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‘Cause they say the best way out is through–“Ungodly Hour”–The Fray

good afternoon my dears! i cannot get over how wonderful you all are, i am so glad that you guys know just what to say to whip me back into shape :) i am so grateful for all of you.

i am in the process of packing up my room and preparing for my last final. and since i had absolutely no real obligations today i treated myself to 45 of hot power fusion love.

i’ve been thinking a lot about my denial, and i’ve come to a few realizations. the first being that it has been a while since i put myself in a challenging situation, so i have not had to make any anxiety provoking decisions. essentially i have kept myself in my easy bubble, which is a good way to trick myself that i am fine. but in thinking about it i am about to experience a lot of changes. i am going home where things are different and the food is different, i am going to have a hectic schedule and then i am moving in with three new girls january 1st. to me these are all big changes that are not easy to handle.

i also realized that it takes me like an hour to eat a meal. this isn’t an option when i am busy, and its not a realistic way to eat.

so once i get home my mom and i are going to figure out what’s next. but even sooner i have a nutritionist appointment tomorrow morning. and i have figured out what my new outlook is going to be: i am eating to get my period back. it is a problem that i haven’t had a period since march.

also i found out today that my free t4 levels are low, they told me this is common with eating disorders and by googling all i managed to find was that it has to do with hypothyroidism, anyone have any experience with free t4 levels?

ah here is my new love:

this smells so good, it is a wonderful hand lotion to put on before bed ($0.97 at target, i say you go buy some)

other than all that jazz i sold back my books today, and worked on using up all my meal points, but i still have 30 left to spend! so it looks like more clifs, lunas, gum, iced tea :) and a latte too. funny how i was convinced i was going to run out of meal points just a few weeks ago.

well it seems i should get back to packing, so much fun. but i am not complaining because I’M LEAVING TOMORROW :) anyone else way too excited for this week to end?

happy wednesday my dears!! &&

the oh so amazing shelley tagged me with this beautiful award :) thanks again girl!

7 random facts about moi:

  1. i used to be a gymnast & a cheerleader, but i am more flexible now than i ever was then (thank you yoga)
  2. my senior year i was general manager of my high school school store, the comet zone
  3. my dad calls me emily krackalin because when i was a baby i couldn’t pronounce katherine
  4. one of my favorite things to do is drive with the windows down, radio up, and just sing (especially party in the usa ha)
  5. i have no sense of direction what so ever
  6. i fall down quite often, usually while trying to walk up stairs
  7. my favorite movie when i was little was the jungle book :)

i would like to share this with–tatianna, theemptynutjar, rebecca, sophia, emily, sam, katie



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happy friday night my dears. thank you all so very much for the wonderful encouragement, it means so much. love all of you :)

at the moment i am very against studying for my finals, they are overwhelming me, which honestly is why i am blogging right now, so not to study.

finals start sunday–

finals schedule. ew.

right now i want to run, literally just run.

you know school has always been my thing, i.e. i can do school. no i don’t do it perfectly), but i was always able to do it. i was motivated to do my homework, now that’s gone. i don’t have much motivation to do anything. and my lack of motivation scares me. alas i’m probably just being dramatic because it’s friday night and i would rather be doing anything but studying.

but now i’m blank, i no longer have anything to say, to muse upon. i’m tired but i’m afraid if i go to sleep now i will just wake up early and have more saturday to deal with.

the plan: brush my teeth and return to accounting

sorry for the drama, today did begin nicely. i thought it would be a wonderful idea to study at barnes and nobel, so after breakfast i hopped on the bus to the mall. got myself a misto and studied stats. then i walked my booty over to bloomingfoods to get a sandwich for lunch (ha i wish i took a picture, i got all the veggies on it and it was so tall that a someone walked by and goes — “that’s quite a sandwich” ha). made some more purchases. took my butt to target to attempt to get reasonably priced groceries, then came back to my dorm. now i’ve just been studying and not studying.

