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i’m watching my best friend’s wedding and doing a little digesting before a bit morning yoga.

not much has ensued since we last spoke, i did see the imaginarium of doctor parnassus–heath ledger’s last movie. i liked it in all its odd, strange glory. i’d actually love to watch it again and find all the symbolism; i’m an analyzer at heart.

i also had therapy yesterday and my therapist decided to tell me her theory about me–obsessive compulsive personality disorder. after a day of thinking about it i can still say i have no idea what i think, how i feel. she also asked if i had ever thought about medication. my head has been swimming.

as for the rest of the weekend i’m heading home (again, i know). i have good cause this time–sunday/valentine’s day is my sister’s birthday. the valentine’s baby turns fifteen. so tonight is her birthday dinner (red robin) and tomorrow we’re celebrating all birthdays at my grandma’s.

sorry to cut this post short…i guess i’m lacking some inspiration and having trouble deciphering my thoughts.

i’m hoping to get around to baking some beautiful cookies this weekend–& pictures, i need to take more pictures.

speaking of valentine’s day: i’ve only had a valentine once, in 7th grade. he gave me a teddy bear & a rose at my locker. i got him a giant hershey’s kiss & never gave it to him. no wonder we didn’t last, i’m far from a good girlfriend.
tell me about your valentine’s!!


16 Responses to “valentine”

  1. I hope your thoughts clear up soon, hun; I’d imagine things get a bit muddy in your head with OCPD and medication being thrown at you *hugs* Hang in there, love.

    I’m planning on having a quiet Valentine’s at home with my family. This’ll be the first one in a long time where I don’t have someone to celebrate it with, but I think I’m okay with that. I hope you have a good weekend at home <3

  2. Will you be my Valentine? ;)

    love love My Best Friend’s Wedding, soo fun.

    Have a wonderful time at home

  3. oh the wonders of meds and stuff…try to sit back and chill emily :)
    wow – a little sister…u guys sound close
    nope – no valentine for me
    no guy in the picture….i keep hoping some day there will be
    but right now i just need to deal with the present hour :)
    have a nice valentines :)

  4. Aww, I’m sure that’s a lot to take in, Emily. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and I hope everything clears up soon.

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day with your family. :)

    ~ Catherine

  5. I hope your weekend at home is good – give your mind a rest from all the therapy and “swimming” that it has been doing. Think it through and then when you get back to the grind, you’ll have a fresher view.

    Take one day at a time and take care of yourself. That’s all that matters :)

    Happy Valentine’s day!!!

  6. hope going home might help clear up some of your thoughts you’re struggling with. That news from the doctor can be hard, but i’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

    haven’t had a valentine in about 3 years…i had to work a 15 hr shift at a chocolate store dipping strawberries…he brought me a dozen roses and stole me for a 15 min break so i could eat dinner!

  7. Ah I love that movie! My favorite part is the scene when they’re all singing and in the background you can see the waiters waving their arms with the lobster claw mittens on them. ;)
    As for the diagnosis and meds, wow. That’s a lot to digest (har har). It’s understandable that you’d be overwhelmed, but I hope you’re more relaxed soon.


  8. medication can do great things so def consider it! have a great weekend hun :)


  9. aww girl! i was on prozac for a shame in that! God made that kina stuff to help us out :) it wouldnt hurt!
    have a great weekend!

  10. my psychiatrist bounces around with diagnoses for me, and OCPD is one of them. honestly i’m not a fan of the axis II diagnoses, and neither is my therapist and so many other psychologists/psychiatrists. labeling people totally skews the way you treat them, when in reality your OCPD type issues stem frmo something very complex and not generalizable. also there is such a stigma attached with a “personality disorder,” i’ve only known you for a short time but i can guarantee your personality is AMAZING as with everything else about you :). we all have flaws, and i know that you could grab any person in the world and pathologize their habits, ways of thinking, and yes, personality. seriously, what i’ve found in clinical psych is that you can stick someone with a diagnosis and then suddenly you interpret everything they do as “disordered.” GUH! that being said, if the symptoms that led your shrink to tell you her theory of OCPD bother you and hinder your recovery, then you should obviously get crackin on alleviating them! as far as meds go, they are not my first line of defense, nor should they be your only treatment. it sounds like you obviously know that already, so just communicate well with your doc/therapist so that you can find a med that works for you. i’m currently on 2 and while they’ve helped a lot my doc wants to add another one, it takes some playing around so you’ve gotta be patient and not feel defeated if the first one you try doesn’t work for ya (mine certainly didn’!)

    omg this comment is embarrassingly long, kudos to you if you made it this far haha!

  11. awww i love little middle schoool love<3 i think it was 7th grade when i got roses in my locker….still my best valentines yet! haha im on prozac right now… i cant say it's helping yet but my doctor said it could take some time. idk we'll see i guess. i hope everything goes well for you this weekend.

  12. hey emilyyy! my best friends wedding. best movie of the centuryyyy. its so cute and amazing, i have no idea how they pulled that all together. im sorry your feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, but i know that you will do whatever will help you most ;) sometimes we just need to trust our instincts and keep thinking positive! have a faaaabulous night- xoxo soph

  13. I love you bebebe emmz. Have so much fun with your sister. My sister just turned fifteen, too! So ironic ;P I hope your valentine’s day is filled with love + sweetness.

    Like I told you yesterday about the OCD diagnosis…labels. to fix other things. confusion. whatever. we’re just human beings, who happen to be semi-crazed about certain things. <3

  14. I hope you are able to sort out your thoughts on therapy soon :) As for the OCD, I would have never thought that I would be someone who had it, but after my eating disorder I realized that I do, and have always done, very obsessive compulsive things. For example, when I am filling up a water glass, I have to count and I don’t stop the water until I hit an even number. I also can’t stand to leave a plastic grocery bag untied… these weird things have always been a part of me, but I never analyzed them until I heard about the relationship between eating disorders and OCD.
    I guess we are both anaylists at heart ;)

    Have a wonderful V-day with your family!

  15. have fun visiting home! i got a card and a steak from my parents this morning haha but today i have a date with a guy(this is a first in like a few years!) and am verrrry nervous!

  16. emillyy! i hope you had a wonderful v’day :) i hope your visit home was lovely + your sister’s beeeeday, haha that’s so cool she’s a Valentine’s baby. people always seem annoyed when their birthday ends up being on a holiday, but I think that’s sooo special and cool.

    LOL @ your 7th grade Valentine. i bought my boyfriend scott a pint of cherry-vanilla haagen-daz and ended up opening it up before giving it to him and taking pictures of roses stuck in it. he understood, but i still felt bad and went out and bought him a fresh one lolol

    love ya! <3

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