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what’s necessary?

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good evening loves :)

so after i last posted i realized that it kind of seemed like i didn’t do anything while i was at home–then i remembered that was not the case:
this past weekend i–>

  • baked cookies with my baby sister
  • had lunch with my mom & her friend at panera
  • i painted my toenails “off with her red”
  • took 2 days off from yoga & didn’t die
  • kind of put my room back together

not necessarily in that order. && i know this is totally after the fact and not really necessary but whatever.

recently i have adopted a new attitude, it may not be the most attractive of attitudes, but it is what it is. the attitude is = “i don’t care” it gives me free reign to do as a please. i can be weird. i can be cranky. i can be romantic (okay, that hasn’t happened yet). i can be irrational (uh oh). i can be what ever i want. someone please tell me why it has taken me 19 years to realize this?

on the subject of necessity, i think its obvious i am not a fan–

nope, 4 drinks (3 different teas) are not necessary when studying. i don't care.

now, when i say studying i mean sort of catching myself up for the class that i skipped friday and that was cancelled today. oh and i found out that the university closed at noon today after i walked around (literally around it–somehow thinking those sidewalks would be less slippery; i was very wrong, hello there were less people walking on them) the campus and passed a generous guy who filled me in. all i could do was laugh, especially because part of me expected it. so naturally i went to the bookstore, bought a sweatshirt, walked to clifton natural foods (praying it was open & that they had hummus) and bought a can of black beans.
& i overslept this morning and skipped my first class. successful day? sureee.

since the campus was closed, yoga class was obviously cancelled as well (um i even stopped in the rec center to be sure–anal much?), so i decided to reacquaint myself with yogadownloads; power vinyasa flow # 1 – 60 minutes specifically. quite tough, especially after the pansy class i went to yesterday (don’t even get me started, it was supposed to be yoga strength).

i also figured i should try something new for dinner, cause you should cook when you’re snowed in, so i made italian eggs over spinach (shout out to miss amanda!) i added some brussels & mushrooms, because i’m honing in on my rebel skills, which means i no longer follow recipes obviously.

on the rebellious note–what’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

i think tonight is all about reading & falling asleep. lately the best part of my day has been laying in my bed just feeling it, its the simple things :)

oh but the simple things like people chewing with their mouth open and biting their nails makes me want to die.

happy tuesday!

questions/comments/concerns/anything you want to see from me? (i promise to stop bothering you with this sooner or later)

& pb&co giveaway! no joke :)


subtle weekend

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happy sunday all! anyone else super hyped could care less about the super bowl? i’m hoping no one wins :)

thanks so much for weighing in on my roommate situation. i thought about going back down to school yesterday, but the snow prevented that, so i’m actually heading back down tomorrow morning. which means i have not yet talked to my roommate, and that a few days have passed so i am going to wait to see if she says anything about it before i jump down her throat.

as for the weekend, nothing new here, i chilled at home. my mom did paint my room while i was at school this week & i love it. its all grown up & sophisticated (wish i had my camera with me) — well my sister says the walls are the color of oatmeal, which only made me love it more.

oh i bought an acorn squash today—any tips on how to prepare it?? what’s your favorite way to enjoy acorn squash?

wish i had more to report on today, just lacking the inspiration.

i’ll leave you with the picture i’ve been using as my desktop background :)

i’m now feeling my yoga urge coming on, so i’m going to indulge myself. && i’m loving the questions :)

“That you are here–that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” — Walt Whitman


la weekend

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good afternoon all :) hope you had a wonderful weekend. mine hasn’t been too shabby.

i made my way home friday, stopped at trader joe’s & i’m thinking the best purchase was the nuts about raspberries and chocolate trail mix. its the absolute best.

i’m a little bummed to say that my mom and i didn’t end up painting my room, there just hasn’t really been the time, not that we’ve really done much of anything. eh we’ll paint it later.

yesterday i had my first experience with steel cut oats & egg white oats. i almost did it right. of course i followed miss amanda’s recipe down to the pink lady (well minus the raisins…since i had none).

the final product! it was delicious.

my only issue was that i was impatient with the egg whites…next time i will let them soak into the oats more so they don’t cook themselves white.