i ate at bloomingfoods, and after i sat down there weren’t any extra tables, so woman sat with me. she was very sweet, sometimes when i’m at school i forget how nice it is to share meals with people. i’m surprised that it’s even nice with people you don’t know.

nutcracker sweet black tea, why has no one else on the blogs pointed this baby out. it. is. perfect. omg.

i’ll let you know about the gingerbread cliff, yet to try it, actually not quite sure if i’ve ever had gingerbread in my life. i grew up as a very picky child.

as for how i am feeling about yesterday. well i’m not really thinking about it, but in the shower this morning i did wonder what i had just done. i feel a little flip about it (no i do not know what i mean by flip).

hope everyone is having a wonderful night. my sincerest apologies for this blah-tastic post.


3 hour grocery trip

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hi loves!

like many of you out there i spent my weekend studying…but i still have one more week until finals actually start, this coming week is supposed to be “dead week” which means nothing to me.

so aside from the studying and basic hanging around entertaining myself, i went to the grocery store today. now i know i have mentioned before that it takes me about 3 hours to go to the grocery, but today i thought i would show you! (i know you are very excited, i can just sense it)

10:20am–left my room to head to the bus stop down the hill

the frozen tundra

10:35am–chilled all the library (its heated)

has become one of my least favorite places. thank you group projects.

10:55am–bus came, rode it to the car dealership

i think it would be nice if i owned one of these cars so i could drive to the grocery store.

11:11am–made it to kroger

these trees made me sad :(

then i wandered about the giant kroger, with my list (very important in ensuring that i don’t spend forever looking at everything). i found some very adorable apples.

mini apple!! i may have squealed just a little bit when i saw it.

so after dilly dallying around i finally filled my cart and paid like a million dollars! (but hey i saved $14.80 with my kroger plus card & coupons) i think it was like 12:20ish

the cart.

suited back up in my marshmallow coat, ran to the bus sitting at the bus stop, sat on the bus while it waited for 10 minutes, then we left for campus.

chilling on the immobile bus with my scuzzy uggs.

now i was on a B bus which goes up north jordan then back down jordan (i know this means nothing to you). point of that was that i got antsy in my leggings and got off the bus at the very end of north jordan while we sat and waited to move again. for some reason i thought it was pretty close to my dorm. wrong. i walked down north jordan & across 17th to finally made it back to my room. well that took like 45 minutes, & the bus i was on definitely passed me as i walked down north jordan.

needless to say i was tiredd & hungry when i finally got back to my room.

oh i didn't tell you i carry my groceries in my backpack...what a nerd.


so there you have it 10:35 to 1:35 emily’s grocery adventure.

super exciting right? well maybe not, but necessary. now i must say these weekly grocery trips have taught me a few things, ready?

  1. i can survive about anything
  2. things don’t have to be ideal to work
  3. i’m stubborn (how bout we attribute that to the fact that i am a tried and true taurus)
  4. food is expensive but that is not a reason not to eat it

oh i’ve been scarf-fing it up the past two days (these may or may not be the only scarves i have at school)

study scarf. if only it would make studying easier.

bundling up scarf (always surprises me that it actually keeps me warm, hah)

time for me to pass out, i think i am getting a cold (ahhh!) so i had some sleepytime tea and nyquill. can hardly keep my eyes open, pulled through desperate housewives and brothers & sisters though, been looking forward to those all day :) the drama did not disappoint!

now my bloggies, what are your favorite ridiculous television shows? i only ask because i realized i really like “sex rehab with dr. drew” on vh1, yesterday i even did some yoga/sex rehab. no shame.

wishing everyone the best of luck this week! may the peace be with you :)

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Elanor Roosevelt

ps–i have a new goal.


forgetting something?

