’t die
  • kind of put my room back together

not necessarily in that order. && i know this is totally after the fact and not really necessary but whatever.

recently i have adopted a new attitude, it may not be the most attractive of attitudes, but it is what it is. the attitude is = “i don’t care” it gives me free reign to do as a please. i can be weird. i can be cranky. i can be romantic (okay, that hasn’t happened yet). i can be irrational (uh oh). i can be what ever i want. someone please tell me why it has taken me 19 years to realize this?

on the subject of necessity, i think its obvious i am not a fan–

nope, 4 drinks (3 different teas) are not necessary when studying. i don't care.

now, when i say studying i mean sort of catching myself up for the class that i skipped friday and that was cancelled today. oh and i found out that the university closed at noon today after i walked around (literally around it–somehow thinking those sidewalks would be less slippery; i was very wrong, hello there were less people walking on them) the campus and passed a generous guy who filled me in. all i could do was laugh, especially because part of me expected it. so naturally i went to the bookstore, bought a sweatshirt, walked to clifton natural foods (praying it was open & that they had hummus) and bought a can of black beans.
& i overslept this morning and skipped my first class. successful day? sureee.

since the campus was closed, yoga class was obviously cancelled as well (um i even stopped in the rec center to be sure–anal much?), so i decided to reacquaint myself with yogadownloads; power vinyasa flow # 1 – 60 minutes specifically. quite tough, especially after the pansy class i went to yesterday (don’t even get me started, it was supposed to be yoga strength).

i also figured i should try something new for dinner, cause you should cook when you’re snowed in, so i made italian eggs over spinach (shout out to miss amanda!) i added some brussels & mushrooms, because i’m honing in on my rebel skills, which means i no longer follow recipes obviously.

on the rebellious note–what’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

i think tonight is all about reading & falling asleep. lately the best part of my day has been laying in my bed just feeling it, its the simple things :)

oh but the simple things like people chewing with their mouth open and biting their nails makes me want to die.

happy tuesday!

questions/comments/concerns/anything you want to see from me? (i promise to stop bothering you with this sooner or later)

& pb&co giveaway! no joke :)


19 Responses to “what’s necessary?”

  1. Haha, I woke up later than usual and then skipped work so I’m totally feeling you on the not so successful day. :) Sometimes those days are sooo needed though. I def needed it today; that’s for sure.

    ~ Catherine

  2. haha i used to work at panera. so cute that you baked with your little sis!

  3. haha omg i HATE when people chew with their mouth open or chew really lloudly- i go nutttsss! glad you had a fun weekendat home. and the ‘i dont care’ attitude can be so useful sometimes! i use it wheneve ri feel anxiety about social stuff- like i worry a lot about if people like me or not but then i realize “who cares..if they dont like me, i dont need them”


  4. You are totally adorable.. and I am LOVING this new attitude ;)
    It seems you got a lot of necessary relaxation time in at home, which is awesome! There is nothing wrong with a couple of days full of nail-painting and baby-sister-baking :)


  5. Hey love, thanks for the shout out! Hope you enjoyed your dinner… it’s one of my new favorite ways to enjoy eggs! :)

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend at home and that you did some fun things with your family. The “I don’t care” attitude is a good one to have sometimes and one I’ve adopted on occasion when I get really frustrated with things.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week, love <3

  6. I appreciate your rare humor, but I’m ashamed because I only have 2 beverages and a dirty oatmeal bowl on my desk right now ;(

  7. Emily – I admire you. “I can be whatever I want”. Great words girlie.

  8. Em, we’re twins, I swear…please come live with me. A can of black beans…gah, I love you. Peppermint tea can never replace gum-chewage. It just can’t.

    And laying in bed, just feeling it….yes! I’ve been embracing that too. Except, only for the reason that I haven’t been able to fall asleep :( EH whatever!

    Love you cutie.

  9. I love your new attitude. You go, girl. That is awesome. I really need to join you on that one!

    The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done? Ummm, good question.
    I’ll have to get back to you with that answer, because right now I’m blank.

    Have a great day and enjoy those black beans…my favorite food ever :)


  10. I still have yet to give into formspring, bahaha.

    Love you ladyy, let’s chat about our bloggy exchanges via facebook/email/WHATEVA!

    stay warm darling

  11. hey! im loving your attitude girl. your amazing, dont ever forget it ;) you sound like you had a really great weekend and enjoyed every moment with your family! cookie baking with sisters is the best bonding experience imaginable, well at least in my family. have a great night em xoxo soph

  12. amen! we can BE whatever, we can DO whatever, we can EAT whatever, we can DREAM whatever! LIBERATING! ps. loooove the alice in wonderland nail polishes!

  13. love the attitude! i’ve kinda changed mine that way too because really, too often i care about what others think more than i do.

  14. baking cookies sounds fun- what kind did you bake?!

  15. hey em i just sent you a facebook message :)


  16. haha girl you know my rebellious story! just shared!
    love that you know you can be whatever you want to be! that is so true!! you are awesome em!

  17. Yeah girl, you can do whatever you want…. Within reason of course. ;) As long as it’s legal and is ED butt-kicking involved I fully support complete and utter rebellion!
    Off with her head nail polish… Is that one of the Alice in Wonderland colors? I can’t wait to see that movie!


  18. love that attitude! “i can be whatever i want.” <3

    sounds like had the perfect weekend. lowkey but fun…

    lol, the recap of your morning made me laugh. careful in all the ice + snow!

    i'm not very rebellious :\ i can't even think of anything at the moment. i'm sure there is something though. hmmmz… we'll work on this

    :D love ya girl!

  19. Your new attitude is awesome! I wish I could adopt an attitude like that :)

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