&& i faced one of my nemesis—pizza. oh yes i did.

amy's individual light in sodium spinach pizza. all for me...

much better experience than the last time. it was delicious. who cares that it wasn’t a big old greasy slice, to be honest i know i enjoyed this more than i have ever enjoyed typical pizza from a pizza place.

proof i enjoyed it. ha wow :)

and you know what i still had a night time snack after, just because i had pizza doesn’t mean Ed should talk me into restricting.

as for today i don’t have too much planned, getting my butt back to school & hopefully some grocery shopping cause it’s a fact of life.

happy sunday loves!!

ps miss snackface is having a fabby giveaway for snackface’s birthday!!


weekend wrap-up

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happy sunday lovies. hope everyone had lovely weekends :) by the way it is 3 degrees right now.

what did i do? mini recap–well friday after class i got a ride home, went to the grocery store by myself (which i haven’t done in ages and i ended up being there for an hour and a half, gahh), didn’t measure my hummus or cream cheese, realized i’m orange again {my mom thinks i should lay off the carrots}!, fell asleep on the couch watching gran torinio. saturday my dad brought me back down to school, cause my friend was having a little party so i could meet some of her friends. now its sunday morning and i’m trying to figure out what i want to do with my day.

more on yesterday–>i treadmilled yesterday, probably the first time since july or august. there’s like a mini fitness center for my apartment complex so i thought i would check it out, cause i didn’t really want to walk all the way to the campus rec center. so how did it go? first off i felt like i was in a hotel, ha it’s tiny. i tried to read my accounting, but i bounce a lot while i walk so i just kind of skimmed. & yes i walked, i ran a little bit (like a total of 2 1/2 minutes). honestly i don’t know how i feel about it, i don’t exactly have the best relationship with exercise…i know its necessary, but i also feel like i can never do enough. i always find myself disappointed in my efforts. but i do have an urge to check out the campus rec center today…what to do what to do…
how do you handle exercise?

i also grabbed dinner with my friend last night, we went to potbelly’s, which was a first time for me. what’s great is that it wasn’t the end of the world. i got a sandwich and veggie soup and it was good :)

on the the little party–i had a good time! a first right?? it was nice cause there were only like 6 of us and we were just hanging out…& my friend loves wine so i didn’t have to refuse beer once, ha i even played some wine pong :) it was so nice that it was low key, and even though i was pretty much just meeting these people i felt fine about it. get this one of the girls actually goes to the culinary institute in new york! so cool!

that’s about all that’s going on over here, nothing too big of a deal. i do have some food finds :)

heart thrives!! they sell them in our quick marts :) i'm in love

oh and friday when i was at the grocery store for a million hours i grabbed something totally uncharacteristic. & i can’t wait to try it!

real candy! i had to get it, i never see the dark chocolate ones anywhere; totally an impulse buy only $0.50

to be honest i’m a bit weary about the reece’s, but there is no way i’m throwing it a way. i will take the step forward.

my plans for the day:

  • some laundry
  • textbook reading & homework
  • call and try to get a job
  • shower

exciting stuff right?? by the way i changed my email again. i know, i know –> :)

ps–the gorgeous katie is having a chobani giveaway!!

“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go.” — Langston Hughes

i think this quote has a lot to do with recovery. we all know it’s possible and that we can all do it, we just have to really want it. we can’t pretend we want it, we can’t half want it, we have to really want it.


its beginning to look a lot like christmas

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good morning lovelies! it’s christmas week! my mom is baking brownies, we’re watching regis and kelly minus regis, and my sister is hopping around the house doing cheerleading, pretty much because she is incapable of being still. ah to be home :)

another thing about being home–christmas tree!

our christmas tree :) hm for some reason it looks crooked...

now i just have to get my butt in gear and finish my shopping and wrapping. maybe today ;) any suggestions on what i could get my brother, he is 16…

&& today is my dad’s birthday so we have to figure out a birthday dinner since he can’t decide.

as for my meal plan i’ve been okay at following it, i’ve had trouble adding the luna bar i’m supposed to…but my youngest sister has been wonderful in making sure i fill in all my circles (i made pie charts to color in for each food group) she always remembers to ask each night, which i really love.

but yesterday had a big success:

um that would be chocolate milk & yes i totally lived

so delicious. i was really happy with this, because i realized i wanted it and immediately began thinking of things i could have instead to avoid it (a chocolate covered raisin, yeah just one, ridiculous) i then realized my ridiculousness because i can damn well have chocolate milk if i want it. so that is just what i did. guys it was wonderful. i encourage everyone to have something you want today, no matter what it is! because you can and you deserve it :)

other than that i have been hitting up the grocery store mucho, don’t worry i am going to put together some of my best purchases to show y’all cause they pretty much rock. quick question: i want to get some trader joe muffins for christmas breakfast, what kind are the best??