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good evening lovelies :) i hope you guys caught 11:11 today, sadly i was a scatter brain and missed both morning & night. bummer.

eek, thanks so much for all the positive feed back on my last post :) you guys just make my day!

today has been relatively painless, as was yesterday, but i have the itching feeling that i am forgetting some sort of homework and that i am shooting myself in the foot for not really doing much these past couple days. i actually started getting really anxious about it tonight and decided to put some coping skills into action–

  • took a great big yoga breath
  • made a to do list
  • set up a mini schedule for what needs to be done tomorrow

then i just kept breathing till i was calmer. and i was okay.

now i’m just a-blogging in bed, & disappointed that my roommate is sleeping here tonight (she usually doesn’t stay in the room) since she spent over an hour talking as loudly as she could on skype with her friend. i have nothing against her skyping, but i think she could be more respectful with her volume since i’m in the room. i didn’t turn on the tv since she was skyping. <–yet i didn’t tell her any of this :/

in future news—friday i’m heading to chicago at 4AM! heading up with the women’s financial association to network with a few companies. i’m going to take it as a challenge to eat out of my comfort zone (but i will be bringing bars for snacks). i am also trying not to think about it too much, i just want to go and have a good time. hopefully i will have some sweet photos to share!

&& that brings up another thing that has been bothering me, thinking. not just thinking in general, but food thinking, calorie thinking, meal planning thinking. its like i can’t tone down my thoughts, they are always lurking in the back of my mind, i’m sick of it. any tips/secrets/similar experiences??

oh some eats:


this spinach is amazing!

ah this salad totally broke a rule–fruit with dinner? couldn’t tell you why that’s a rule, but apparently fruit shouldn’t go with dinner. WRONG it works wonderfully & deliciously.


quite the lovely gala + the CLAW haha

not going to lie, i have not been feeling snapping pics of my eats lately…they are not particularly pretty or exciting & i think it may play into food obsessive thought a bit…so i’m going to stick with posting dishes i want to share, but the boring stuff not so much. i hope y’all understand.

oh my i’m falling asleep–so good night good night sleep tight (or as my dad would say, don’t make the bed smell)

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

i concur :)


nice to see you

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good afternoon fellow bloggies :) how is everyone’s monday so far? yay? nay? okay? haha okay thats enough.

thank you everyone for your support with my whole friends situation, i have a really hard time putting myself out there, but you know what like my mom was telling me yesterday i have nothing to lose. really, in the whole scheme of things i am only going to be here for like 7 more weeks, that’s it. asking people to hang out with me is not going to kill me, if it makes them think i’m lame, who cares! and you never know i might actually enjoy myself and get to know more people. they could also look at me like a charity case and feel sorry for me not having anything to do and secretly laugh at me while i’m not around. i am choosing to look at it from the positive perspective.

as for my weekend after friday, eh it was uneventful. saturday night the girls in the room next to me had a bunch of smirnoff ices and gave me one (which was so nice of them to share, freshman often do not like to share their alcohol) i was studying so i took it back to my room and then stupid Ed got the best of me. i didn’t drink it because it wasnt light…and i went to my room so that i didn’t have to drink it. i would have had a hell of a lot more fun had i just hung out with them in their room and chilled. but i apparently decided that it was much more important for me to study on a saturday night. UGH! why do i do this?

sunday i made it out to the grocery store, and boy did it feel good. i had quite the hay day just getting whatever i wanted :) 

can you obsessed?

can you obsessed?

buy one get one free at kroger && i had a coupon! i love being a smart shopper!

so i had to incorporate pears into my post somehow, right?

so i had to incorporate pears into my post somehow, right?

boy oh boy was this good! sweet and simple. YUM!

i spent the rest of my yesterday studying, ha what’s new!?