ah the other day i got my nails done with my oldest of friends, which was really nice, except it kind of made me realize how much things have changed. we are both different, which isn’t to say that’s bad, its just different. it’s actually really hard for me. in reality things have been different ever since we left for school way back in ’08. to me its like she’s moved on and gone forward and i haven’t and i need her more than she needs me. which is true, i now just have to work to move on and forward for myself.

as for my plans for the week: cleaning my room. sounds totally normal right? well my brother and i actually switched rooms (i was in the basement now i’m upstairs) so i have to go through all my things and transport them into my new room. i really want to keep my room as simple and “grown up” as possible, so i’m thinking i am going to have to throw out a lot, ahh!

well now that i’ve rambled on and on i shall let you go :) hope you are enjoying your time at home, or where ever you are ;)

“Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment; Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strength” — Lao Tzu

remember the strength within yourself, because we are all stronger than we believe, i believe we are all on the journey to enlightenment.


home :)

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hello my lovelies, i hope everyone is basking in the glory of break. we all deserve it.

let me take a moment to thank all of you for your amazing support. each of your comments always brighten my day, you have no idea. thank you thank you thank you :)

so i’m thinking i probably need to back up a bit. how about back to my nutritionist appointment yesterday. it went well (i’ve actually met with her before, last year when i wanted to lose weight, she actually told me yesterday that she had thought i was at risk at that time, even though she knew i couldn’t see it). she gave me a meal plan, and i’m working through it but it is a lot harder than i thought it would be. do you guys have any tips on tracking exchanges?

oh by the way, isn't this adorable :)

next event, my dad coming! eek we were super speedy in moving my stuff and packing it into the suv, maybe a little tooo speedy since we forgot: my robe, a towel, & my pillows. big bummer.

all my crap as my dad likes to call it

then it was exam time (no big deal, thank goodness) and drive time. and i was HOME! so happy :)

today was orientation for the college of business where i made my schedule for the quarter (classes start january 4th! so soon) my schedule is easy & i managed no tuesday classes.

now my easy schedule is difficult for me. honestly i have always put myself in difficult academic situations, i’ve always taken honors classes and ap in high school. i took honors at indiana. i am in a business foundations course, its cake the advisors told me so. i only have 15 credit hours, sure i that’s what i took both semesters freshman year, but UC is quarters so that amounts to less.

i should be jumping for joy. i just finished a difficult and stressful semester, i deserve some peace and ease. but these things aren’t sinking in.

what i realized today is that even though my semester felt like hell as i was going through it, now looking back since i did it & finished it, i find myself thinking that it couldn’t have been that bad. since i was able to do it, it must have been at least somewhat easy.

what i’m getting at is that i completely ignore the fact that i can do difficult things. i minimize all my difficult past experiences and tell myself they weren’t that bad. i don’t know if this is something that makes me stronger, or something that keeps me running head first into hell.

i digress.

tonight we went to dinner at the club, which was nice, my brother even came, so it was all six of us again. i totally rocked the kid’s menu ;) [grilled tilapia {amazing!!!}, streamed broccoli + special order baked sweet potato = happy me] dinner went well, minus that they first served me my tilapia with butter pasta and a pool of butter in my sweet potato. good thing we were nice and polite and all was resolved. easy peasy.

now it’s about time for me to make a snack so i will leave you with a lovely thought:

“May I be free from hostility, free from affliction, free from distress; may I live happily.” –Metta Meditation

hope everyone is enjoying themselves and embracing the holidays! xoxo

found this in my room :) my mom's the best


a day

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happy thirsty thursday boos! if only i was partaking in thirsty thursday adventures instead of studying managerial accounting all night long. if only, if only.

feels like its been ages since i last blog, and that means i have things to tell. wish i could call them exciting announcements, but not so much.

  1. you are the most wonderfully encouraging people i have ever met, each one of your comments was right on the money and appreciate each and every one of you.
  2. did i conquer the pizza? no. have i felt like i let down each and every one of you and my mother? yes.
  3. today i went to caps (counseling and psychological services) and i have a physicians appointment monday morning.

so this caps thing, it felt pretty spontaneous to me actually. i had an appointment with my accounting TA after lunch and my next class wasn’t until 4 so i had time to go to the emergency walk in (even though i really wasn’t experiencing an emergency, i just didn’t know how to make an actual appointment). so i went, filled out bunches of forms and met with a very nice woman who confirmed my beliefs that i have an eating disorder [this is the first time a professional has told me, emily, you fit the criteria of an eating disorder]. she asked me to sign a form saying she could talk to the physicians & dietitians and i have an 8am appointment for an physician with eating disorder experience to see me. the thing about this is that i probably should have done this much earlier in the semester, because now i have a week with these people. but she did seem confident in helping me figure out what to do when i go home and move to UC.

if it were not for you beautiful women i would not have been able to do this. my sincerest thank you goes out to each of you. you women are amazing.

so that is pretty much the extent of my day.


  • dinner
  • studying
  • glee
  • yoga
  • studying
  • greys

hmm not sure if i can fit the studying in ;)

want to see something embarrassing??

seriously embarrassed to post this. it will appall my mother. but whatever wanted to show all the studying i need to do (minus the disgusting floor), just keeping it real.

PS–finished my last class of IU today! finals are all i have left to conquer.

love love love

“Mistakes are painful, but they’re the only way to find out who you really are.” –Denny (Grey’s Anatomy)


now what?

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good evening lovelies, how is everyone today on this fine tuesday? enjoying lovely weather i hope :)

big huge thanks yous to everyone on my last post, you guys are such dolls helping to make me feel better, all y’alls encouragement does wonders :)

ps–miss emily is having an amazing 12 days of christmas giveaway at her place :) & miss heather is having a lovely giveaway as well

so now i am 2 whole days back into classes and the world has not imploded, success! aren’t you glad i’m dramatic? hah

i am super excited actually because the giant semester long group project that gave me mucho stress & frustration is OVER! yes my target case project is done-zo, and i am so glad. we presented our idea this morning, and honestly i didn’t care how it went, i let go of the project over break [can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing….probably somewhere in the middle] because i decided that i had put in enough work for it, and since its was a group project i let the rest of the group handle it. i had done my part and now they had to do theirs, i am not doing it for them anymore. i’m sure you all feel me on this, group projects can be such a stress, especially when other members do not do their fair share. anyway–rant over!–as is the project :)

other than that today has been relatively uneventful, and i am not complaining—today i got some great grades back (especially compared to yesterday when i found out i got a 54% on a midterm ughh whatever its over and my gpa isn’t even transferring) now i am just waiting for my roommate to skedaddle so i can indulge in some YOGA, ahh i am so looking forward to it!

oh look look what i got over break—

fresh market creamy french vanilla, fresh ground, BLISSful

this coffee is so delicious, flavorful, and has the most beautiful aroma. in essence i love it.

and this afternoon i finally found a banana on campus, let me tell you i have had 2 days with banana-less breakfasts and that is 2 days too many. banana bliss returns tomorrow :)

and a mini review: a dish by my personal chef; aka amy

first try....dun dun duhhh

a top spinach & brussels sprouts, not the most gorgeous of meals...

the verdict? FANTASTIC mmm, i am pretty leery about lasagna as it tends to be really heavy and greasy, not my thing. but this rocked, just enough ricotta and sauce, and i personally think the brussels were a genius addition.

not much else in other news…it actually looks as though i am not going to be too terribly busy in these days before christmas break. i like this, but i am also worried about it. i tend to get anxious when i have nothing to do and make up stupid things to stress me out. all i want is for these next two weeks to speed along so i can get on with my life & go home.

tips?? what do you like to do to keep yourself occupied when downtime exists?

well i think that will be all for today, but look out i have plans for some insightful (hopefully?) posts for the coming days :)

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”—Pope John XXIII


forgetting something?

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good evening lovelies :) i hope you guys caught 11:11 today, sadly i was a scatter brain and missed both morning & night. bummer.

eek, thanks so much for all the positive feed back on my last post :) you guys just make my day!

today has been relatively painless, as was yesterday, but i have the itching feeling that i am forgetting some sort of homework and that i am shooting myself in the foot for not really doing much these past couple days. i actually started getting really anxious about it tonight and decided to put some coping skills into action–

  • took a great big yoga breath
  • made a to do list
  • set up a mini schedule for what needs to be done tomorrow

then i just kept breathing till i was calmer. and i was okay.

now i’m just a-blogging in bed, & disappointed that my roommate is sleeping here tonight (she usually doesn’t stay in the room) since she spent over an hour talking as loudly as she could on skype with her friend. i have nothing against her skyping, but i think she could be more respectful with her volume since i’m in the room. i didn’t turn on the tv since she was skyping. <–yet i didn’t tell her any of this :/

in future news—friday i’m heading to chicago at 4AM! heading up with the women’s financial association to network with a few companies. i’m going to take it as a challenge to eat out of my comfort zone (but i will be bringing bars for snacks). i am also trying not to think about it too much, i just want to go and have a good time. hopefully i will have some sweet photos to share!