&& i was in the mood for some really relaxing yoga last night so i listen to some traditional yoga-ish music and was all about it! i set my intention to let go and feel positive in the now, it felt so good.

then it was desperate housewives & brother’s&sister’s time. obviously snack time too :)

delicious snack, breaking all the rules :)

delicious snack, breaking all the rules :)

yep this was totally breaking my rules (i realize my silliness in having these rules as i type this out, but whatevers)–almond butter out of the jar! yogurt in the container! jelly in the yogurt instead of some actual fruit! ah honey gram bears! it was so so yummy & satisfying :)

i tested out one of these bad boys too:

yum yum soo glad i bought this

yum yum soo glad i bought this

&& i totally believe i slept better last night since i drank this, haha its all in my head!

flash forward to today and i’m just hanging out in my room, contemplating whether i really need to go to stats in a little bit…i’m really leaning towards skipping :/ not a fan of my professor

as for tonight i am going to a formal dinner at one of the 19 sororities on campus. purely to have dinner with people and do some meaningless chatting…i will not be mentioning that i am transferring at semester, they may not like that.

then its group meeting time, exciting right? the 25 page report is due thursday and we have a lot of work ahead of us, so group time is going to be to the max. i really hope we can get it all done without any all nighters…

hmm i think that may be all i have for now. gracias por/para reading (got to love spanglish!)

now is this just me??

i live on my bed--its a: desk, couch, kitchen table, the list goes on

i live on my bed--its a: desk, couch, kitchen table, the list goes on

being in a dorm room there is not much space to go around, so it seems like i’m always on my bed! (feel free to ignore the tweety bird blanket)

hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!

*pet peeve alert: i understand that it is nice outside, i very much so appreciate it, but it does not mean it is warm enough to wear shortt shorts & a measly t-shirt….cough cough i’m talking to you roommate!


so i was boring tonight

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Good evening lovely bloggies!

So it’s Friday night and I am just hanging out…listening to the little girls on my floor giggle in between screaming at each other. It’s great.

Now I know what you may be thinking, “Emily I thought you said you wanted to let go and have fun, yada yada” and yes if you are thinking that, you are right, I did say that. But I wasn’t feeling it tonight. I could have gone to a friend of mine’s house party, but I don’t want to. I just want to sit around and not think for a while. So that is what I am doing.

Um I think you should know that my breakfast was outstanding.

please try this; applesauce & banana & peanut butter & oatmeal & cinnamon need to get married, if i had the power vested in me i'd do it

please try this; applesauce & banana & peanut butter & oatmeal & cinnamon need to get married, if i had the power vested in me i'd do it

& I told my mom about it and she told me that she used to put applesauce in my oatmeal when I was a baby…that’s some spooky stuff, maybe I’m reverting back to baby taste buds, or maybe I’m just reading too much into it ;)

I dilly dallied a bit then attempted to do some laundry, tricky business since I had to time it so that I could finish before my group meeting…all was well and good until I went back down to put everything in the dryers when I realized someone had opened the machine my darks were in and stopped it leaving it with 38 minutes still to go…problem!!!, stupid freshmen (can’t they read a washing machine). But instead of stressing about it I turned it back on and let it do its thing, and it didn’t matter that I was 10 minutes late to my group meeting.

I can see how this is not very meaningful to any of you, but for me I’m glad it happened. My laundry didn’t go as planned so I had to change my plans. I changed my plans and the world didn’t come to an end. You see, I often forget that in real life plans can easily change. Little things like this really seem to teach me a lot. (or maybe I’m just dramatic)

just chilling admiring the trees...not caring that i was going to be late to my group meeting (don't let the flip flops fool you, it's an ice cube outside)

just chilling admiring the trees...not caring that i was going to be late to my group meeting (don't let the flip flops fool you, it's an ice cube outside)

While waiting for the laundry I had some soup-age.

i was feeling creative...minestrone & a tortilla yum yum

i was feeling creative...minestrone & a tortilla yum yum

Then I worked/hung out/fought with my group, yeah it was a good time.

Power walked back to my dorm to get out of the mind numbing cold (no I am not a fan of the weather, thank you very much). I chilled out some more then went to catch my ride to the food bank (almost late to that too…so unlike me)

Well let me just say the food bank was interesting. We were repacking food left over from high schools, catering services, restraints, etc. but there were like a million of us in this little “kitchen”, it was  a little cramped. But we all got it done and hopefully all the families needing food tonight will have some full bellies.

Then made a new discovery.

chicken in a can?? learn something new in the c-store everyday

chicken in a can?? learn something new in the c-store everyday

Which I ate while watching Made of Honor, which was entertaining & cute if that’s what you’re looking for, which I was.

Now I think I’m going to cozy up in my little bed and sleep the night away.

Ew—major side note. I found out today that a bunch of people from my last years’ floor have been doing some talking about me lately. Fun, right? Somehow word has gotten to them that I am thinking about transferring and they apparently find it interesting. So this afternoon I got a patronizingly worried text from an estranged friend “just wanting to make sure I was okay”. This really bugs me, especially because she never has time to give me the time of day. All she wanted to know was if the gossip was true, and make me feel bad for not telling her myself.

But you know what if my possible transfer is important enough for them to feel the need to discuss amongst themselves they can go right ahead, I really have no need to waste the energy caring (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care when I got the text, but I’m sufficiently over it now).

Excuse my little rant…had to vent it out.

What are your thoughts on gossip?

I also must admit I do find myself participating in gossip sometimes…it turns out to be a common thread between people sometimes, but I’m working on it, because I know I don’t like when people hear or assume things about me.

Nighty night, sleep tight!


that’s not good

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hola bonitos!! (i think thats the way to say it ;) eh but i am not so fresh on mi espanol)

a majorr eff up occurred in mis dorm room last night, for which i have no real new pictures to share & the reason i will be living in computer labs until i go home thursday (ahh yes i am going home I AM SO EXCITED eek!!)

last night i spilled water all over my laptop & even after airing him out and rubbing his tummy, he is not functioning properly. i am in major distress because i am a bad file-backer-upper. hopefully there are some wise geniuses at the genius bar to help fix my life line.

i do however have a few tricks up my sleeve, case and point:

is this just basic kashi honey sunshine?

is this just basic kashi honey sunshine?

no way!! pb, apples, milkk, & the sunny stuff :)

no way!! pb, apples, milkk, & the sunny stuff :)

besides that nonsense & taking a shower at like ONE IN THE MORNING last night (uhh i like going to bed around 11–grandma alert!) i have just been busy getting my work done.

& i just realized i am STARVING as i type this so i am going to leave you with a little reminder:

this hangs out on my desk; little reminders help

this hangs out on my desk; little reminders help

PS–how do you deal with crazy things like computer breakage?

i most definitely called my parents and cried, hmm maybe one day i’ll be able to be a grown up

&& please keep any Target suggestions coming, they are not going unnoticed!


new emilee in the room

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thank you thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out the new blog! i want us all to be friends, okay? okay.

& as the title suggests, the new roommate moved in today, but more on that in a bit.

well i am a very lucky individual who does not have friday classes, so i slept in all the way to 8AM, i know crazy right? & i enjoyed this week’s free class over at which ended with a wonderful shoulder stand :)

other than that i farted around the dorm, tidying and what not, eating both breakfast & lunch before i ever left my floor…what can i say laziness took over for once. i think i liked how my lunch looked:

stuff a pita for lunch & soup that i let explode (i'll spare you the photo)

stuff a pita for lunch & soup that i let explode (i'll spare you the photo)

i finally ventured out just to get my legs moving, so i got an iced tea at the c-store in the dorm next door. thennn i got a facebook message from the new roomie saying she would be moving in soon. so i tried to be nice and move all my sh!t that i put in her closet…

this is what she brought with her:

so i guess you can't really tell, but she took like 8 trips to get all her stuff

so i guess you can't really tell, but she took like 8 trips to get all her stuff

she seems okay…i’m staying positive about it, since it is nice to have someone around sometimes, but she did knock down my fan and leave stuff on my desk when i was gone…ergg not my favorite things.

but! as i mentioned i was out. i went out for dinner with my friend and her parents and i tried something new :)

TURKISH! it was sooo yummy, i got some veggie dish mmm, especially the coffee after dinner, love :)

but alas now i’m back to studying, what a wonderful way to spend a friday night…at least i have some kashi honey sunshine to keep me company ;)

PS–What do you do when you start to get overwhelmed by college/work/etc?