&& that brings up another thing that has been bothering me, thinking. not just thinking in general, but food thinking, calorie thinking, meal planning thinking. its like i can’t tone down my thoughts, they are always lurking in the back of my mind, i’m sick of it. any tips/secrets/similar experiences??

oh some eats:


this spinach is amazing!

ah this salad totally broke a rule–fruit with dinner? couldn’t tell you why that’s a rule, but apparently fruit shouldn’t go with dinner. WRONG it works wonderfully & deliciously.


quite the lovely gala + the CLAW haha

not going to lie, i have not been feeling snapping pics of my eats lately…they are not particularly pretty or exciting & i think it may play into food obsessive thought a bit…so i’m going to stick with posting dishes i want to share, but the boring stuff not so much. i hope y’all understand.

oh my i’m falling asleep–so good night good night sleep tight (or as my dad would say, don’t make the bed smell)

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

i concur :)


wrapping up the weekend

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good evening lovelies! i am happy to report that last night was a success. i went to see a university players production, they put on a series of 10 minute student plays. (the room was packed & we had to sit on the floor, boy did my bottom hurt!!) there was one about avoiding reality, one about cannibalism, one about the thought process of college guys. pretty interesting, everyone was very good.

even though we only stayed for the first half, i’m glad i went. i had a nice time with a friend and wore an actual outfit ;)


since it was warm i finally got to wear my cute kensie sweater :) + new jeans

after the play i did my laundry, almost fell asleep in the middle, & had a strange encounter with some drunk guys on the elevator:

drunk guys: “heyyy, how are you doing?” giggle giggle.

me: “i’m fineee.”

drunk guys: “oh, she’s meann…” all look at each other

me: “yep, i’m a bitch.”

drunk guys: jaws on the floor…”sorry?”

haha i really got a good chuckle out of that. & i totally took it as a step forward to finding my confidence. a month of go i would have stayed silent and waited dreadfully for the elevator ride to end. instead i decided to amuse myself by confusing the poor drunk boys.

oh earlier this week i was feeling creative so i spiced veggie-d up some chicken noodle soup :)


chicken noodle soup base + steamed mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers, peas, chickpeas, & the stunner--SWISS

you see i like to have soup for dinner because its easy & its tasty. but i also know it is not the most substantial of meals, so i’ve started bulking it up with more veggies & swiss. i have not regretted it one bit :)

also, yesterday i was quite excited to see that our c-store has stocked up on some of awesome eats. since i am running out of meal points i bought as little as i could but these were calling my name–


yum yum nice & crunchy, i suggest you buy them :)

they also have zevia root beer, banana nut larabars, nuts over chocolate lunas, multiple cliffs, amy’s soups, & more. why are they just now (when i have to budget my meal points) getting these fantastic eats??


hmm how did this get in here? haha oatmeal chocolate chip yumm

but you know even after my c-store purchases, i still felt the need to go to the grocery today…not the most exciting purchases, but the essentials.

i’m so glad you guys liked my happy & healthy list :) it’s so great to hear that everyone is going to try them out!

i’m going to start this week with a goal in mind–

12. Every morning when you wake up, thank your body for resting and rejuvenating itself so you can enjoy the day.

i have found myself resenting waking up lately. i get angry because i wake up “too early”, especially weekends. i’ve seemed to create an ideal that i should be up late on weekends, but my body kind of works like clockwork and generally wake up and go to bed around the same time every night. that’s a good thing right? to some, but i’m a college student and things get done during the night. there are parties during the night. i miss these parties because i fall asleep, i.e i don’t go out because i know that i need to get to bed. i also worry that i will eat to much if i’m up to late. this is all irrational ramblings, ugh i’m just trying to sort it out. long story short, i plan to thank my body for resting every morning when i wake up.

ps–this is the coffee i am am currently enjoying in the morning time, it’s the special blend :)


tastes exactly how coffee should, just brew & add milk; makes for a happy morning :)

hmm i have found this post to be quite random…and i think i will end it that way. i totally had dinner with two friends tonight at the food court. score ;)

do you have any goals for the week? what are you looking forward to right at this moment?

right at this moment i am looking forward to sitting in my family room with my family, ahh going home for thanksgiving in 11 10 days!

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.